Ramsauer wants to drastically increase road traffic fines

Ramsauer wants to drastically increase road traffic fines

Who is caught for example with the cell phone at the wheel, is to pay in the future 70 instead of so far 40 euro. The disregard of the right of way or a red traffic light should cost 80 instead of so far 50 euro.

"We are in the departmental coordination," said a spokeswoman for the ministry – without, however, giving details of the catalog of fines. The draft of the new fine ordinance is currently being coordinated with the other federal ministries, the federal states and the traffic associations.

According to the newspaper, anyone who fails to light their car correctly in rain, fog or snow will pay 70 euros, as will anyone who fails to comply with the obligation to use winter tires. Both violations have so far been punished with a fine of 40 euros. From 40 to 80 euros, the fine for those drivers who are driving without an environmental badge in the environmental zones of major cities to be doubled.

Who endangers pedestrians at appropriately marked crosswalks, is to pay 70 instead of 40 euros in the future. The fine for obstructing an emergency vehicle is to rise from 50 to 65 euros, and 70 euros instead of 50 euros will be due in future for a worn tire.

ADAC spokeswoman Maxi Hartung told the dpa news agency in Munich: "A mere increase in the fine will not achieve anything. Rather, the control density would have to be increased in order to bring about a real rethinking among drivers."

The Automobile Club of Germany (AvD) accused Ramsauer of "rip-off" in the "Bild" newspaper. There is "no recognizable justification" for the increases.

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