Protection against viruses and bacteria – discover uvex products that protect you against covid-19

#togetherprotectingpeople is our motto. Accordingly, we have followed the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute and developed suitable products for protection against viruses and bacteria. In addition, we have increased the number of existing products from our uvex range that already protect against bacteria and made them available. In this blog post we will go into more detail about the individual products and explain their protection against viruses and bacteria.

How do I protect myself from viruses?

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, everyone has been asking themselves how they can best protect themselves from the COVID-19 virus. The COVID-19 virus is so dangerous, because in many cases an infected person doesn’t even notice, that he already carries the virus. This increases the risk of spreading immensely – because without realizing it, infected people spread the virus worldwide. Corona is transmitted both by virus-containing particles in the air and by infected surfaces that we touch and thus transfer the virus to our hands. We are not infected immediately, but if we put our hands on our face, the COVID-19 virus enters our mucous membranes through the nose, eyes or mouth. This happens so quickly and unnoticed that, in the absence of symptoms, the infection is never detected in time to prevent it from spreading.

Protection against viruses and bacteria - discover uvex products that protect you against covid-19

The Robert Koch Institute and the authorities therefore recommend wearing a mouth-nose protection and regular disinfection of our hands. Because uvex also cares about people’s health and wants to help the country contain Corona, we have developed exclusive products that protect against viruses and bacteria.

Safe clothing for protection against the pandemic

With the pandemic, demand for uvex full-face goggles and uvex respiratory protection masks also increased rapidly. That’s why we increased the production of our products that offer protection against viruses and bacteria and developed special products that met the specifications of the Robert Koch Institute.

True to our motto #gemeinsamprotectingpeople, we offer products from head to toe for protection against the pandemic:

Eye protection – to protect your eyes from bacteria

To prevent virus-containing particles from entering our eyes, the Robert Koch Institute, the European Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US CDC) have recommended that we wear full-face goggles with indirect ventilation. This corresponds to the uvex full-vision goggles marked 3 and 4.

uvex full vision goggles

uvex full-face goggles marked 3 effectively protect against the ingress of liquids, droplets and splashes. They also comply with the EN166 standard. Thanks to an ingenious ventilation system, the ergonomically designed full-face goggles are particularly comfortable to wear. The goggles are wide enough so that they are comfortable to wear even for people who wear glasses.

uvex safety goggles for industry

The following uvex full-face spectacles correspond to marking 3 and thus offer protection against the COVID-19 virus:

Please note: Although our uvex full-face goggles offer primary protection against mechanical, optical and chemical risks in accordance with EN166, they are not medical virus protection goggles.

Temple glasses with mouth-nose mask (MNM)

Preview safety goggles-with-mouth-nose-protection

For preventive protection, uvex designed the spectacles with mouth-nose mask. The set includes the uvex pheos safety glasses, which are coated with the anti-fog, extremely scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant uvex supravision excellence. The modern design of the spectacles makes them a popular companion in everyday working life. Together with the double-stitched mouth-nose mask, the set is an attractive accessory and prevents infection by COVID-19. The mouth-nose mask also has a practical gadget: it can be used as a pouch for the uvex pheos safety glasses.

Protection for the whole face: protect your mucous membranes with these products

From the beginning of the pandemic, the Robert Koch Institute and the authorities were clear: we should wear mouth-nose protection. By covering our mouth and nose, no virus-containing particles can end up in our mucous membranes, and neither can we transmit the virus to the outside world. We cannot spread our saliva in the room when we are wearing a mouth-nose protection, neither when we are sneezing, coughing or talking. Uvex offers two products that cover the mouth and nose.

uvex respiratory protection mask

Depending on the protection class, uvex respirators offer different levels of protection. When handling viruses and bacteria, it is recommended to wear an FFP3 mask. Because this protection class offers the maximum protection against respiratory exposure. Thanks to a total leakage of no more than 5%, uvex respirators in protection class FFP3 are able to protect the wearer from toxic, carcinogenic and radioactive particles. The innovative filter system of the masks filters at least 99% of virus-containing particles down to a size of 0.6 μm.

The uvex respirators are therefore a safe solution for your protection against the COVID-19 virus.

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