Principal susanne schafer writes moving words of encouragement from the soul: “everyone gives their all

Principal susanne schafer writes moving words of encouragement from the soul: "everyone gives their all

She herself is glad that her own children are grown and she no longer has to experience this "unbearable situation" as a mother. Susanne Schafer is head of Herten-Mitte elementary school. Her first glance in the morning and the last in the late evening is at the current laboratory results and thus the status of the infection figures at her school.

As an early riser, she now sits in the office as early as 5 a.m. She has now used the quiet of the morning for very special words of encouragement and thanks, "which come from my heart". And behind her appeal to keep an eye on the beautiful things in life during the pandemic, there is also a little declaration of love to all students. Her test in the wording:

"Our days start earlier and earlier and end later and later. Always with the first glance immediately at the cell phone to see if there are any lab results.

In the morning at shortly after 5

But there are no individual results yet. I drive to school knowing that the substitution schedule will be a challenge. There is a shortfall of over 100 teacher hours per week – the colleagues who are left are dedicated and working extra hours and I worry how long they can do this and how long this can go on well.

Situation makes tired and sour

I imagine I still have children of elementary school age and have to anxiously wait for the lab results every two days. I would have to endure that communication with the lab does not work well, that I do not know in the morning whether my child can go to school, that I cannot plan, cannot organize, because everything depends on these results. I imagine that I would be so tired of it all. That my employer is not very enthusiastic about short-term absences, that I have to be there for my children and face many expectations. I would be very tired. Very demoralized and I would certainly be pissed off too. Somehow.

I imagine myself as a schoolchild. I have been wearing a mask for two years, I get tested twice a week, I am limited in my social contacts and yet I bounce around the class happily and full of joy, I accept and absorb learning content, I see the good in many little things that adults have perhaps forgotten to see. I continue to write nice and kind letters to my teacher, don’t grumble, but accept everything as it comes. But even I would be somehow tired and sad and disappointed. Not like the adults, but in a different way. With me it goes only faster past with the sadness, I look forward despite all the restrictions to the school, the other children and the togetherness on the spot.

Not losing sight of the beautiful things

I imagine myself working in one of the laboratories. The pressure would be immense. All schools, all parents, all children wait daily for the pool and individual results. So much depends on me and my day only has 24 hours, I also only have two hands to work with. I work around the clock with my team, but we know we can’t do it, because we too get sick, have to go into quarantine, have children who can’t go to school or daycare. I would be tired.

I would be tired, too, if I were the school supervisor, because I would get a lot of requests from all the principals and I would be aware that I can’t really help.

It is shortly after 5. I imagine all the children who will jump happily through our building later, despite the situation. Who have a right to learn and a school life free of fear. Who will tell me about their experiences, who will laugh and romp, work and play.

I set to work knowing that all we can do is always do our best. Every day anew. With an eye on the little things that bring joy. Looking at the other people who are also always trying to do their best. Looking ahead!

Everyone is giving their all to make school as normal as possible

I thank all the children who fill our school and our hearts with their laughter. Thanking the parents who have had to endure two years of uncertainty, always adapting to new regulations and procedures

have to get involved. I thank the team, which is also made up of parents who have the same needs and concerns as our school parents and who do everything they can to make school as normal as possible.

Let’s hope together for better times without anxiety and testing, without uncertainties and imponderables. I would like to write: Let’s stay positive! But in today’s times I rather wish the opposite: Let’s (hopefully) stay negative and not lose sight of the beauty that still exists around us!"

The evening in Herten

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