Premiere as an actor: karsten walter plays on “gzsz with

Karsten Walter: "Acting totally appeals to me"

Karsten Walter: 'Acting totally appeals to me'

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For six years Karsten Walter was part of the boy band "Feuerherz". After the breakup, the singer released his first solo single "Komm naher". Ten years ago he already participated in the casting show "DSDS", now he returns to RTL. And that as an actor! Karsten Walter reveals exclusively to App, on how his acting debut came about.

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Karsten Walter talks about his first acting role

Karsten Walter celebrates his acting debut! The Berliner-by-choice has landed a role on "Good Times, Bad Times. He plays in the offshoot of the daily soap opera "Leon – Don’t believe everything you see". The feature-length premiere is on the 15. February on RTL. Karsten Walter already watched "GZSZ" with his sisters as a child, now he is part of the series universe himself. App talked to the singer about his role in the spin-off and which acting dream he would still like to fulfill.

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Premiere as an actor: karsten walter plays on "gzsz with

Premiere as an actor: karsten walter plays on "gzsz with

Premiere as an actor: karsten walter plays on "gzsz with How did the role come about and who do you play?
Karsten Walter: "I was asked by the production and I was really happy. I play Linus. He is a young, sporty kitesurfer, who can also convince one or the other woman with his talent…"

For what beats your heart more: music or acting?
"Acting totally appeals to me. I have a great desire to continue to try myself out as an actor and would like to slip into many more roles. But my first great love was and remains definitely the music."

Are you up for more roles and what would be your absolute dream role?
"Tatort commissioner!! I am a huge Tatort fan. Or something completely different, which has little to do with my person. For example, playing a criminal or a villain – that would also excite me a lot."

What’s next for you musically??
"My debut album will be released on 3. June. But before that, a lot of exciting things will happen. So it remains exciting!"

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