Police application for certificate of good conduct: how to proceed

Info about police application certificate of good conduct

As part of the police application, the certificate of good conduct also becomes an issue.

Whether it’s a bank robbery, noise in a neighbor’s apartment, a traffic accident or securing an event: When someone needs help or things get dicey, the police are on the scene. And as varied as the situations that can arise in everyday life are, so is the profession as a police officer. No wonder that many see this as their absolute dream job. Thinking about a career in law enforcement, your application is the first step. A police application can also include a certificate of good conduct. And what you need to know about it, you will learn in this article.

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Police application for certificate of good conduct: how to proceed

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Police recruitment test training center (2021)

Police application for certificate of good conduct: how to proceed

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  • For all 16 state police forces, Federal Police and BKA
  • For all Police careers + Training and Study
  • 3 realistic test modes + training mode
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The recruitment test will decide whether you are accepted and can work in the police force in the future. Because the police are not content to look briefly over your application documents and conduct an interview with you. Rather, you go through a selection process that consists of various tests. In addition to the interview, this includes, for example, written tests, a sports test and a medical examination.

If you have passed all test sections, your results will be converted into points. This results in your placement in a ranking list. And if you are high enough in the ranking, you will be hired.

But it’s a long way to go. And it starts with your application. You may need a certificate of good conduct from the police in your application file. What a certificate of good conduct is and where you can get it, we explain to you below.

The requirements for applicants to the police

With the exception of the federal police, the police in Germany is the responsibility of the federal states. So there is not just one German police force, but rather 16 state police forces. And because each state police department has its own specifications, regulations and state laws, the prerequisites are also not quite the same. Nevertheless, there are a few formal criteria that all applicants must meet. These include the following:


As a police officer, you are also a civil servant. Therefore, you basically need German citizenship. In some federal states, however, you can also apply to the police if you are a citizen of another EU member state. And a few state police forces even recruit applicants from non-EU countries in order to better reflect the cultural diversity in society.

School-leaving certificate

The school-leaving certificate you need depends on the career you are aiming for. For the intermediate service, an intermediate school leaving certificate such as a Realschulabschluss is usually required. However, some state police forces also allow you to apply with a secondary school diploma. For the higher service, you need at least a specialized baccalaureate degree.

In addition to a high school diploma, some police departments also expect a certain grade point average or certain performance in school subjects such as German, sports and English.

Age and height

The maximum age is usually 25 years old for the intermediate service and 31 years old for the advanced service. Mostly because the age limit for applicants varies from state to state. There are also several exceptions, for example if you were previously a soldier.

The situation is similar for height. So you must have a certain minimum size. This is to avoid a situation where a police officer is at a disadvantage in physical altercations simply because of his or her small size. You must also ensure that you are tall enough to put on and use the uniform including equipment. The exact height requirements vary between police departments.

Body Jewelry

As for tattoos, piercings and other body jewelry, you can remember as a rule of thumb: The police uniform must cover the body jewelry. So if you wear your service uniform, tattoos, for example, may not be visible.

Some state police forces are quite strict on this point, others are a bit more lax. Ultimately, however, it will usually come down to a decision on a case-by-case basis. If you are unsure, do not hesitate to ask your contact person. A recruitment consultant can assess whether your body adornment could become an obstacle.

Driver’s license

As a police officer you need a driver’s license. In most states, you must already have a Class B driver’s license when you apply. However, there are also police authorities for whom it is sufficient if you obtain your driver’s license in the course of your training.

Health qualification

In order to ensure that you are physically able to cope with the demanding day-to-day work, both now and in the future, you must be in good and stable health.

Some information about your health condition you already provide in the application documents. If you then take part in the suitability selection procedure, a thorough examination by the police medical service will take place. A wide variety of things are tested, from BMI to cardiovascular system to allergies. The criteria that determine your suitability for police service are laid down in the police service regulation PDV 300.

Positive reputation

Positive reputation means good reputation. This in turn means that you have not attracted negative attention anywhere so far. For example, you have to meet your financial obligations regularly. In addition, you must not be overindebted. Because huge mountains of debt could make you corruptible. Information on your financial circumstances is usually provided in the application form.

Another point is that you must be prepared to stand up for the free democratic basic order at all times. You must identify yourself with the state and the constitution, and clearly distinguish yourself from groups that deliberately violate human rights, the constitution and social order.

Of course, this also means that you yourself comply with the law. You must therefore have no previous convictions. In the application form, you will be asked whether you have been or are currently the subject of any criminal proceedings.

The application documents for the police civil service

Your application is the first step. And like any other employer, the police will also look at your documents closely. The most important thing is whether you meet the formal criteria for employment. In order for the police to make this assessment, you must submit various application documents. These documents always include:

Police recruitment test training center (2022)

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  • Resume with application photo
  • Application form
  • Attachments such as school and work references, medical reports, sports badges, and copies of documents such as your driver’s license and birth certificate

You will receive the application form from your recruitment consultant. For most police departments, however, it is also stored online. You should fill out the sheet very carefully, because the information in it plays a crucial role.

Most of the time, the application form also includes a checklist of what documents you still need to add. So make sure that your portfolio is complete.

The most important questions about the certificate of good conduct for the police application

One of the requirements for future police officers is that they have no criminal record to date. That is why you usually have to explain in your application if you have ever been convicted of a crime. Some state police forces would like to see your certificate of good conduct instead of or in addition to a declaration. And we answer the most important questions about the certificate of good conduct below.

What exactly is a certificate of good conduct??

The certificate of good conduct is colloquially also called police certificate of good conduct. This name is somewhat misleading. Because the certificate of good conduct is not kept by or with the police. And you neither apply for the certificate at the police nor do you get it there.

The certificate of good conduct is a document that indicates whether or not someone has a criminal record. The certificate is available in different versions:

  • A Private certificate of good conduct apply for it for personal purposes, for example to present it to your employer or landlord.
  • For presentation to a public authority the Certificate of good conduct for official purposes thought. In addition to decisions of criminal courts, it also contains certain decisions of administrative authorities. Such entries are, for example, if a granted business license or a gun license was revoked.
  • The Extended certificate of good conduct need persons who want to work with children and young people.
  • If you have the citizenship of another EU country in addition to or in addition to German citizenship, you will need a European certificate of good conduct. It also lists the entries in the criminal record of the other EU country.

The certificate of good conduct itself is printed on special green paper. Since mid-February 2019, it has a new layout. So the white address field is larger and the personal data is now to the right of it. In addition, the entries are listed in three languages – German, English and French. You can see what a police certificate of good conduct looks like here.

Where can I apply for a certificate of good conduct?

There are two ways to apply for a certificate of good conduct. So you can either go in person to your local registration office. Depending on the city or municipality, this is the citizens’ office, the city hall or the municipal administration. So it is the same place where you apply for your identity card, for example. At the office, you fill out an application form. You must also present your ID card or passport.

The other option is to apply online. To do this, you need to go to the online portal of the Federal Office of Justice (BfJ). For the application you need an electronic identity card and a card reader.

When you make the application, you must indicate whether you need the certificate of good conduct for your own purposes or for submission to a public authority. For your police application you can directly take the certificate of good conduct for official submission. The fact that you are entitled to a certificate of good conduct is regulated in § 30 of the Federal Central Register Act (BZRG).

What are the fees for a certificate of good conduct?

For the certificate of good conduct 13 euros are due. You pay the fee when you apply for the certificate of good conduct.

Under certain conditions, however, the registration office can waive the fee. You can find more information in this leaflet.

How long does it take to get the certificate of good conduct??

How long it takes for your application to be processed varies. Depending on the total amount of work, the process is sometimes faster and sometimes slower. Normally, however, you should have your certificate of good conduct after one to two weeks.

It may take a little longer if you have applied for a European certificate of good conduct. In this case, you must first request information from the register of the other EU country or countries. To process the request and submit the data, EU countries have 20 working days.

The certificate of good conduct will be sent directly to your home. You do not have to pick it up anywhere. If you have applied for a certificate of good conduct from the authorities, you can also have the certificate sent directly to the relevant police authority. But we would advise that you have the certificate sent to you and then add it to your application documents yourself.

How long is the certificate of good conduct valid?

A certificate of good conduct has no fixed period of validity. This is because only those entries can be listed that are in the register at the time of application. If you were to commit a crime shortly after you applied for the certificate of good conduct, that crime would not appear in it.

That is why employers, authorities and other bodies themselves determine how old a certificate of good conduct may be. And it is usually the case that a certificate of good conduct should not be older than three months.

What does the certificate say?

What is listed in a certificate of good conduct, is regulated in § 32 BZRG. Accordingly, not all entries noted in the register are also indicated in the certificate of good conduct. Juvenile sentences that have been suspended are not listed, for example. The same applies to sentences to a fine of no more than 90 daily rates or to imprisonment of no more than three months. Provided that there are no other penalties in the register.

But again there are exceptions. If you have been convicted of a sexual offense, for example, this entry will appear on your certificate of good conduct regardless of your sentence.

However, the entries do not remain noted forever. Rather, after a certain period of time, you will no longer be listed in the certificate of good conduct – similar to the points account in Flensburg. Depending on the offense, this period amounts to three to ten years according to § 34 BZRG.

Can I copy the certificate of good conduct?

You will receive a copy of your certificate of good conduct from the BfJ. And in principle, there is nothing to stop you copying this original. So you don’t have to apply for a new certificate every time you want to apply elsewhere. However, you should inquire whether the respective office accepts a copy. Because often the presentation of the original is required.

Police application for certificate of good conduct: how to proceed

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