Pokemon legends: arceus – 14 tips for the perfect start

Pokemon Legends: Arceus does a lot of things new with its semi-open game world – and has a few surprises in store, too. We give you a few starter tips.

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28.01.2022 09:30

These tips for Pokemon Legends: Arceus we wish we'd known up front

These tips for Pokemon Legends: Arceus we would have liked to know from the beginning.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is the first game in the series with an expansive, semi-open game world to explore. But the innovations don’t end there, Arceus has a lot more up its sleeve. A setting in the past, crafting, sneak mechanics, action elements and a few things more.

How Legends: Arceus performed in our test can be found here:

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To help you keep track of how to best get started in the game with all the new content, we’ve compiled the most useful tips for the first few hours of play here:

1. Don’t worry too much about choosing a starter

Which starter Pokemon will accompany you on your journey is always a big decision. Legends: Arceus softens that up a bit, thankfully. At the beginning you can only choose one of the three starters Feurigel, Bauz and Ottaro, but after the end of the story you will also get the two unchosen starters. To do this, simply go to Laven’s room in Jubeldorf and talk to him.

2. You do not have to evolve all Pokemon

Since filling out the Pokedex is a lot more complex this time around, you’ll be spending more time with many of your Pokemon. You don’t have to evolve every Pokemon you catch to register the new forms in the Pokedex! Because you will often discover evolved forms of these Pokemon in later areas as well.

3. Use the space-time distortions

These areas can appear pretty much anywhere in the game world and are filled with strong Pokemon. However, it’s worth going in while they’re there. There you can find extremely rare Pokemon – even those that you can normally only evolve via exchange.

The space-time distortions can appear just about anywhere in the wild and only last a short time

The space-time distortions can appear just about anywhere in the wilderness and only last a short time.

4. Collect lost items

In the game world you will stumble upon lost and found items here and there. These are small bags full of items that other players* have lost in their run through. If you collect them, they will automatically be returned to the other players. Once you have done that, you should open the communication tab in the menu (with the up button of the directional pad) and then the lost and found forum. Here you can get gratitude points for each lost and found item you drop off. You can exchange them for items such as development stones at the merchant in Jubeldorf. By the way, the lost items are also displayed on the map, which you can open by pressing the minus key.

5. Customize the attacks of your Pokemon

Also new is that you can now change the attacks of your Pokemon in the menu. Select a Pokemon and then "Manage Attacks." Now you can choose from all the learned attacks the four that your Pokemon should be able to do. If you change your mind, you can always make a new choice.

6. Let your pouch expand

While you do have storage at home, the space in your bag is limited on the road. And that can quickly run out when you collect materials. Fortunately, you can expand it. To do this, simply go to the administration building in Jubeldorf and find a man called "Warin" seek out. It’s to the left of the entrance as you come in. After a few hours of play, he will offer you to expand your pouch – for a small payment. In the beginning it’s still pretty cheap, but with every new seat it gets more and more expensive.

7. Sneaking can bring you a lot of XP

Sneaking is in Legends: Arceus anyway a good idea to catch Pokemon without a fight. And you get good experience points for it. This can be worthwhile especially if you have weak Pokemon with you that you want to level up. Here’s how to find a strong Pokemon to catch and get some serious XP without fighting. Just be careful that you are not discovered.

How catching works in Pokemon Legends: Arceus works is also shown in this trailer:

8. Collect materials along the way

Although you also get materials for catching and defeating Pokemon, but berries, crystals and Co. to collect on the way is worthwhile nevertheless. This will ensure that you always have the materials you need to make useful items like Pokeballs or Revive on the go.

9. Use resting in the camp to change the time of day

In the vast areas you can always return to the camp by fast travel. This is not only useful because you can rest or trade your Pokemon there, but because it also allows you to change the time of day. Just go to the tent and choose how long you want to rest. At different times of the day you will find different Pokemon, so you should have explored all the areas once at any time of the day.

10. Don’t check your Pokedex for every Pokemon you find

Also in the camp you can check with Professor Laven how far your Pokedex research has progressed. The more Pokemon you catch, the more money you get. There is a bonus for reporting a certain number of Pokemon at once. 30 Pokemon is the maximum here, so you have nothing to gain from catching more Pokemon. And there are bonuses for catching undiscovered Pokemon as well.

11. Wait to explore until you have riding Pokemon

Yes, it’s hard not to explore every nook and cranny of the sprawling areas right away, but it can be worth waiting a bit to do so. As you progress through the story, you’ll get different Riding Pokemon that will not only help you move faster, but also allow you to explore new areas like mountains and lakes. So you’ll have to go back to all the areas anyway with these new options. At the very least, you should wait until you get Damythir, because that doesn’t take long and it also just makes traveling through the rather large areas more enjoyable.

There's nothing like exploring the game world from above and being able to go everywhere

There’s nothing like exploring the game world from above and being able to go anywhere you want.

12. Keep an eye out for side missions

In Jubeldorf and occasionally in the different areas there are a lot of side missions waiting for you. Many of these you can do without much effort as you explore the game world. The rewards are not outstanding, but here and there you get something for your work, even a chance to get a rare Shiny Pokemon. And Jubeldorf also changes with the tasks you complete.

13. Collect ghost lights

You will also find small purple lights everywhere in the game world. Be sure to collect these ghost lights. For this you will get good rewards from the girl Yula in Jubeldorf.

14. Catch all the new Pokemon you see

This may sound obvious, but it’s still worth a mention. When you discover a new Pokemon, be sure to catch it. Some Pokemon are only available in a certain place, and finding them in the huge game areas can be quite a challenge. If for some reason you can’t catch the new Pokemon, it’s worth at least putting a marker on the map and coming back next time.

These tips will help you get started in Pokemon Legends: Arceus easier. Which of these are useful to you and your play style is ultimately up to you, of course. If you want to know which Pokemon you can catch in Legend Arceus, you can find an overview of all known Pokemon here, which we are continuously adding to.

Do you have any other tips? Feel free to write them in the comments!

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