Permanent make up – the permanent and time-saving solution

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The general problem with make-up and the advantages of permanent make-up

Our usual make-up requires a lot of time every day – unfortunately, we all know that only too well.

And that, although over the years each of us has developed her own routine and special technique to save as much time as possible.

In addition, makeup smudges over the course of a day and must be touched up again and again so that it does not look unsightly.

The solution is called permanent make-up

With our Permanent make up on eyes and/or lips you are always perfectly made up at any time of the day or night.

– Eyebrows and eyeliner

– Lip contours and lip color

With this you can really "let yourself be seen" everywhere and in every situation.

We have been guaranteeing this for more than 30 years – that’s how long we have been successfully performing permanent make-up and therefore have the necessary knowledge and experience. You can rely on us.

How is smudge-proof permanent make-up created??

Permanent make-up (PMU) (also called pigmentation or conture make-up) is lt. according to a definition in Wikipedia

"Designation for special cosmetic tattoos in the face, by which artificial eyebrows, eyelid lines or lip contours lasting for several years are created."

The ombre technique on the eyebrows also permanent?

Ombre technique refers to a current method of applying color with a natural-looking slight gradient.

Everyone knows the ombre look as a hairstyle by now.

The flowing color gradient between darker roots and lighter tips not only looks chic, but also has practical reasons: the roots do not need to be recolored.
Thanks to these advantages, this hairstyle has become firmly established in the most popular hairstyles worldwide.
Now – to match – the eyebrows also Ombre – executed as permanent make-up.

With our permanent make-up we also like to bring your eyebrows to this OMBRE-LOOK.
The slight color gradient as well as the airy shading in the front, upper area conjures up a particularly soft, natural look.

The eyebrows appear powdered due to the special shading technique used in permanent make-up.

The intensity of the ombre effect can be sometimes more intense and sometimes a little lighter – depending on what you wish to achieve.

If you do not know this method yet, you will surely have further questions, such as .

How such a permanent, smudge-proof make-up is created?

Can I have a permanent eyelid line done with it??

It is also possible on eyes (eyeliner) and eyebrows?

Is this treatment also feasible and useful for drooping eyelids??

More color for the lips and clearer lip contours?

What does a good permanent make-up cost? – What are the current prices?

We are happy to provide answers to these questions here and explain the details about the technology, show the possibilities and limitations – and also explain why the definition from Wikipedia quoted above is not entirely correct – and it is a permanent and time-saving solution.

permanent make-up face

How permanent make-up is applied?

For the creation of a permanent make-up in our cosmetic studio in Karlsruhe – in addition to a person with special experience in this technique and a trained eye – the following is also required:

1. A special pigmentation device in which a microfine pigmentation needle is driven by an electric motor and set into strong vibrations.

2. Special disposable pigmentation needles – for use in og. Pigmentation device

3. Special permanent make-up colors.
(We only use colors that have been tested and certified for anti-allergenic and skin-compatible ingredients).)

With needle and colors

With the pigmentation needle mentioned above, the color, which is specially adapted to your skin type, is worked into the skin in the areas to be pigmented.
This procedure can be remotely compared to tattooing.
However, with permanent make-up – in contrast to tattooing – the color is only worked into the top layer of skin.
(Note: In this respect, the above quoted definition of Wikipedia is not quite correct, because it is not a tattoo, because in tattooing, the color is introduced into the deepest layer of skin and remains there permanently)

And the difference to tattooing?

In contrast to tattooing, the durability of a permanent make-up is limited in time, since our top layer of skin is continuously renewed and the permanent make-up thus moves steadily upwards in the layer of skin over time and gradually disappears again completely.
The result remains – depending on your skin type – about 2 to 3 years, but can be renewed or refreshed at any time in between.

An existing permanent make-up can be changed or renewed at any time?

Also adaptations of the existing permanent make-up to your (possibly in the meantime changed) desires are problem-free possible in our cosmetic studio.

Since January 2017, we have also been using the PlexR(r)Plus medical plasma generator, which enables us to remove existing permanent make-up or to apply it to your skin. to correct.

(Information about our other possibilities of special medical cosmetics with plasma – and especially eyelid lifting without surgery – can be found on our special website about plasma lifting in Karlsruhe)

make up eyelid lift

contour, shape and color of your lips with permanent make-up

We draw your lip contours to, enlarge the shape of the lips, correct them or give your lips back color – with permanent make up everything is no problem!

permanent make up lips

We emphasize your eyes

At eyeliner, the eyelash line and the eyelashes or the Eyebrows we have with permanent make-up many possibilities for the accentuation and/or. the compensation, in order to help you so to a durable, smudge-proof and optimally co-ordinated make-up.

With this treatment you will get a beautiful look: Your eyes become permanent with eyeliner and Eyelash line emphasized and eyebrows are emphasized quite beautifully. And everything always looks natural.

permanent eyeliner

Help also in case of illness or after an accident?

In the case of hair loss due to disease (z.B. Hashimoto) or after accidents with burns we could already help with a permanent make-up and so customers or. Make customers happy.

In case of hair loss – against bald spots?

Eyebrows can be thickened with permanent make-up or changed to a new line or shape. be brought into shape.

Of course we can also help ladies and gentlemen with Hair loss help you with a permanent make-up.

We draw a lot of small hairs on the places that require it.

The advantage over tattooing is that the incorporated color does not change to blue, as is often the case with tattooing.

With a good permanent make-up, for example, the finest hair drawing gives the eyebrows new fullness and filigree curl.

This is how our "Perfect Make-up" is created, with which we have gained more than 30 years of experience. With this experience, we know in advance exactly what will work for you and how – where to apply lines, to draw curves and which colors to use.

Ultimately, we can help you to achieve an optimal radiant appearance, which

> where nothing is blurred,

> nothing touched up or

> must be corrected

> nothing changes for a long time.

With our permanent make-up, you can therefore literally "everywhere and at any time let see", because you are always perfectly "made up" day and night – so you go to bed just as beautiful as you get up the next morning – and all without it being noticeable (!).

> Everything looks natural

> Nothing blurred

> Nothing needs to be refreshed

> be cleaned

and is therefore for us women really the optimal solution (because also time-saving . )

For more information about the procedure, the duration of the treatment and the costs, please visit our special website "Permanent make-up"

gladly with a personal noncommittal information discussion, which you at any time

with our form linked on the side of this page.

Eyebrows, eyeliner, lips brought into perfect shape – permanently – and for a long time!

We will fulfill your dream of perfect make-up – we promise.

Beautiful in the long run – Step by step to individual "permanent beauty", which helps you so incidentally also to save time!

With this make up you can

. and wake up the next day unchanged and beautiful, because it is permanently applied!

And to be always perfectly made up during sports – without it being noticeable – is after all also quite practical.

We work with gentle and proven methods and use only anti-allergenic colors.
We have been performing permanent make-up in Karlsruhe since 1987.

You can therefore relax and rely on our decades of experience.
We will be happy to prove our competence in this area in a first consultation. Of course, we can also discuss the cost of the treatment at this appointment.

A first orientation to our prices (also with the permanent make-up) you receive also already in our current price list

Frequently asked questions about permanent make-up:

How much does permanent make-up cost??

The prices for permanent make-up are individual and depend on the respective expenditure.
Here are some examples for price orientation:
Eyebrows 490 EURO
Eyelid line starting at the top from 400 EURO
Eyeliner starting at the bottom from 300 EURO

You can find more information in our price list

How long does a permanent make-up last??

A permanent make up – a real "epidermis pigmentation" – is not a tattoo.
Therefore the durability of a permanent make-up is not permanent but individually different – and amounts depending upon skin condition and age of the customer – approx. 2 to 5 years.

What does an eyelid permanent make-up cost??

With permanent make up eyelashes can be optically thickened and eyes optically enlarged.
Prices for permanent make up always depend on individual effort.
Here are price examples for a double-sided eyelid line:
Eyeliner above from 400 EURO
eyeliner bottom from 300 EURO

In our price list you will find more information.

What happens with permanent make-up?

A pigmentation needle is used to apply the color, which is specially adapted to the respective skin type, to the areas to be pigmented under the skin.
This procedure can be remotely compared to tattooing.
However, with permanent make-up – in contrast to tattooing – the color is not applied to the lowest layer of skin.

Since the upper layers of the skin are constantly renewed, permanent make-up is not permanent – but usually lasts for several years.

A slight color gradient as well as the airy shading in the front, upper area conjures up a particularly soft, natural look of the eyebrows. This special shading technique (ombre technique) in permanent makeup makes the eyebrows look as if they were powdered.

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