“Party gate”: johnson caught in crossfire after internal report – “man without shame”

Update from 31. January, 21.50 pm: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is struggling in the wake of the internal investigation into the so-called "Party Gate" affair-affair continues to fight for his political survival. In the parliamentary session on Monday, the 57-year-old had to justify his behavior and also got caught in the crossfire of MPs.

Johnson’s predecessor, former Prime Minister Theresa May, also sharply criticized the prime minister when she questioned him about breaking the rules. "Either my honorable friend didn’t read the rules or he and the people around him didn’t understand what they meant or they thought the rules didn’t apply to (Downing Street) no. 10. What it was?", the 65-year-old wanted to know provocatively from her successor.

"Party Gate": Labor leader calls for Johnson’s resignation – "Man without shame"

In his response, the prime minister initially denied that any such conclusions could be drawn from the report, and then asked May to wait for the investigation to be completed. Johnson had previously apologized in Parliament for his behavior, but ruled out resigning for now (See original news story).

Prime Minister Boris Johnson defends himself in Parliament against allegations in the so-called 'party gate.'

Labour leader and opposition leader Keir Starmer also lashed out at the prime minister. He called Johnson a "man without shame" in the debate and again called for his resignation. If Johnson does not leave office of his own free will, he would have to be ousted by the Conservatives,

"Party Gate": despite "leadership failure" – Johnson rules out resignation

Original report from 31. January:

London – "Party Gate" is not over yet for Boris Johnson*: An internal investigation could put renewed pressure on the prime minister. The British government’s report on the party scandal, which has been hotly debated in the UK, states a "leadership failure" in the government.

There had been misjudgments by "various parts" of the government regarding parties during the Corona restrictions at Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s official residence, says the report by government official Sue Gray, published Monday. "Some of the events should not have been allowed in the first place," Gray states in her 12-page report.

Boris Johnson’s Party Gate: Bitter conclusion – not held to standards demanded by Britons

Those responsible had failed to adhere to standards demanded not only by the government but by the entire population at the time of the Corona lockdown, the report continued. demanded, "Important lessons must be drawn from these events, which must be addressed immediately across government." This would not have to wait for the end of the police investigation. Johnson has already received the report.

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