Outsider black wants to cut down stinker fury

If you’re hoping for a quick Euro, you might want to put a decent amount of money on Tom Schwarz. The Magdeburg-based heavyweight boxer will face off on Sunday night (3.30 clock/MDR) in Las Vegas against Klitschko defeater Tyson Fury an.

If Black wins, gamblers on the betting exchanges are likely to collect rich profits. For invested 100 euros there are 1300 to 1500 back. There’s just one catch: black probably won’t win.

"If you have too much money, you can do it," says former super middleweight world champion Sven Ottke. "I’m not doing it."After the sensational victory of Andy Ruiz jr. about triple world champion Anthony Joshua two weeks ago, confidence in the performance of outsiders has skyrocketed. So: Why shouldn’t the 25-year-old underdog Schwarz also land such a huge coup?

"Because Schwarz has never boxed against a top man like Fury," retorts Jean-Marcel Nartz, former technical director of the Sauerland and Universum boxing stables. "Because it is limited and has already wobbled against Fallobst." Nartz nevertheless gives Schwarz a small chance: "He has the punch to knock someone down." 16 of his 24 professional victories have been won early by the native of Halle.

In the rankings of the federation WBO, the undefeated German is listed in second place, Fury in third place. "Sometimes you wonder: are they drunk when they put their rankings together?", asks Ottke. The independent computer ranking gives more information about the true balance of power: Fury number four, Schwarz number 56.

In the ring, the ex-world champion from Great Britain is difficult to place. The 2.06 meter tall warrior is considered a so-called stinker. "He’s washed up, makes his opponents look bad," says former European heavyweight champion Luan Krasniqi. Trainer Otto Ramin, who once led the Bulgarian Kubrat Pulew to the European Championship title, explains: "A stinker holds, pushes, clamps, shoves. That is not attractive, but Fury is successful." That’s why trainer legend Ulli Wegner advises Schwarz to go into close combat, put pressure on Fury. Wegner: "Tom has nothing to lose."

Despite his massive size, the 30-year-old Brit, who took all the world titles from Wladimir Klitschko in 2015, is a good boxer. "He constantly changes the display, is very mobile," explains former Klitschko manager Bernd Bonte, who doesn’t want to draw any comparisons to Fury’s fight against Klitschko. "Wladimir is a completely different league from Tom Schwarz," he affirms.

Sometimes Fury manages to unnerve opponents with his trash talk before the first bell even rings. Insulting, denigrating, insulting – Fury can virtually talk his rivals into defeat. His notorious cacophony did not leave even the nervy Klitschko unscathed back then. However: there was little verbal dirt against Schwarz in the run-up to the event. Thinks he won’t have to this time around?

Of all this, the German gives himself before his appearance in the 18.000-seat arena of the MGM Grand Hotel unimpressed. "I’m not excited," says the protege of coaches Rene Friese and Roberto Norris. "A fight like this in Las Vegas is a dream come true. This is the biggest chance I’ve ever had. It can only go well." His stock market is estimated at 700.000 euros estimated. Fury has negotiated a five-fight deal with U.S. TV network ESPN for around 90 million euros.

Noticeably more tense than his boxer is promoter Ulf Steinforth. "Fury is the king of the heavyweights. He is the linear champion. He’s the flashiest boxer of them all," says the head of the SES stable reverently. Steinforth marvels at Schwarz’s composure. "Funnily enough, Tom is enjoying it all here."Meanwhile, his 1.97-meter protege dreams more and more colorful: "If I beat Tyson Fury, I will box here more often."

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