Ourpower – the energy cooperative.

The climate emergency was officially declared long ago. But the share of renewable energy in Austria is decreasing(!). Every year we import fossil energy for more than ten billion euros. The energy and climate policy has failed. That is why new ways are needed now. We citizens need to take our energy market into our own hands. With OurPower, we are building a new basis for this – a marketplace where people can buy and sell electricity directly, participate in plants and invest together in the energy future.

As a public interest oriented power cooperative we are the first citizens’ energy community in Austria and we are powerfully and collectively committed to our mission, the achievement of 100% renewable energy in the electricity sector by 2030 in Austria.

Our mission is clear: 100% power from decentralized, renewable energy sources by 2030

At the moment, energy is an abstract, technical issue. We set out to radically rethink this market.

What if.

. We could buy our energy directly from regional producers, from solar, wind, hydropower and biomass plants of our choice?

. we had our own photovoltaic systems and could give the surplus electricity directly to neighbors, friends and other regionally interested people?

. we would build energy plants together with friends and colleagues and we could all buy the energy of these plants directly?

. we produce and distribute our own clean energy just like that, without energy companies in between, their interests and shareholders, their green feel-good advertising and dubious certificates of origin?

All this is now possible with OurPower

OurPower at a glance

Buy electricity

From now on, you decide where your electricity comes from and where your money goes. OurPower organizes the supply and everything around it. Turn your power purchase into a power relationship now!

Selling electricity

As a member of OurPower, you can sell your self-generated electricity directly to your neighbors and friends. you benefit from real customer relationships and our professional management all around.

Invest in plants

With OurPower you can not only buy and sell electricity, but also participate in new power plants. In this way, OurPower is working with you to create new financing models for community power plants and thus accelerate the energy transition.

Get to know us at the Community Talk

Topic on 01.02.2022:

Peter Molnar introduces us to the 5 pilot energy communities of OurPower and explains the importance of energy communities for the energy transition.


Tuesday, 01. February 2022, 5 p.m

What awaits you?

  • An interesting quarter of an hour on the current topic
  • You ask – we answer: we talk to you about everything you want to know about OurPower, our marketplace and our community.

Sign up for the 01.02.2022 on:

We need you for the reconstruction!

With OurPower, we are building an important foundation to accelerate climate protection and energy transition. For the successful construction of the marketplace, we need a total of 900.000 euros of cooperative capital. The first stage with 300.000 euros we managed in August 2019; buying electricity from the pool of all power plants in the marketplace was possible. Our second stop (600.000 euros) realized the individual selection and billing of the power plants – something that no one else offers. Now, in 2021 the third stage starts. It will expand the functions of the marketplace to support and account for the energy communities regulated in the new law.

We invite you: Please get involved and become an OurPower member. From 100 euros you are there. At the beginning, the subscription of 10-50 cooperative shares is of course helpful!

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