Optimal safety in the dark season

Intelligent illumination, low energy consumption and a long service life: this is what customers want from a modern headlamp Commercial vehicle lighting system – especially in autumn and winter, when fog, rain and the early onset of darkness are often unpleasant visual predators. MAN relies on LED technology for its vehicles, thus ensuring greater safety in the "dark season".

A MAN Truck headlight in the close-up

Perfect illumination MAN uses LED technology in its new models – for headlights and taillights

It’s been a long time since vehicles used the same lighting technology as Christmas trees – namely candles. With them, the first automobiles got themselves at the end of the 19. Century Visibility in the Dark. This was followed by kerosene and gas lamps, before Bosch developed the first electric headlights at the beginning of the 20th century. The first electric headlights were developed at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Electric headlights are still state of the art today, but have undergone constant development over the last 100 years. In the 1970s, for example, the halogen lamp made its debut in automotive technology. This has more than doubled the range of vision. The introduction of xenon light in 1991, which uses a xenon gas discharge lamp in the low or high beam, was just such a quantum leap. Who doesn’t remember marveling at the bluish-white, rather than yellowish, light of the first luxury-class passenger cars to be delivered?? And how much it resembled daylight?

LED: The ultimate in lighting technology

Since the 2000s, the ultimate in vehicle lighting has been LED light, which has become established in the vehicle industry due to its energy efficiency with high luminous efficacy and its cost-effectiveness due to its long service life. The abbreviation LED stands for "light-emitting diode," and thanks to the new technology, LED headlights use around 60 percent less electricity than halogen lamps for the same luminous efficacy.With a service life of up to 10.000 hours for headlamps, many LED manufacturers also promise a lifetime of durability in the vehicle sector.

LED technology enables a wider distribution and at the same time a greater range of the light. To achieve this, LED headlights consist of a matrix of light-emitting diodes that are adapted to the respective headlight tasks. They can be individually controlled by software, enabling assistance functions such as the high-beam assistant – already installed in some MAN vehicles. It avoids dazzling other drivers.

Let there be light All truck series are equipped with state-of-the-art LEDs to increase road safety

Better illumination for overland journeys

Since the risk of accidents increases in the "dark season" – fog and rain make driving more difficult – optimum vehicle lighting technology is very important in order to be able to recognize other road users and objects well and quickly and also to be seen better oneself. LEDs contribute to road safety, especially when driving overland in the dark, as the driver can react to obstacles earlier thanks to the improved illumination.

This is why MAN relies on state-of-the-art LED lighting technology for its truck, bus and van products. In the beginning, there were small LED lights in the interior, followed by brake and taillights, and now LED headlights provide optimum forward visibility, with LEDs often also taking over the high beam function.

A MAN truck at night

Full control in the dark Thanks to optimum illumination, truckers always have an overview, even when working at night

The future belongs to LED headlights. Turns night into day.

Burkhard Bottcher
ADAC lighting expert on adac.de

MAN and NEOPLAN buses with state-of-the-art LED technology

The MAN Lion’s Coach launched in 2019 relies entirely on full-LED headlights and full-LED taillights, which emphasize the bus’s characteristic design with a special light signature and also make a major contribution to safety and reduced operating costs. The combined low beam and high beam of the two LED headlights require only about 120 watts – a halogen headlight would need about 300 watts, which is 2.5 times as much. The LED combination rearlights also have significantly lower power consumption than conventional incandescent lamps. They also score points for their longer service life compared to halogen or xenon light.

The MAN Lion’s City city bus also benefits from innovative headlamp technology. The illuminated area generated with LEDs is significantly larger, the range of the light higher – so obstacles can be detected better and faster, especially in urban traffic. And thanks to their light temperature of around 6.500 Kelvin, the LED headlights on MAN buses emit light similar to daylight, which is more pleasant for drivers and other road users than halogen or xenon light. NEOPLAN brand buses have also had full LED front headlights as standard since 2018, which include all lighting functions such as low beam, high beam and daytime running lights, as well as fog lights and turn signals.

Vans and trucks also with LED headlights

The MAN TGE van series and all truck models are also equipped in this way. Low beam, high beam and the distinctive curved light bar for daytime running light, position light and as turn signal – all in LED technology. Vans and trucks also have a high beam assistant on board that allows the high beam to be switched on and off automatically so as not to obstruct other road users. The front camera detects the light of oncoming vehicles as well as vehicles ahead.

The LED light offers drivers significantly more comfort and safety when driving at night – they can see other road users and obstacles better and are better recognized by other road users, plus oncoming vehicles are not dazzled.

So if you drive an MAN vehicle, LED systems mean you are well equipped in terms of lighting for the dark and gloomy winter months, a plus in safety for all road users. And around the Christmas tree, candles can continue to provide cosy light and a pleasant atmosphere.

Text Boris Pieritz
Photos MAN


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