Open your mouth, close your eyes: this is the right way to kiss


Great feelings lead through the lips directly into the heart. The kiss is the language of our love. And it’s even more important that we really know how to play with our tongues perfectly. About the lustful use of the lips.

Kissing is the oldest pleasure in the world. A beguiling phenomenon. And a healthy one at that. Because even a single kiss can set more than 10 facial muscles in motion, hunt the pulse to 150 beats per minute and double the blood pressure. At the same time, such a kiss consumes about 12 calories per minute.

Kissing makes healthy

A passionate kiss has twice the power: lips press against each other with a pressure of up to 15 kilograms. Kissing also makes hormone production run at full speed, releasing happiness hormones as well as massive amounts of love hormones; at the same time, the production of stress hormones decreases. Afterwards you are fit, happy, less prone to stress and supposedly even sleep better. Sounds good. And feels even better. At least, if the smooching partner is a master of his thing.

Bad kisses do not taste

Because not every kiss is also a good kiss. There are also those who do not taste at all. Or the ones where the tongue is too impetuous. Or the particularly timid, where simply no fire ignites. But there are also those that are actually not so bad, but still do not really want to jump the spark.

Kissing like in the movies

Kissing is not that easy. But how does it go, the perfect kiss?? Like in "Gone with the Wind", when Scarlett and Rhett bury themselves in each other. Or when Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio bring the Titanic to sink with their smooching commando. All these are movie kisses. They look great and are dripping with kitsch. But they are one thing above all: they are not real! And that’s what robs them of their perfection.

Perfect kisses do not exist

Film-ready super kisses do not exist in real life at all. Kissing in fact does not work according to any pattern. Kissing is not something you learn. You just do it. When two people love each other, the kisses work all by themselves. Because then you feel not just the beats of the tongue, but those of the heart. And all it takes are a few butterflies in your stomach and some time to practice. Therefore applies: Schnulzen cinema switch off and just smooch on it.

If you still feel a little safer with a few theoretical tips, maybe try this basic knowledge about dream kissing:

+ Eyes closed: When kissing, you’re supposed to see with your heart; not your eyes. Therefore, please be sure to keep the latter closed.

+ Increase slowly: passion does not work at the push of a button. It needs time to grow. The same applies to kissing: It’s better to start slowly and delicately than to attack your partner right away. So there’s more time to enjoy it.

+ The body kisses with you: A good kiss is not just about the lips. Only touching with the hands and the rest of the body makes the intimacy perfect.

+ Good taste: good oral hygiene is a matter of course anyway. But even more important is a well-groomed mouth when kissing. And this includes not only fresh breath, but also well-groomed lips. The softer they are, the better they feel. Regular lip care is therefore essential.

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