One-click application – how to apply in mobile times

"Mobile first" – this motto is increasingly dominating more and more areas of life. Whether it’s online shopping, browsing social networks or booking a trip – in all areas, the use of mobile devices is already almost on par with traditional desktops, as this recent study shows. In this article, rexx systems shows you how companies will also be able to work with One-click applications can make their application processes faster and more mobile. You should know these facts.

Here’s how a one-click application works

finest jobs

The job board finest jobs also offers applicants the possibility of a modern one-click application.

With a one-click application, the application process is significantly simplified and accelerated. But what does this form of application actually mean, and how does it work exactly?? In simple terms, the One-Click application offers a person interested in a job the possibility of exporting his or her current professional profile – for example, from career networks or directly from job exchanges – to the database of the desired employer. A potential applicant can thus submit his or her personal and professional data directly to the HR department of his or her desired employer – and do so on the go using a smartphone or tablet, while on the road or after work from the comfort of his or her couch at home. The previously necessary and time-consuming cumbersome writing of cover letters or the filling out of countless fields for each tender are now a thing of the past. This simple way of applying is becoming increasingly popular among applicants: according to recent studies, three out of ten job seekers already prefer this type of application, and the trend is rising.

The advantages and disadvantages of the One-Click application

The way the One-Click application works automatically results in many advantages in the application process – for employers as well as employees. On the one hand, this type of application offers the advantage of mobility and speed: a potential applicant can send his or her applications while on the road and thus respond immediately to an interesting position. The cumbersome application from the home desktop PC can be omitted so. It also eliminates the risk of the potential prospect forgetting about the job posting he saw or his interest may not be there by that evening.

Companies and employers thus have the great advantage that the speed and simplicity of the One-Click application significantly increases the number of incoming applications – a decisive competitive advantage, especially in times of a shortage of skilled workers. Nevertheless – where there is light, there is also shadow: With the One-Click application, companies no longer receive cover letters, work samples or references in the first application step. In order to make a good and professional impression on companies, potential applicants must keep their profiles on the relevant career portals up to date and informative.

Technical solutions for the implementation of One-Click applications

For a long time, companies stuck to the traditional form of application: cover letter, resume, internship and university transcripts, all sent in one email to the company’s HR department. But increasingly, HR departments are realizing that in times of digitization and skills shortages, the one-click application is a viable and successful recruiting model for the future – also due to the many benefits just mentioned for both employers and employees.

One-click application

For this reason, not only do career portals such as LinkedIn or Xing offer the option of simply applying for a job using the professional information already stored there – more and more job exchanges such as finest jobs offer the One Click Application. Once the application data has been stored on finest jobs, the job seeker can apply for the advertiser’s vacancies with just one click.

One-Click Application – The Future of Recruiting?

In the wake of digitization and a shortage of skilled workers, the One-Click application offers some advantages – for employers and employees alike. So the trend is increasingly clear away from the classic application and towards the simple one-click method. This finding is also supported by current research results from the Universities of Bamberg and Frankfurt: as part of the "Recruiting Trends" study series, researchers surveyed HR managers at Germany’s 1.000 largest companies and found out that short profiles from the relevant career portals will become significantly more important for job applications in the future. So it seems clear: the one-click application is the future of recruiting.

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