Nadal wins tennis thriller against medvedev: only one mark he does not break at the australian open

Rafael Nadal and Daniil Medvedev deliver an epic final at the Australian Open

The 2022 Australian Open final goes down in history thanks to an outstanding performance by Rafael Nadal and Daniil Medvedev. The game to read in the ticker.

Australian Open final: The final result

Rafael Nadal 2 6 6 6 7
Daniil Medvedev 6 7 4 4 5

Update from 30. January, 15.1 pm: This madman! Rafael Nadal is down 0:2 in sets against an outstanding Daniil Medvedev. Then the 35-year-old Spaniard turns up the heat and starts his monster comeback! Nadal actually still wins this marathon final at the Australian Open, with five hours and 24 minutes on the clock at the end. Ultimately, it’s the second-longest final in Grand Slam history – the fact that he didn’t top that mark probably won’t matter to him.

We can only pull out all the hats we have. Nadal gets his 21. Grand Slam title and is now the sole record holder ahead of Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic (both 20 successes). We hope you had as much fun today as we. Thanks for reading along!

Nadal – Medvedev 7:5: Does Nadal now bring his serve through? The thriller goes into the next round. Five hours, 22 minutes are played. it’s already the second longest Grand Slam final in history.

Nadal leads 15:0. 30:0! Is there a better time for the third ace in this match? 40:0! Three match points! And this is it! Nadal wins!

Nadal – Medvedev 6:5: Will Medvedev attack again now? 23. Ace here – and then he plays another completely unnecessary stop! If he loses this match here, it will be mainly because he gave away so many points in these scenes. Nadal has three break points and the third passes!

Nadal – Medvedev 5:5: Nadal serves for the match and he takes his heart in his hands! 30:0! Then 30:15. And then: double fault! 30 both. And then break ball Medvedev, madness! And he gets the break! 5:5.

Nadal – Medvedev 5:4: Is it already coming to a decision? 15 both. But Medvedev brings his game through, the players are now on their last legs!

Nadal – Medvedev 5:3: Five hours are through and Daniil Medvedev pulls off the next sprint here. What an athlete! 30 both on Nadal’s serve. And then the Spaniard brings it home! 5:3!

Nadal – Medvedev 4:3: Quick service game from Medvedev, Nadal saves his energy.

Nadal – Medvedev 4:2: Four hours and 50 minutes are through here – we’ll have no problem breaking the five-hour mark! In Melbourne it is already after midnight. We have a final over two days, so to speak.

Nadal doesn’t get his service game here, Medvedev fights back. But the Russian misses three break points and Nadal finally takes this game after 13 minutes and 38 seconds!

Nadal – Medvedev 3:2: Nadal has more grip, even has a break point! But Medvedev gets over his strong first serve. The second fits then! Longline against the run, Nadal is so close to the sensation!

Nadal – Medvedev 2:2: Quick equalizer from Nadal, 2:2.

Nadal – Medvedev 1:2: Hui, Nadal almost hits the umpire again! His return bounces off the chair. Both laugh briefly and it goes on – Medvedev wins his service game outright. There are now of course many quick points, both divide their forces.

Nadal – Medvedev 1:1: Medvedev has obvious problems with his thighs, asks for his physio again. It’s clear that this final takes it out of him. The two have been giving it to each other here for four and a half hours. Nadal equalizes.

Nadal – Medvedev 0:1: That is so strong! Nadal is playing like a young god here – the guy is 35 years old! A break point is the reward at the start of the fifth set, but Medvedev is there and then smashes his 18. Ace out. Here are two machines at the start. Medvedev wins his service game.

Nadal with a crazy comeback in the final of the Australian Open: Spaniard forces fifth set against Medvedev

Nadal – Medvedev 6:4: Are we going to the decisive set or will Medvedev turn the tide in the fourth?? Three set points for Nadal! And the first one fits! We go to the ultimate final!

Nadal – Medvedev 5:4: Is Medvedev giving away the set now? No way! He tries everything, Nadal counters in the meantime with a wonderful longline and even gets a set point with another one! But Medvedev fights back and brings his service game through. 5:4.

Nadal – Medvedev 5:3: Exactly four hours have now passed. And still we see tennis in a class of its own here. Now Medvedev suddenly seems to gain the upper hand again. Nadal makes easy mistakes. But then he counters a lob from the Russian, after the latter had played another unmotivated stop earlier on. Medvedev comes to two break points in the consequence, nevertheless. Both fended off! And Nadal brings the game over the line after all.

Nadal – Medvedev 4:3: Medvedev gets through his service game smoothly. Both are tired – it is completely open how things will go on here.

Nadal – Medvedev 4:2: Never was Nadal in this match better than now! What is going on with Medvedev?? He makes completely wrong decisions. „The clear view is missing", says Boris Becker at the Eurosport mike. Physically and mentally he seems extremely flat, Nadal lets him run, run, run. And thus comes to excellently played out points – 4:2!

Nadal – Medvedev 3:2: Why Medvedev opts for a volley here? Wasted point at the net, Nadal again has the break on his racket – three chances for 3:2! The world number two fends off two of them, including a serve-and-volley. And Nadal just misses the third break point! He leaves the giant opportunity. Medvedev then plays a weak stop, Nadal counters and finally gets caught in the net. Medvedev can make everything clear in the following, but then hits a ball from above with the frame. Completely crazy game. But then the Russian fends off the fourth, fifth and sixth break point! Grotesque! And the seventh fits! Just pure tennis gold.

Nadal – Medvedev 2:2: Medvedev looks battered, has to be massaged on his left thigh. Or is it all just tactics? Both now deliver great tennis here, put on a unique show. The crowd goes completely crazy! 30 both. And then Nadal’s forehand is too long! Re-break Medvedev!

Nadal – Medvedev 2:1: Amazing cross backhand from Nadal. And then these are two break points! Medvedev comes back with an ace. But then he makes a double fault! Break Nadal, the spectators cheer, Medvedev claps, boos follow – and now the Russian first needs the physio. Crazy scenes here.

Nadal – Medvedev 1:1: Nadal commits his fourth double fault of the match, a stop-counter-stop follows – and Nadal bites the bullet! But Medvedev gets a break point, which Nadal fights off brilliantly! His first service game here is once again very competitive, already eight minutes and we have deuce once again. After more than ten minutes he finally brings the 1:1 under the roof.

Nadal – Medvedev 0:1: Then we go into this fourth set: Medvedev serves and brings his game through. Afterwards, a conversation between the Russian and umpire Blom is shown, which took place during the break: Medvedev asks whether the umpire can announce that every fan who shouts is an idiot – because these people have nothing in their brains! Blom replies that of course he can’t do that. Once again a classic Medvedev.

Nadal vs. Medvedev now in the live ticker: Crazy final at the Australian Open

Nadal – Medvedev 6:4: Nadal serves for the set now! Let’s go to the extension? The Spaniard is now in full swing, delivering the first two winners right away. This is now much more courageous, brisker, more determined! Two points to win the set. „He’s playing his best tennis here now. And if he grabs that now, they’ll tear the place down", Eurosport commentator Matthias Stach is sure of one thing. Three set points! And the first one sits! Nadal is on the scoreboard!

Nadal – Medvedev 5:4: Nice stop from Nadal, Medvedev of course gets close and counters longline. But Nadal has guessed it, half-volley counterattack! Strong rally at the beginning, Nadal stays on the gas in the following. And Medvedev makes a brutal mistake, plays the ball into the net unchallenged! The crowd is on fire, senses the break for Nadal! Medvedev answers with mocking applause and gets boos. Madness here in the Rod Laver Arena and Rafa makes the break! We have a match!

Nadal – Medvedev 4:4: Nadal plays against Medvedev’s direction of travel, but the Russian gets to everything that is volleyed in front of him here. The old champion doesn’t give up here – 4:4 after a mistake by Medvedev, more than three hours have passed.

Nadal vs. Medvedev now in the live ticker: Decision in the final of the Australian Open is getting closer

Nadal – Medvedev 3:4: Medvedev gets upset here because of heckling from fans – the umpire asks for silence. Really charged atmosphere in the Rod Laver Arena, Medvedev gives instructions to the ball kids and is punished with boos. Suddenly both players are at the net, Medvedev misses a sure winner, but wins the match in the end!

Nadal – Medvedev 3:3: Three break points Medvedev! Now it seems to go very fast here. Nadal fends off the first one with a creamy forehand stop, the second one the Russian plays too long. He has one more. and also this one is gone! Madness! Medvedev suddenly delivers one mistake after the other and Nadal is there – 3:3. The crowd is clearly on the Spaniard’s side, but he also needs the fans here now.

Nadal – Medvedev 2:3: Medvedev leads quickly 30-0, he leaves no doubt here now. The first serve comes almost always, Nadal has it simply hard. Curious: The Spaniard almost shoots referee John Blom during a return, but Blom leans back in time to avoid the ball. Nadal apologizes immediately.

Nadal – Medvedev 2:2: Nadal bites the dust, Medvedev is partly too passive. But he doesn’t have to at this stage of the match, he holds all the aces. The Russian is definitely fitter and would probably win every match against Nadal if in doubt. The 35-year-old takes his second game in this set.

Nadal – Medvedev 1:2: Medvedev marches on here, Nadal doesn’t have many more chances to get his foot to get a foot in the door.

Nadal – Medvedev 1:1: Nadal is not done with this final! Strong serve to equalize.

Nadal – Medvedev 0:1: We go into the third set. Is it already the last? Medvedev leads 2-0 and is close to his second Grand Slam triumph here.

Nadal vs. Medvedev NOW live: Fan on court – excitement at Australian Open final

Barbara Schett explained the incident with the streaker during the set break: "A fan jumped from the front row onto the court," says the former tennis player from Austria, who is on duty for Eurosport. "My pulse went up for a moment, thank God the security reacted quickly."The placard the fan was carrying read: "Abolish refugee detention".

Let’s focus on tennis again. The match is two hours and 15 minutes old, Medvedev serves. With a lot of work he secures the first game here.

After a streaker moment: Medvedev wins second set in tiebreak

Nadal – Medvedev tiebreak 5:7: Crunchtime! Nadal needs to equalize the set, otherwise it might go very quickly here. Immediately it’s 2:0 for Nadal, Medvedev comes to the net a bit impetuously – his timing is not right right now. And still he equalizes, 2:2. The Spaniard answers with a serve-and-volley, very well played! Then Medvedev attacks again, stands far in the court – 3:3! Nadal is more courageous, risks a lot – and is suddenly close to winning the set. But Medvedev fights back! 5:5. Suddenly the Russian has set point – and he takes it! That’s just great tennis that the Russian is playing here, counters Nadal when he is at the net. 2:0 after sets! Medvedev has made clearly more points than Nadal and therefore leads more than deservedly.

Nadal – Medvedev 6:6: Medvedev comes more and more seldom over the first serve, you can see the two hours here now of course also to him. Nadal tries a stop, Medvedev plays a counter-stop – but the Spaniard smells it! 30 both, but Medvedev immediately counters with an ace. This will probably be a tiebreak. so it is!

Nadal – Medvedev 6:5: 33 unforced errors for Nadal! Such a value is not known from him actuallyat all. If this goes wrong today, the Majorcan will surely have some scenes to work through in his analysis. But Medvedev is also hitting the net unusually much now. This hard fight leaves its mark. Nadal almost doesn’t get over the first serve, he looks extremely exhausted. After an outstanding backhand he has game ball again and shows his fist. And then the first serve finally sits! 6:5.

Nadal – Medvedev 5:5: And Medvedev stays cool, equalizes with a strong service game to 5:5. The world number two comes back impressively here in the second set, seems to have overcome his interim low. We’re about to break the two-hour mark here.

Nadal – Medvedev 5:4: Oh dear! The ball is forever in the air, actually a safe point for Nadal. But he volleys into the net. Medvedev has two break points, the exchange game continues. Nadal fends off the first by serve-and-volley and remains brave on the second! Deuce!

Nadal vs Medvedev NOW live: Australian Open final suddenly interrupted

And what’s going on now? Suddenly there seems to be a streaker on the court, the match is interrupted. "How can something like this happen??"asks Boris Becker. It is not clear from the TV pictures what was going on in the Rod Laver Arena. After a short break the match continues – and Nadal plays a fantastic ball to prevent the next break. Then the whole court is open, but the Spaniard is too long! Bitter! Again the break chance for Medvedev.

Nadal fights back again and misses his first set point. And then it’s the Russian after all! Break Medvedev, 5:4 in the second.

Nadal – Medvedev 5:3: First double fault now also for Medvedev. Can Nadal capitalize directly? That looks good! The Spaniard keeps coming with flat slices and secures a break point again. Important phase for Nadal. And then it’s a brilliant stop for the break!

Nadal – Medvedev 4:3: Now Medvedev comes up again, of course he hasn’t given up the second set yet! Re-break! 4:3, everything back in line.

Nadal – Medvedev 4:2: Turbo service game of Medvedev, it is 4:2.

Nadal vs. Medvedev NOW live: Sudden turnaround in the Australian Open final

Nadal – Medvedev 4:1: The momentum is tipping here now! Nadal is there, comes in better. Medvedev seems to be a little bit tired – maybe it was that long rally earlier, which still has an effect? And then Nadal also delivers his first ace! Serve and volley follows, it was the fastest service game of the Spaniard in this match. 4:1 in the second set!

Nadal – Medvedev 3:1: Fabulous! Phenomenal rally here, 40 shots! And Nadal wins the point with a crazy slice – two break points! Medvedev immediately counters with an ace, but then he makes the mistake! Break Nadal! And the stadium is immediately there, the Spaniard has more support from the crowd here.

Nadal – Medvedev 2:1: Nadal holds his serve, an hour has been played here in the meantime.

Nadal – Medvedev 1:1: Medvedev is ten years younger than Nadal, but he looks much more mature. This is a very calm performance of the Russian so far. He hardly makes any mistakes, is incredibly fast on his feet and seems to know no fatigue at all. Nadal is sweating all over his shirt – he’s losing a lot more fluid than usual, and that’s saying something. A recipe for success from Medvedev: He serves very far to the outside, so Nadal already has brutal problems with the return. The result are easy points.

Nadal – Medvedev 1:0: Nadal has to come up with something here, otherwise he will miss his chance to win the 21st title. Grand Slam title very quickly. He starts the second set well and keeps his variable game. But he already commits the third double fault! Nevertheless it is enough for 1:0.

Medvedev leads in the final of the Australian Open against Nadal

Nadal – Medvedev 2:6: Medvedev is hitting his serves with 200 km/h, Nadal has problems with that of course. And suddenly it goes very fast! Two set points for the Russian, Nadal returns the next big serve into the net – and so the first set goes to the 25-year-old!

Nadal – Medvedev 2:5: What is going on with Nadal? Two double faults in a row! Rafa has problems here. After a crazy rally he gives away the next chance, Medvedev has three break points again. The Spaniard then serves far to the outside, Medvedev’s return is actually an invitation again – but Nadal hits the volley very thinly out of bounds. Break again, 5:2 for the Russian!

Nadal – Medvedev 2:4: „I have never seen Nadal play like this before", says tennis legend Boris Becker in live analysis on Eurosport. Change of pace, high balls, lots of slice – but Medvedev has an answer to everything, is as always incredibly athletic on the move. The Russian needs two minutes for his service games, Nadal needs six minutes for his. You can see the effort of the old master.

Nadal – Medvedev 2:3: Medvedev is again 30:0 up on Nadal’s service game. The Spaniard has changed his game a lot and wants to get Medvedev going again and again. But he stays cool and has an outstanding precision in his strokes. Suddenly there are three break points! And the first one is on target, Nadal is too long. Break ahead for Medvedev.

Nadal – Medvedev 2:2: The Russian has less trouble here with his service games, sprinkles in another ace. 2:2.

Nadal vs. Medvedev now in the live ticker: Early madness in the Australian Open final

Nadal – Medvedev 2:1: Great rallies! Medvedev tries again and again to hold Nadal on his backhand. The Spaniard, on the other hand, constantly varies the tempo. Medvedev then has a huge chance to win three break points, but the old master pulls his head out of the noose in impressive fashion! And the crowd goes completely nuts early on! Unbelievable tennis here in Melbourne. Medvedev gets two break points, but Nadal is on the spot and gets the 2:1. How exhausting this match is, becomes immediately clear with a look at his face: The sweat drips down on him, a ball girl even has to wipe the court briefly at the baseline.

There are 20 minutes played and it is just 2:1! If this keeps up, we may be in for the longest Grand Slam final in history. By the way, Nadal already holds this record when he was also on court in Melbourne in 2012. The match against Novak Djokovic lasted five hours and 53 minutes. The Serb won.

Nadal – Medvedev 1:1: Medvedev comes over his serve with his usual force and secures his first game here relatively smoothly. Finally, there is an ace – a weapon that the Russian will probably use more often here.

Nadal – Medvedev 1:0: And downhill! Nadal serves here for the grand final. And the Spaniard immediately dictates the action via his forehand. Medvedev makes many a mistake, a nervous start. But no wonder, after all we are talking about a Grand Slam here! The Russian fends off two game points and forces a deuce. Nadal takes it, though, seven minutes into the opener here! A hint of how fiercely contested this duel will be today.

9.44 o’clock: 19.44 o’clock in Melbourne, 27 degrees Celsius, the sun is shining, but on the court it is shady. Brilliant conditions for this final match. We are looking forward to what we hope will be a long and gripping match!

9.38 hrs: And here they come at last! Rafael Nadal marches first into Rod Laver Arena. A short time later, Daniil Medvedev also arrives, just under 15.000 fans greet the two with applause. Maximum stadium capacity: 80 percent! ÜThe Bundesliga would be happy to see such Corona conditions, in Bavaria, for example, only ten percent are allowed.

9.28 h: It will start here any moment now! We’re looking forward to a tennis spectacle!

Update from the 30. January, 8.52 o’clock: While Rafael Nadal and Daniil Medvedev are about to go for the title here, the German number one is already preparing for the next tournament. Alexander Zverev will compete in Montpellier next week. But surely he would have preferred to serve in Melbourne today.

Update from 30. January, 8.00:00: In 90 minutes, the grand final will start here. The ladies were already on Saturday – and there, too, it was about tournament history. Ashleigh Barty beat Danielle Collins from the U.S. in the final, leaving the Australia can finally cheer again: for the first time in 44 years, the proud sporting nation has a winner at its home Grand Slam.

Nadal vs. Medvedev in the live ticker: Old master challenges tennis bully in Australian Open final

First news from 30. January, 7.36 o’clock: Melbourne – The big day has come! Rafael Nadal (35) and Daniil Medvedev (25) will play the final of the Australian Open this Sunday. The Spaniard reaches for his 21. Grand Slam title and would thus trump his two eternal rivals. Currently, Nadal as well as Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic have won exactly 20 major tournaments. "We can create history, but the truth is that two months ago we didn’t know if I would even be able to come back to the Tour," said Nadal, who was on break for months last season because of his foot problems.

Medvedev is ten years younger than Nadal and has the chance to win his second Grand Slam today. The Russian landed the first coup in September 2021 in New York, when he won the US Open. He adds today? Medvedev is the clear favorite with the bookmakers. In the semifinals, he impressively defeated Stefanos Tsitsipas and incidentally got into a fight with the referee.

Australian Open: Final today in the live ticker – Nadal or Medvedev

Before the start of the Australian Open, Olympic champion Alexander Zverev (24) was still highly rated. Possible finalist, aspirant to the title – but ultimately the last stop should be in the round of 16. His place in the generation duel is now taken by Medvedev. Can the Russian spoil the chase for the record for the Mallorcan old master?? We are excited and will follow the match for you in the live ticker. At 9.30 o’clock starts! If you want to follow the duel live on TV, we have summarized all the information on the broadcast here.

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