Museum brews at kirchweih

Brewmaster Heinz Krause opens the old door. Already with the entrance one feels almost as into another world transferred. The eye does not know what to grasp first. There is historical equipment from the brewing and brewing trade on display: interesting pieces side by side, lovingly assembled and carefully arranged.
"This is our showpiece", says the brewmaster proudly, pointing to what at first glance appears to be an inconspicuous installation. He explains: "This is the smallest functioning brewery in the world, which of course can really be used to brew beer. It creates a beer output of just 500 milliliters."

Brewing rights since 1491

The Forderverein Brauer- und Buttnermuseum opened the museum in 1995. "We want to keep up the tradition of brewing beer, after all, barley juice has been brewed here in the village since 1491. At the same time we want to inform about the beer production and represent the centuries-old brewing tradition from brewing-historical view", says the brewmaster, who would like to see more interest in the museum – as a valuable piece of local and cultural history.
One is particularly proud of a splendidly dressed up beer wagon with old wooden barrels. "This will be exhibited at the Kirchweih this year. But the visitors can look forward to much more, namely to a virtual brewery tour and to the tasting with self-brewed hobby brewer beer".
In addition, the Kirchweihgesellschaft Weibenbrunn – with its chairman Bernd Redwitz – has once again put together a varied and attractive program.

Festival service in the morning

An all-day festival program awaits the guests on Sunday. The Kirchweih festival service begins at 9 a.m.30 o’clock in the Trinity Church. From noon on there is a colorful market hustle and bustle in Paradies. Again this year it is called "Bierdorf Classics – the oldtimers come!" Also an open Schleppertreppen takes place. As always, the best test of the Oldtimerclub Kronach can look forward to a cup. New this year is that the best of the entire field of participants will be awarded with two valuable Hundertwasser place settings with cup, saucer and cake plate donated by the Quarzsandwerke. At 13.15 o’clock the big Kerwaumzug with historical vehicles takes place. This year eight local associations, the Kirchweihgesellschaft and the Weibenbrunn music society will be taking part. Also some oldtimers drive along. For the first time there will be a Weissenbrunn malt beer champion (seven to 15 years) as well as a Weissenbrunn beer champion (from 16 years), which will be determined from 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. respectively in fun competitions.
On all days there will be a symphony of light in paradise. According to the statutes of the Kirchweihgesellschaft, the proceeds of the Kerwa are used for the promotion of culture and customs as well as youth work. So far, around 10,000 euros have been donated by the Kirchweihgesellschaft for this purpose. This year the soccer juniors of the TSV Weibenbrunn and the youth fire department of Weibenbrunn will be honored.

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