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Your MP3 player stopped working and you are desperately looking for a solution? We help you!

get mp3 player repaired

You want your MP3 player have it repaired? We have the most important information!

Repair MP3 player yourself

You would rather have a guide to the Repair it yourself? Here you can find it!

MP3-Player – Battery repair

The Battery of your MP3 player breaks down? We show you what to do!

iPod repair (have it repaired)

You are looking for help for your iPod? We have all the info!

MP3 player repair

have mp3player repaired

If your MP3 player is broken, the first thing you can do is to your dealer or the manufacturer turn. If your MP3 player is still within the warranty, you can usually have the device repaired for free.

Is your device still within the warranty? Most manufacturers offer a shipping or on-site repair service. Important is an exact error description and a copy of your invoice.

Make sure that the MP3 player is shockproof in a Package to ship to avoid further damage. Often the manufacturer also covers the port costs.

The repair may 2 weeks make a claim. Again, this depends on the manufacturer of your MP3 player.

Repair MP3 player by yourself

The play / pause / on / off switch of your MP3 player no longer works?

With a little tool the problem is solved in a relatively short time!

MP3 player – repair display

Again, the first question is: Is your device still under warranty?? Then the manufacturer usually takes over the repair free of charge.

If the warranty period has already expired, you can still ask the manufacturer how much a repair would cost.

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MP3 player – repair loose contact

If a loose contact occurs while listening to music, it is annoying.

First, you should find out where the problem is: Is it a Defect at the MP3-Player or at your headphones?

You can find this out by checking your MP3-player other headphones test and also the headphones on test other devices.

Causes for a loose contact are: Dust or dirt, a fall or water ingress.

How to clean the headphone jack: Take a bent up one Paperclip, to then plug them into the jack. Turn the paper clip to remove the dirt.

If that doesn’t help, you can get special Contact spray use. After you sprayed this into the jack, turn the headphone over.

To repair a loose contact, which is often caused by a Cable break is caused, you can wind up your cables specially. You can find several tutorials on YouTube.

MP3-Player – Battery repair

The battery does not charge anymore? Your MP3 player just turns off? The runtime of your MP3 player differs greatly from the runtime stated by the manufacturer? The battery is broken!

What to do now? Where to find a new battery? How long do I have to get along without my MP3 player in case of a repair?? We say's you!

  • Where find help if the battery of my MP3 player is broken? First you can contact your Manufacturer at. Mostly tips are listed there.
  • You can also find out there if your MP3 player is still in the Warranty period is. At Apple, for example, this is about. 1 year.

This video shows how to re-solder the jack socket. This can be helpful when changing the battery.

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iPod repair (let)

The iPod is probably the most popular MP3 player.

Apple has released several models, including the iPod Shuffle, the iPod Nano and the iPod Touch.

repair ipod

What do I do if my iPod is broken??

Read the Support-Article. Common defects are treated there. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for there, you can contact support.

Find out if your iPod is still within the Warranty is. Your iPod is out of warranty if your iPod is more than a year old or has been broken in an accident, for example.

Apple offers a repair service: You can either send in your device or bring it in for on-site repair. For this you can make an appointment online via the Apple Store.

How much does an iPod repair cost?

If your device is still within the Warranty lies, is the repair free of charge.

Otherwise it depends on the type of repair.

How long does the repair take?

As a rule, the repair takes 3-5 working days. You can arrange with Apple to get a replacement device in time.

Sony MP3 player repair

The Walkman by Sony is also one of the popular devices among MP3 players.

In this video you will find a guide to Change the battery your Walkman!

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