More dynamism for your website with gifs


Again and again I am asked: How can I make my Make your website more personal? And above all: More dynamic?

That’s why I asked Sophia Dei from Studio Umi to show you how to create GIFs for your website in this article. And not just for fun, but in such a way that the whole thing can be Effect has – whether you want to make your branding stand out more or draw attention to specific products in a targeted way. (Of course, the whole thing is still fun&)

GIFs are popular stamped as a funny gimmick on the Internet, but you can also use GIFs in a completely different way. for example as a real eye-catcher on your Squarespace page.

In this guest article you can read,

why GIFs on your website help can

how you can easily create your first Create your own GIF file

how Animate with ProCreate how works (beginner friendly!), and

you can put the GIF file on your website.

Let’s start with Sophia’s article!

GIFs: Much more than funny fidgety little pictures

Maybe you’ve already noticed: GIFs and GIF stickers are a huge trend and that, although the GIF format exists now already exists for over 30 years. Nowadays, when you wish a friend "Happy Birthday" you send GIFs on Whatsapp. Reactions to messages are answered with GIFs. Instagram stories are provided with GIF stickers to make the message even clearer.

GIFs have a whole new dimension of success due to the social networks reaches. GIFs are integrated in almost all major social media platforms. So it is easier than ever to use GIFs. There are two major GIF platforms: Giphy and Tenor. Both have integrations in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, iMessage, Whatsapp and Co. This also makes it so easy to share GIFs.

I myself am listed as an artist on Giphy and have noticed what a great reach you can achieve if you are officially listed there. With my GIFs and GIF stickers I already have a trillion views reached.

And the beauty is: you don’t need any special requirements to create a GIF. You can start with the simplest means.

GIFs as eye-catcher on your website

GIFs are particularly well suited for integration into websites, because the GIF is a very small file format is.

You can think of a GIF as a kind of container. This container contains many small individual images, which are then played in the browser one after the other. This creates the Illusion of movement.

So GIFs are nothing else than small flipbooks and to create a GIF yourself you "only" have to draw many small frames.

If you have the possibility, I would always recommend you to, own Using GIFs on your website and not just copying the GIFs from the big GIF platforms. Like photos and illustrations, GIFs are subject to copyright laws Copyright. With your own GIFs you are also legally on the safe side.

GIFs are especially suitable for this

GIFs can be used in many ways on your website. For example you can make your Animate logo in header. By doing this, you’ll create a bit of movement on all pages.


GIFs are also well suited for Icons and symbols on your website.

With the help of animated icons you can visually represent your offer super easy and draw the viewer’s attention specifically to it.

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