More digital education in schools

As the association meeting of the willanzheim elementary school association revealed, the school association members, the school management with the teaching staff and the participating communities of willanzheim and seinsheim currently have several construction sites to deal with and will do so in the near future. As the chairwoman of the school association, willanzheim’s mayoress ingrid reifenscheid-eckert, informed, the submissions for the trades for the remodeling and expansion of the willanzheim school building are currently underway. The municipal council wants to award the contracts at its december meeting, and the construction workers are expected to move in next spring.

New school in willanzheim

The construction project will bring about a number of changes. At the moment, all elementary school students go to school in Huttenheim, where the Huttenheim kindergarten team currently takes care of lunch supervision. At the beginning of the 2018/19 school year, the students will move to the new school building in willanzheim, and from then on there will only be lunchtime supervision in willanzheim.

Principal susann hillgartner could not yet say whether there would be five classes in the coming school year, as the school management could not know at this stage how many children would move from the first classes to the third grade. The forecasts for the number of students are more reliable.

Number of students will decrease slightly

93 children currently attend the school, and because the refugee children in the district of markt herrnsheim are no longer at the school, the number of students will fall slightly in the coming years, but will remain stable overall. As ingrid reifenscheid-eckert explained, the council members will soon be looking around in surrounding towns to obtain information on arrangements and experience values about midday care at schools. In addition, the responsible parties still have to conduct a concrete demand survey to know how many children are to be cared for after school hours. The pedagogical concept will then be implemented on the basis of the figures, and staff will be recruited accordingly.

lessons on computers

The elementary school curriculum now includes a "digital school" component, which requires elementary school students to work on computers and do research on the Internet. The topic is currently being brought to the attention of municipalities and schools by the Ministry of Culture. But important framework conditions such as legal security, data protection and the organization of system support are still unclear. At present, further training courses for teachers would be held in the district. The "digital school" requires investment in hardware and software. A subsidy program for property owners is to follow, but the municipalities do not yet know how much and when the corresponding investments will be subsidized.

the school association meeting adopted the budget for 2018 with a total volume of 162,400 euros, which is slightly less than the current year. This is mainly due to the decrease in the cost of transporting schoolchildren. As the number of pupils also increases by two to 93, the school budget falls to 1284 euros per pupil. Based on the number of students, this means a total of 78,324 euros for the municipality of willanzheim and 41,088 euros for seinsheim. the surplus expected for the 2017 annual accounts will make it possible to spend 3,000 euros on IT needs next year.

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