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How old is my baby and what should a baby be able to do at how many months?? In the monthly calculator you can calculate the age of your child and find out what he should be able to do in this month of life.

When can my little one turn, crawl, sit, stand or walk?? How can I know if my child is developing properly? Determine the age of your child with the monthly calculator and read everything about the age-appropriate development of your baby by month!

Determine age in one step with the monthly calculator

Almost all parents wonder from time to time whether their baby is age-appropriate and developed according to the month of life. Compared with children from the surrounding area, we repeatedly find discrepancies between the levels of development. One baby may already be walking at nine months, while another child is already speaking its first words at six months old. "Are the other children ahead of their time in terms of development?? Is our child a late bloomer or perhaps even an overachiever?" – Parents can not avoid thinking about it.

Use the monthly calculator to determine your child’s exact age, and we’ll tell you what percentage of kids that age, have what skills. Remember that premature babies often have a different schedule and it doesn’t have to mean anything if your child hasn’t reached a certain milestone by. Each child must be considered individually and this monthly calculator is only a guide among many observations on your child to estimate the development of your baby.

Monthly calculator: How old is my baby??

Please calculate the age of your child by entering his or her date of birth in the month calculator or by selecting the month from the list below.

How old is my baby?

Did you use the month calculator to find out how old your baby is? Then learn more about what your child should be able to do by now by selecting the appropriate month in the list:

Monthly calculator: Development calendar can support

If you want to get more info on your baby’s development by week, click through our development calendar. If you don’t know the exact week of your baby’s life, our week calculator will help you to determine.

Monthly calculator: My child can not yet do everything – and now?

Children develop at different rates, and while one child may be early at speaking, another may be ahead at walking. But at some point, certain developmental milestones should be reached. And while comparing children always smacks of "Children’s Olympics," you should still keep a watchful eye for signs that your baby is developing late.

Developmental delay – when it becomes critical?

Professor Rainer Seidl of the University Clinic for Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine at Vienna General Hospital distinguishes between three different stages: "A distinction is made between developmental abnormalities – deviations from the norm without a diagnosis being possible, developmental delays – this refers to catch-up developmental delays, and developmental disorders – deviations with pathological value, which usually lead to permanent restrictions". Only a pediatrician can determine with certainty whether your child falls under one of these delays.

This will get a comprehensive picture of the development and progress of your baby and decide whether, for example, only a little physiotherapy is appropriate or simply the next developmental spurt should be waited for.

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