Moderator in internet forums as a side job

Earn money in a part-time job as a moderator in Internet forums

Forums are an integral part of the Internet and offer their users the opportunity to exchange views on certain topics. I myself am active in many internet forums and therefore know how important good moderation is.

On the Internet, many people’s inhibitions fall away because people are not sitting directly across from each other. In addition, especially in web forums you often do not appear with your real name. Also, most users do not have to fear legal consequences, the correct name and address are not even recorded in many forums.

In order to enforce a correct procedure and the implementation of the forum rules, moderators (Wikipedia) are therefore employed in every good Internet forum. For the effort, moderators are usually paid. This is of course especially true for forums of websites where products or services are offered for money.

Which forums are suitable for an application?

Simply having the idea to work as a moderator will not be enough. You should target a forum, or in the case of large forums, sub-forums, where you also understand something about the topic and have an interest in them.

If you are a vegetarian, you should not speculate on becoming a moderator in a barbecue forum. But you could work in a barbecue forum as a moderator in a subforum, if the subforum is exclusively about barbecue of vegetarian dishes.

The bigger a forum is, the higher the payment usually is. But size is only one factor. Also small forums can pay properly, if the incomes of the web page are generally very high.

If you have concrete experience on a certain topic this is definitely a big advantage. If you have made a name for yourself as an angler throughout Europe, then an angler forum would certainly take this into account in your application as a moderator.

Requirements for the part-time job as a moderator for internet forums

It is true that there are no fixed requirements for the part-time job as a moderator. Nevertheless, you should have a certain degree of social competence.

Dealing with people should be fun. Even if a forum is only virtual, they are real people communicating with each other.

To become active as a moderator, you should have a certain sense of justice. Because as a moderator you work for the regulated flow in the forum and the correct communication of the users. This means that you work FOR the users of the forum and are not the enemy of the users.

You should also be proficient in German spelling.


Tips for a successful application

Tips for a successful application as a moderator in internet forums

Before you write an application it is helpful to already be active in the chosen forum.

Especially if you don’t have any experience as a moderator, the best way is to become an active user in the forum and make contacts.

  • Be active in forums, about topics you like.
  • Make a reputation for yourself by posting a lot and always following forum rules.
  • Keep neutrality from the beginning. If there is a dispute between users, do not take sides
  • Establish contacts with admins and other moderators in the respective forum
  • Apply to be a mod for influencers on the social web for free (z.B. on Twitch). Here you can gain experience. Most success is achieved with young channels. The channel should offer potential to address many people in the future. Then you can refer to this in a following application.
  • Gain experience in small forums by becoming a moderator without pay
  • If you have already gained experience as a moderator in other forums (also free of charge) tell this when applying.
  • Training or experience as a webmaster will probably greatly increase the chance that you will be accepted.


If you want to get a job as a moderator in the internet, it makes sense to use a forum you already know.

It is important as a moderator to exercise and maintain a neutral attitude.

If available, use contacts with influencers to establish a name for themselves and increase their own reach.

If you don’t have any experience as a moderator, you can alternatively try to work as a copywriter for the first time .

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