Minecraft: how to craft, repair, enchant and shoot a bow and arrow

Minecraft: how to craft, repair, enchant and shoot a bow and arrow

Bow and arrow are the weapons of choice against many enemies in Minecraft. We will show you how to make, repair, enchant and use a bow and arrow.

Minecraft: Bow and arrow crafting -recipe

Making a bow and arrow in Minecraft, fortunately, is not a magic work. The recipes or. Blueprints look like this:

For the bow you will need consequently:

  • 3 sticks
  • 3 threads

Minecraft: how to craft, repair, enchant and shoot a bow and arrow

Minecraft: how to craft, repair, enchant and shoot a bow and arrow

For 4 arrows you need:

  • 1 floor
  • 1 feather
  • 1 flint

alt="minecraft-feather height="" /> Threads can be found in dungeons. However, this is not very effective, destroying cobwebs is a better solution, while killing spiders is fastest. You make sticks with wooden boards, which are placed vertically in the workbench. You can only make a bow from wood, so there is no diamond bow in Minecraft.

Feathers are dropped from chickens when they die. Flint you get on average every tenth mined gravel block – instead of the block. You can also find it in villagers.

alt="minecraft-thrower" width="214" height="" /> Recipe for a caster in Minecraft

The ingredients and our bow and arrow recipe are now simply packed into the workbench as seen above. Of course, you can use the arrows not only together with the bow, but also for the dispenser.

By the way: the bow is not the only ranged weapon in Minecraft, there is also the snowball. :)

Repair remote weapon

If we have two worn bows, you can put them both in the workbench to get a bow with light wear. Be careful, if a bow is enchanted, you should use the anvil to repair it: Build and use anvil. How to repair a bow without destroying its enchantment, you can also read in this article.

Enchant bow

To enchant a bow, you need an anvil (with spellbook) or a magic table: Minecraft: Craften, improve and mine magic table. Also a villager (cleric) can help further.

The bow can be enchanted with the following spells:

  • Durability
  • Strength
  • Strike (throws enemies back)
  • Flame (sets enemies on fire)
  • Infinity (you can shoot arrows infinitely as long as you have at least one arrow in your inventory)

Shoot a bow

Using the bow is pretty simple:

  • Of course, you can use it only if you have arrows in your inventory as well.
  • You fire the bow with the left mouse button.
  • The longer you hold down the left mouse button, the stronger the bow is drawn and the further the arrow flies.
  • However, this also increases the wear of the bow.
  • If you shoot 15 times with the bow at full strength, it loses one wear point.
  • The maximum range of the bow is 199 meters.
  • If you don’t hit an enemy with your arrow, you can collect the projectile again. However, this does not apply to arrows shot by skeletons.

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