Million project in habfurt starts in the cellar

Ralf Rockelein-Sarre reaches for the ceiling. With his hand he touched several lines that are laid. He said that there were repair spots everywhere. It is high time that a new installation is mounted here, explained the employee of the structural engineering department of the district to the members of the district council committee for construction and transport, which visited the Heinrich-Thein-Berufsschule in Habfurt on Wednesday afternoon.

The district councillors learned about the general renovation of the school in the meeting with the tour led by District Administrator Wilhelm Schneider (CSU). The project is a mammoth task in many respects. It will cost around 25 million euros and is expected to last until 2022/2023, as Rockelein-Sarre’s colleague Eva Mangold confirmed in response to a query.

The complication: classes must still be possible. And in terms of organization, the refurbishment involves a lot of effort, because the Hassfurt vocational school consists of several building complexes, most of which are located on Hofheimer Strasse. Some buildings are not affected by the general refurbishment.

The aim of the general renovation is also to bundle the various teaching units and training courses in one place. Up to now, classrooms and workshops for a certain education have not been located in one building, and teachers and students therefore "migrate" Need. That costs time that is missing for lessons. With the comprehensive renovation this deficiency is to be eliminated. "We want to get together, what belongs together, Jochen Bruggemann described the concern. The deputy principal is a kind of project manager of the school for the 25-million-euro measure.

Renovation work is underway in one of the main wings of the vocational school. The part with the teachers’ room, the commercial department, the rooms for metal technology and carpentry as well as IT and youth social work. More specifically, the renovation will begin in the next few days, when the heating season will be completed, with the renovation of the heating system and the installations for water, electricity and gas.

"Everything comes out", announced Ralf Rockelein-Sarre, when the committee stood in the boiler room. The technology, the installations and the lines are outdated. Much of the building is still 1960s standard. A completely new heating system will be installed, which will run on gas and pellets. The school is being brought up to date in terms of energy, explained the expert, recalling in this context the beginnings of the school, when it was still heated with petroleum and vast quantities of this fuel were consumed.

During the renovation work, which will start in the basement of the wing with the teachers’ room, "you won’t see much from the outside, Ralf Rockelein-Sarre described to the committee. According to him, the work in the basement will not be easy, because "we are very cramped".

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