Mature skin make-up

Mature skin make up make up 1

Apply the make up to a clean skin, after the usual daily care of a nourishing day cream.
You start by applying a foundation of make up. Choose a professional makeup foundation, such as a fluid foundation, camouflage makeup, cream makeup or compact powder. These basic make ups are all great for any skin type.

Conceal red cheeks with a thin layer of camouflage makeup in your own skin tone. Apply the camouflage makeup with a clean spatula. By rubbing with your fingertip, make it softer and easier to apply. If you wish, you can make the texture even softer and influence the color even more by mixing the camouflage makeup with cream makeup or with foundation, for example.

Apply the make up with a slightly damp sponge. Apply the camouflage make up evenly. If necessary, then apply a thin layer of foundation over the entire face in your own skin tone. To determine the exact color, you may be able to mix it on a plastic spatula and test it on your skin (for example, on your neck).

Mature skin makeup tutorial

Fix the make up with a generous amount of setting powder.
Fixing powder is transparent and does not affect the color. Fixing powder can be applied with a powder puff, a velour powder puff or a powder/rouge brush. Tap out the tassel or brush briefly on the hand and then apply the powder generously over the make up. Leave on briefly for a waterproof result and remove excess powder with a powder/rouge brush.

Make up eyebrows

Mature skin eyebrow makeup make up 5

Complement the eyebrow with a professional matte eye shadow in a matching tone. Use a brush to apply eye shadow in the desired color and test the color intensity on your hand before applying the powder.

You comb the eyebrow hairs (for example, with a clean, dry mascara brush or eyebrow comb) down and supplement the upper edge. Use a beveled cattle brush for this purpose. Work from the inside to the outside and do not start directly at the base of the eyebrow. Then work the hairs upwards and add a little to the bottom of the eyebrow. Apply the eyebrow fixer with the help of the brush in a thin layer over the eyebrow. Use the brush to fix the hair in the desired direction. You can repeat this process a few times, using only a little of the product at a time.

Make up eyes perfectly

Mature skin eye makeup

If the eyelids are overhanging, use a dark color to emphasize the overhanging part of the eyelid, at the point between the eye and the eyebrows.
Tip: If you have older skin, preferably use eye shadow in pastel colors. Pearl, shiny eye shadows are less suitable for older skin, because of the strong shine.
Apply the mascara in a twisting motion starting at the base of the lashes to the tips of the upper and lower lashes. If necessary, brush with a clean, dry mascara brush to remove possible clumps.
Tip: It is better not to use black mascara, because this color contrasts too harshly with older skin. A brown tone looks more natural.

Make up lips

Mature skin lips make up make up 7

To prevent lipstick from soaking into the creases around the lips, you can apply a thin layer of camouflage makeup to the lips beforehand. Mix lipstick and gloss on a clean spatula and apply with a brush.

Modeling the face

Mature skin make up make up 9

With blush you can bring the ‘sunken’ skin area a little forward.
Work on a dry base, that is, a powdered skin. Pick up eye shadow/rouge in the desired color with the powder/rouge brush. Place the powder puff vertically and tap the powder between the hair with your hand so that the powder is not only at the ends of the hair. Brush the paint away with the flat side of the brush, so avoid dabbing.
For a natural effect, you can apply blush on the cheekbones, temples, under the eyebrows and a little on the neck.

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