Manuel garcia rubio: authentic marketing for more applicants in the care sector

Manuel Garcia Rubio is an expert in employee recruitment. He helps outpatient and inpatient care services as well as hospitals to recruit more qualified professionals. To this end, he optimizes the external image and the entire application process of his clients and draws the attention of potential applicants to them. For sustainable success, the expert only targets specialists who fit the company in question – the first results are seen after just 14 to 21 days.

The shortage of skilled workers in the care industry continues. As a result, many companies do not have enough employees to meet the demand for nursing staff. When looking for qualified applicants, many of them resort exclusively to classic methods – with little success. Here’s how few care services succeed in attracting the attention of trained professionals. Manuel Garcia Rubio, an expert in employee recruitment, knows where his customers’ mistakes lie.

"I am often told that the market is empty. The truth is that companies are fishing with the wrong rod in the wrong pond," explains Manuel Garcia Rubio. The recruiting expert gained his first experience of reaching people in the right place during his time with a marketing agency. In his sophisticated four-pillar method, Manuel Garcia Rubio relies predominantly on social media to reach potential candidates. In addition, Manuel Garcia Rubio always makes sure that new employees fit in with his customers’ care operations in order to ensure long-term cooperation.

Manuel Garcia Rubio in an interview!

Welcome to GEWINNERmagazin, Manuel Garcia Rubio! You support care companies in recruiting employees. This is also a social challenge where many things need to be considered. What mistakes do care companies make before working with you?

Basically, almost all nursing companies resort to classic methods. They use, for example, the job portal, the employment agency and their own website. About 15 years ago, it was undoubtedly a way to reach potential employees. In the meantime you hardly get any applicants. So we often hear in conversations with the nursing services that they hire people indiscriminately. However, until a few years ago, they would not even have invited the same applicants for an interview. To attract more applicants, companies promise them huge bonuses. However, this is extremely short-term thinking.

Manuel Garcia Rubio

Manuel Garcia Rubio helps nursing services find suitable skilled workers with his specially developed four-pillar method.

For example, some of our clients advertise via billboards. In practice, this no longer works. In my opinion, they are fishing in the wrong pond for new applicants. We help them in the first step to change to the right pond with sufficient personnel. Before, they targeted maybe five percent of the market. With our help, they are accessing about 50 percent of the job market. This results in significantly more applications. Before we started working together, many of our clients had hardly any contact with potential employees. If they turn to us, they can count already after 14 to 21 days on first applicants from their region.

According to Manuel Garcia Rubio, these are the methods nursing companies should consider

So in terms of the application process, care companies are resorting to the wrong methods. What other mistakes do they make?? What are they doing wrong with their external image and how do you help them do it?

Many of our clients are stuck in their traditional ways of doing things. This is how they try to force success by increasing their investment. In terms of employee recruitment, we often hear that employee-to-employee referrals work best. This is also where we come in. I usually explain this to my customers by comparing it to going to the movies: If we like a movie, we tell our friends about it. However, we do not go into the things that are written on an advertising poster for this film. Rather, we highlight the aspects that we individually like best. Because of this recommendation, our friends are also watching the movie. They already know what to expect. As a result, expectations and reality are very close to each other.

We wanted to transfer this principle to the online process. Therefore, we always work from the inside out in our external presentation and start with the employees of our customers. So we highlight what they like, why they like their employer and why they like working for the company. These things make the difference. They create a unique selling point, so that the external presentation of our customers stands out from classic job advertisements – and so they are also recommended more strongly.

Higher quality of work for dissatisfied professionals

Manuel Garcia Rubio, of course qualified professionals have to come from somewhere. This is partly how your clients poach employees from their competitors. Are you sometimes reproached for this? If so, how do you respond?

According to a 2019 study, about 54 percent of workers are dissatisfied with their current job situation. This makes them basically willing to change.

"We do not want to poach the satisfied professionals under any circumstances."

That would be extremely difficult and morally questionable. If, on the other hand, we can give unhappy people a more satisfying job and thus a higher quality of life, we see that as a positive thing. We therefore do not see ourselves as headhunters who want to generate new employees at any price.

Instead, we focus on unhappy professionals who lack exactly what our client can offer in their daily work and environment. It is important to remember that these people are usually not actively looking for a new job despite their dissatisfaction. This is why you need to make them aware of an alternative solution. However, our goal is not only to attract potential employees to our client through authentic marketing. We also want to ensure that the relevant professionals stay with our clients beyond the probationary period after a successful hire.

Manuel Garcia Rubio

Manuel Garcia Rubio and his team enjoy their work, it is especially nice when employers give positive feedback.

Manuel Garcia Rubio about nice customer stories

You’ve already helped a lot of nursing companies get more applications from professionals. Is there a particular customer story that comes to mind that illustrates the collaboration with you??

A particular customer comes to mind. She comes from the rural area. For half a year she did not receive a single application – then she contacted us. At that time, she was keeping the business running on her own and was thus completely overloaded. Within another six months, she was able to hire eleven new employees with our help. She told us again and again how happy she was about this development. Although we never explicitly asked her for it, she regularly recommends it to us. At the same time, she always makes it clear how much we have helped her.

Thus, thanks to satisfied employees, there is a great working atmosphere in their care company, which also has an impact on the patients. We have already had many good experiences with this. It’s always nice when positive feedback is conveyed to us through employers. This is also the reason why we enjoy our work so much.

An important moral responsibility

Do such results motivate you?

Especially in the care sector, there are many dissatisfied skilled workers. Often the companies do not have enough employees. So individuals have to step in regularly and work even on days that are actually off. The quality of life of each employee also suffers as a result. This was a problem that one of my friends was also struggling with. He also had to work double shifts on a regular basis. In addition, he could rarely spend the weekend with his family and friends. That made him downright depressed. It was one of the reasons why I focused on the care sector. So he explained to me that this area is about people.

"So it’s a moral responsibility to have enough skilled workers available for all patients."

Today he is also one of my employees. Together we want to help the companies, after all they are being let down by politics. There is also massive neglect of young people, which is why we start earlier and also help to fill apprentice positions.

Manuel Garcia Rubio on realistic promises and the right motivation

In the care sector in particular, there are many providers such as headhunters, temporary staffing companies and personnel consultants. What care companies should look out for when they are looking for support in recruiting staff? How to recognize black sheep?

Recruiters and temporary staffing companies – the "classic helpers" – do provide companies with new employees, though. Temporary workers, however, are often much more expensive due to higher late and night bonuses as well as the Employee Leasing Act and are mainly used in the early shift. This causes additional resentment among permanent staff, because they naturally have to cover more of the less popular services. This creates a downward spiral for the employer. Recruiters and temporary employment agencies therefore do not have the best reputation among care business managers.

Manuel Garcia Rubio

Manuel Garcia Rubio wants to help the care companies in the long term and ensure a sufficient supply of employees in the future as well.

Unfortunately, we also encounter this prejudice. This is because black sheep are very difficult to spot – especially for people who don’t know what to look for. In principle, an expert in employee recruitment should have some experience to draw on. Furthermore, the intention behind their work should always be recognizable. In a personal conversation, companies should therefore pay attention to whether a supposed expert is only doing his job to make money, or whether he really wants to help the industry and the individual company. So it’s not easy to tell if a provider is reputable just by looking at advertisements or a website.

It’s all about delivering the right candidates

Are there providers who lure with unrealistic promises??

What is feasible depends very much on the region. So there are big differences between urban and rural areas. It must be said, however, that it is unserious to promise your customers the hiring of new employees. There is no guarantee of this. As an expert in employee recruitment, I can only promise my clients that I will supply them with suitable applicants. For this I work closely with my clients to be able to find the best employees. Who they ultimately hire, they decide for themselves.

Manuel Garcia Rubio: Using modern marketing to become a recruiting expert

How did you get your expertise in employee recruitment?

For eight years, my professional activity has consisted of searching for specific people on the Internet, reaching them and persuading them to take action. Originally, my core area was lead generation. However, there are many parallels in attracting customers and employees. Over the course of time, I have gained a wealth of experience in this area. I now know exactly how to attract people’s attention to a company – even if you can’t reach them through traditional channels. At the same time, I know the most effective methods of persuading the target group to take a certain action.

Over the years, my know-how has grown through practical experience. I have already managed numerous customer projects. I have also taken part in various courses and led coaching sessions myself.

"At the end of the day, I have made it my duty to help every nursing service find the right employees."

To this end, I developed over many years a four-pillar method, based in particular on social media.

Here’s what Manuel Garcia Rubio would like to see in the future

Your industry will continue to offer interesting opportunities in the future. How will it develop in the coming years and what do you personally still want to achieve?

What we have to be prepared for in the future is an even greater shortage of skilled workers in the care sector. It is unfortunately so that the new generation is promoted too little. Too few nurses are being trained. In addition, the interest in this profession is dwindling more and more. To counteract this, you have to make the job more attractive and actively provide training.

While I am currently busy fighting the current shortage of skilled workers for my clients, I would like to establish sustainable solutions in the future. So the first thing to do is to create short-term solutions before providing sufficient supplies in the medium and long term. That is basically our claim. The policy leaves the care enterprises to a large extent in the lurch. So I want to help them in the long run.

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