Man vs. Woman – what are the real differences?

Men are the strong, courageous sex. Women are more cautious and weaker. This Role Cliches are firmly anchored in our minds, whether we like it or not. Because from an early age they are taught to us. This often happens unconsciously, for example, when kindergarten teachers are predominantly women. Or when the men in the family do manual tasks while the female members do the housework. But how is it actually medical seen? Are there really distinct Differences between men and women?

In fact, every child knows the biggest difference: Women can get children and Men not. This automatically leads to the fact that their Body built differently are and others Before or. Disadvantages bring along. Which these are, one sees best at two exercises.

Women can do better

Exercise 1: kneel on the floor and sit on your feet. Now bend forward slightly and place your forearms on the floor. Elbows should touch your knees. Your outstretched hand marks the point where you place a matchbox upright.

Now put your hands on your lower back and try to knock over the matchbox with your nose; of course without touching the floor with your head.

For women this is balance exercise usually no problem, but for Men is one real challenge. The reason: They have a different Body center of gravity. Their broad shoulders together with relatively narrow waist and hips form a big V. The center of gravity is therefore usually in the upper third of the back. Women, on the other hand, tend to have an hourglass shape, with broad shoulders and hips but a narrow waistline. Their center of gravity is thus in the lower back or in the upper part of the buttocks. The lower body center of gravity is to their advantage in this exercise, because it allows them to bend forward the Balance better.

Women but they also have another advantage: because of their low muscle mass they are more flexible. Tendons, joints and ligaments are more elastic, making it easier for complicated movements., for example with Climbing or in the Gymnastics.

Men have the edge here

Exercise 2: For pull-ups we only need a high bar and enough muscle strength. The goal is to lift the chin over the bar without touching the ground with the feet.

For most Men this is also untrained not a big challenge. Many Women fail but at the exercise. The difference is so great, in fact, that pull-ups are no longer a criterion for admission to some professions, such as firefighters or police officers.

The reason for this has long been puzzled. since the whole body has to be lifted upwards, the difficulty can’t really have anything to do with the body’s center of gravity. Lack of muscle mass is, however, in any case a plausible explanation. For Women have evolutionary larger body fat and a lower muscle percentage than men. So they need to train longer to lift a heavier body with comparatively less strength.

At the same time Girls puberty a few years ahead. Therefore stops her Growth earlier and they are in proportion usually smaller than adult boys. Due to their smaller hands they often have a worse grip on the bar and have to use more strength.

Women vs. Men – stereotypes fulfilled?

They know a woman who can easily do ten pull-ups, or a man who can knock over a matchbox with his nose without any problems? This is not so surprising. Because medical is seen every person is unique. He brings his own genes and predispositions with him and can also influence them. In addition, for the above differences is greatly simplified. To to compare men and women, we often pick up Average values back. However, a trained woman can have much more muscle mass than an unathletic man or simply be taller. Also, weight can affect the body’s center of gravity.

So the fact is: everyone – male or female – brings his own deficits and can also influence them. Willpower and the right training are usually enough to overcome them; whether they are gender-specific or not.

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