Make serious and long-term money online 2021

Many want it and others are already doing it: earn money online – are you also looking for ways to earn money on the Internet?

Here I present you probably by far the most comprehensive list of legal and reputable ways to make money online from home or on the go, some even from your smartphone.

Learn on this page, what possibilities you have to build up a lucrative online business with recurring ( passive income), whose amount you can earn with your diligence& Discipline and DOING determine.

How satisfied are you with your job?

Is the salary right, is your job fulfilling or are you under or overworked?? What are your colleagues and boss like?? Would you rather work from home with your kids or on the road with your family?.B. working at the lake / beach, in a cafe or at a friend’s house? Thanks to earn money on the Internet is exactly that possible!

You are in debt, unemployed or live despite a job close to the subsistence level and are fed up with the situation and want to earn 50 – 500 € per month online?

Variations to earn money online

Basically, the ways to earn money online can be divided into 2 income categories:

  • Active income
  • Passive Income

Active income is earned only when you work for it z.B. through paid surveys, writing texts, freelance activities.

You can earn passive income on the Internet even when you are not working!

Make serious and long-term money online 2021

What is passive income and what are its advantages?

The best way to earn money online is clearly to build a passive income online, because only in this way you can build a continuously growing income without working for it d.h. Earn money online even when you sleep. Except for very few methods, it does not work without work, quite the opposite. In the beginning you will have to work more for passive income than for active income, but it is worth it!

Active income is z.B. the salary / wage or work as a freelancer. A freelancer can earn several thousand Euros, but only when he works!

Passive income is earned even when you are lying on the beach, going on vacation, or spending time with your family& You can spend time with friends, because once a passive online income stream is established, it requires almost no work, or so little work that it is called passive income.

Earn money passively online

Earning money online passively can open the way to the life of your dreams.

No matter if I’m lying at the pool again or with friends& If I travel to Dubai for 3 weeks, I continue to earn money online without doing anything for it. This is genius, this is online business at its best!

There are a lot of possibilities to build up a passive online business and earn money online even if you don’t work.

Generating passive income online and I can’t say it enough has so many benefits:

  • Financial freedom is achievable significantly faster through passive income
  • You can choose when and where you want to work (ideal for digital nomads)
  • Finally being able to emigrate wherever you want without living off the dumping wages of the locals.
  • You have more time& more money.
  • Lifetime you can not buy from money directly, but you can buy yourself free from a low-paid job and live your life according to YOUR ideas, not only Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Higher life expectancy (if you are currently unhappy in your job)

Work when and where you want through passive income

Earn 2.000 € per month with Facebook Ads and T-Shirts (easy)

This is really the madness, a former letter carrier earned already after few months experience with Teezily T-shirts about Facebook Ads market over 30.000 € per month. The great thing about this option is that it really does not require much time, the motif can be designed by designers (freelancers).

If we had a TOP10 ranking, this possibility would definitely be in the TOP10.

Earn money online with a blog

Blogs are one of the most popular ways to make money online. The possibilities to generate income are numerous. Nevertheless: A blog is not at all suitable to earn money quickly on the Internet. It takes a lot of work, especially in the beginning, to build up a successful blog, but it’s worth it.

A blog is first and foremost a platform where you can show that you know a lot about your topic (z.B. Self-support). A blog is also an excellent way to show what you have to offer (own info products, services or physical products, ) and an excellent way to build a brand and expert status, you can then really make a lot of money online.

95% of bloggers do not have their own info products, they market their blog z.B. with the Amazon affiliate program, affiliate networks, Google Adsense, Digistore24 and other income opportunities.

A blog is also a great way to build a big email list (keyword email marketing) and is great for earning money with affiliate marketing.

depending on the concept of the blog okay to very good

Earn money online with your own website

Make serious and long-term money online 2021

Of course, you can also earn money on the Internet with websites that are not blogs. Examples of affiliate websites are: Authority Sites (explanation below), Niche Websites (e.g.B. Nose hair trimmer website), price comparison sites etc.

Earn money with your own website through Google Adsense

Make serious and long-term money online 2021

Google Adsense is one of the popular ways to market a blog and is particularly suitable in subject areas where Adwords customers pay high click prices or simply a lot of traffic is available.

The installation of the Adsense code is very easy, but the terms and conditions of Adsense are very strict, so read the terms of use carefully before registering your blog!

In my experience Google Adsense is especially interesting for blogs that have many mobile users.

very good (one time is enough)
Website / Blog necessary

The earnings vary greatly, depending on the theme of the site, content, visitors.

Earn money online with paid articles / link sales& Social Seeding

Many bloggers use platforms like Seedingup and Ranksider to earn money through sponsored posts, paid product tests or video posts.

In addition, through Seedingup& Ranksider also the Facebook Pages (not with the personal profile), Google+ etc. be used to earn money online.

Link selling is also a frequent source of income for bloggers, which is only allowed according to Google guidelines if the outgoing links are nofollow masked. Nobody will get rich with this, but it is a method to earn money online.

good for test bloggers

Passive income and earn money on the Internet through banner advertising

If you don’t find a suitable affiliate program for your blog / homepage or you are not satisfied with the revenues from the advertised affiliate programs, you can also rent out banner spaces or. Rent 1-2 banner spaces as an additional source of income.

Earn a lot of money on the Internet with Affiliate Marketing

For Germany alone, the consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates the turnover with affiliate programs for 2016 at 984 million . Eur o, which will grow to around 1 billion by 2019. Euro should increase. Worldwide, billions of sales are made with affiliate marketing every year, but what is affiliate marketing anyway??

Affiliate marketing is referral marketing.
The typical procedure: You recommend a product and receive a commission on the sales generated by your recommendation.

With some affiliate programs you also earn a lead commission when someone signs up through your link on a site z.B. in a lottery partner program. Meant with Lead is a contact, thus if someone leaves its contact contacts in a profit play, you generated a successful Lead.

B eispiel:
You bought the GO PRO Hero 5 action camera and are totally satisfied with this waterproof action camera.

You could then z.B. Participate in the Amazon affiliate program and create a Youtube experience video on exactly this actioncam and demonstrate live what is so possible with the camera. You would include an affiliate link in the description, which would take potential buyers directly to the product page on Amazon. If one of your Youtube viewers buys the camera through your link, you will receive a commission. Youtube is only one example, you could also write a review in your blog or recommend the camera in your Facebook profile or via e-mail marketing or one of the many other ways to direct visitors to a store.

In German-speaking countries alone, there are an estimated 30.000 – 50.000 affiliate programs, including Amazon, Zalando, and almost all other big brands.

Below are some ways to do affiliate marketing. Have fun!

Depending on the chosen approach / knowledge good to very good

No mistake, there are 6 euro symbols, due to the extreme revenue potential!

Generate money on the Internet on autopilot through niche sites with Google

Niche sites are by far one of the most popular ways to earn money online with affiliate programs through affiliate marketing, next to blogs.

What is a niche anyway?
A niche is a very small market segment. If a product or service is offered to a specific target group to solve their problems and needs, it is called a niche.

Let’s take the example of electronics: electronics is not a niche, but a large significant market segment, even one of the largest market segments in the world.

Let’s break it down: Smartphones are not a niche yet, because almost everyone owns a smartphone.
A niche in the field of smartphones would be z.B. Smartphones for seniors.

So niche sites are websites created to a small niche z.B. Pool heater .
The advantage of niche sites is that they are relatively quick and easy to create and when they are ready and have TOP rankings on Google, only rarely need to be touched, so earning money online is then actually possible in your sleep.

Most affiliates focus on Amazon niche sites, which is obvious, because Amazon is very popular, Amazon has a wide range of goods, good service and customers like to buy other items there and not just the waterproof headphones. This way, sales are generated from items that you have not even offered on your niche and this makes it attractive.
Niche sites are quickly created and are relatively easy to rank well on Google, because they have few and usually weak competitors. This makes them ideal for beginners.

With niche sites, even beginners can earn several hundred to several thousand euros per month in just a few months.
Prerequisite: Find the right niches, implement and achieve a good ranking on Google.

with the right approach okay to good

Selling study or master theses and earning money on the Internet with them

you have written a study or master thesis? Congratulations, because now you can turn your hard work into money again. The GRIN publishing house offers you the possibility to publish your study work or bachelor thesis and to receive a fair commission for each sale. Of course, you will not go from dishwasher to millionaire, but it’s free money, because the work is already written and why not take the extra income with you? It costs you nothing, you have no work apart from uploading once! Earn money online and make a living from it? Yes that goes with Podcasting!

Podcast start and thus build a lucrative online business

Although podcasts have been around for well over 15 years, it has taken quite a long time for them to become very popular in the German-speaking world as well. Today, podcasts are booming in German-speaking countries as well, and the reasons are obvious: podcasts can be listened to wonderfully everywhere, even while driving, doing sports or after work.

Help podcasts& not only entertain millions of people in the German-speaking world, they also offer the possibility of enormous reach& Build fans and several ways to make money with your own podcasts z.B. by sponsoring or using affiliate links in the show notes or simply by building a huge email list from time to time to send honest recommendations of affiliate products or to recommend your own product.

Your own podcast is ideal if you start it primarily out of passion for the topic and choose a topic that can be marketed well. Don’t start a podcast primarily for the money, your listeners will notice .

The earnings of some US podcasters are sometimes 100 .000$ per month . German-speaking podcasters should therefore be partly at 8000 € and more per month. First and foremost, a podcast is a channel like Youtube to build real fans and reach! You do not want to start a podcast and earn money online without working too much? Try email marketing!

E-Mail Marketing – In the list lies the passive money

If you want to build up your own online business, be it through affiliate marketing or your own digital info products, there is no getting around email marketing.

The money is in the list is a well-known saying and it is so true, provided that the subscribers also like to read the mails and trust the sender.

You can use email marketing perfectly for affiliate marketing.

Professional email marketing providers such as the number 1 top solution in the German-speaking world Klick-Tipp will not only send you newsletters, but also so-called "autoresponders" (automatically sent e-mails after fixed intervals) you can send with Klick-Tipp.

To build up an email list with readers who like to read your mails, you can use z.B. your own blog on the topic of your target group, a podcast (suitable for the target group), Youtube or even paid traffic. More and more affiliate marketers use the Evergreen System method with Facebook Ads and an email landing page to collect email addresses in a specific target group and let the autoresponder do the rest. The advantage is that your list will grow on autopilot.

Since no one likes to receive and read only promotional emails from a sender, your emails should offer real added value that justifies reading your mails.

How it works?
As a rule, a special email landing page is set up with an attractive offer.B. the 5 best tips to quickly build an email list that makes the registration of the email address so attractive that people are willing to sign up for more information. The "lead magnet so the magnet for mail addresses can also be a freebie z.B. a 5 page report on dog training (if this is your topic) or an exclusive video series for subscribers only. Less is more, no one wants to read 230 pages of PDF when the important info can be accommodated on 3-4 PDF pages.

Here’s a challenge: landing pages don’t usually rank on Google, d.h. You have to work with different visitor sources like Youtube, your own blog or Facebook Ads to lead your target group to the email entry page (email landing page also called lead capture page). Sounds complicated, but it is not if you know how to do it ;).

I recommend you the course Evergreensystem of Said Shiripour to you every step from A – Z around profitable Affiliate marketing with E-Mail marketing& Facebook Ads etc. to run.

As an email marketing solution I and thousands of other professional online marketers from the German-speaking world trust Klick -Tipp.

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