“Maischberger” – dieter hallervorden wants to vote fdp: “olaf scholz is a trojan horse for me”

Dieter Hallervorden on "maischberger": "Freedom is not a privilege that is awarded"

  • Dieter Hallervorden was just as unwilling to conform in the GDR as he was in the cabaret scene.
  • With "maischberger. the week" the comedian and theater owner also talked about what freedom means to him.
  • Whom he votes in the Bundestag election, he already knows.

"Maischberger" - dieter hallervorden wants to vote fdp: "olaf scholz is a trojan horse for me"

With the words "For 50 years almost he interferes politically" was comedian, actor and theater director Dieter Hallervorden on Wednesday at "maischberger. die woche" announced. Sandra Maischberger was quickly forgiven for the faux pas of first introducing him as "Dieter Hildebrandt" in the ARD talk show. The opinionated 86-year-old – who recently triggered a shitstorm with his statements on the subject of gender – then spoke decidedly openly with the hostess about the big topic of freedom and the upcoming Bundestag elections. The past of the GDR refugee, who came to West Berlin in 1958, apparently has a great impact on his current thinking.

Hallervorden’s first election still took place in the GDR, "an experience that has remained constantly in my memory". Because his walk to the voting booth was not voluntary. He was picked up by police officers in order to fulfill his "civic duty. "In the GDR, after all, they were way ahead of us in elections," Hallervorden said. "After all, you knew a year in advance who was going to win." Even Maischberger had to laugh. The cabaret artist has much better memories of his first elections in the West. "That was great for me. To be able to go into a voting booth for the first time in my life as a free man."No observation and free choice on the ballot paper – according to his own statement, Hallervorden would have toasted with champagne if he had had the money.

"I don’t have to overtake the leftists on the left yet"

"What did you experience in terms of inequality in the GDR??", Maischberger then asked. "Gleichschaltung of all media," was Hallervorden’s first reaction. In school and study, moreover, "the state has always had its fingers in the pie". As an interpreter, he led French communists, among others, through the city in GDR times. He explicitly did not adhere to the text given word for word. He held it exactly the same way at a symposium on Usedom. Bad luck for today’s satirist that microphones were hidden in the table flowers. "I was warned there and jumped fast still the Stasi of the Schippe."

"Maischberger" - dieter hallervorden wants to vote fdp: "olaf scholz is a trojan horse for me"

When asked if it was true that he wanted to shoot GDR party and state leader Walter Ulbricht, Hallervorden replied, "Yes, that’s true." However, he would have already explained that enough on television. "It has unfortunately also gone wrong."

When he finally fled to the West, he described himself as an "anti-communist" – Maischberger wanted to know how that went down in the left-wing cabaret scene. "I’ve always been careful to say: I don’t have to overtake the leftists on the left yet."He was sometimes looked at askance for this. Hallervorden explicitly stressed not to follow the mainstream. "I like to swim against the current, because that’s where you’re most likely to get to the source."

"Freedom really has to be fought for"

Dieter Hallervorden makes no secret of his long-standing sympathies for the FDP – they even showed a commercial with him from 1983. In all the decisions he makes politically, it goes like this: "My compass is, so to speak, who can best guarantee me my personal freedom," says the theater owner. "After all, freedom is not a privilege that is bestowed, but freedom must be acquired over and over again."Currently he feels in good hands with the Liberals – he wants to give his first and second votes to the FDP.

Thus he compares liberty always with time. "When you have time, you don’t think about it and then suddenly realize: now I’ve frittered it away," Hallervorden explained. "So it is with freedom also. It must be really fought for." In his opinion, freedom is a "commodity that grows stronger when you need it, and withers away when not used.".

"Olaf Scholz is a Trojan horse for me"

Hallervorden also commented on the SPD – whose candidate for chancellor, Olaf Scholz, is currently leading the polls – but not exactly favorably: "For me, Olaf Scholz is a Trojan horse."Thus the SPD put a chancellor candidate in the shop window, which should cover the program, which is behind it. It is absurd to put up Scholz as a candidate for chancellor, but not to want him as party leader. Without it, the Social Democrats would still be stuck in a "vale of tears" of 14, 15 percent, says Hallervorden. With regard to a possible alliance of red-red-green and the attitude of the left to the Bundeswehr, the theater owner had another side blow to the SPD Federal Chairman Saskia Esken ready: "If you make the Mrs. Esken to the Minister of Defense, then it also goes. Because, that is deterrent enough."

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