M.install 2 nvme ssd – this is how it works!

The modern form factor M2 resp. NVME is becoming more and more popular for SSD hard disks and has now almost completely replaced the "old" black boxes as system hard disks. How you can install such an M2 NVME SSD on your motherboard, we’ll show you in this article on Technik-Hauptstadt!

1. Step – Unscrew any existing screens

Especially with newer motherboards there are often some additional problems a bezel, or. in this case rather a cooler, which is directly connected to the mainboard via the M.2-slot of the mainboard is screwed. This provides better cooling for the SSDs, which are getting faster and faster. On our example mainboard from MSI you simply unscrew a cover the screws located in the left and right corners of the metal fascia, so that the fascia comes off.

Unscrew the M2 NVME SSD hard disk cover

The bezel directly above the M.2 slot on a MSI mainboard

On the other hand especially older mainboards don’t have a bezel above the M.2-Slot , here you can of course skip the above mentioned step and screw the SSD directly. You shouldn’t have any special disadvantages due to the missing cooler, so you can continue to use your motherboard normally.

2. Step – M.Insert and screw in the 2 SDD

Plug in your M.2-SSD now into the corresponding slot below the bezel. After inserting it into the mainboard, the SSD remains tilted upwards for the time being with a kind of spring mechanism. To mount the SSD, you have to screw the spacer into the correct screw hole on the mainboard. You can find out which hole is the right one here either by either by checking the length of the hole on the packaging or simply by eyeballing the hole determine.

Insert NVME SSD mainboard

The inserted, but not yet screwed SSD on the mainboard

The Spacer is either already pre-screwed on the mainboard or is located in the separate accessories of the mainboard. Now screw the SSD in place with the corresponding screw over the spacer. Make sure to screw the screw Don’t tighten it too much, as you’ll have to give the m.2 thereby possibly harming.

3. Step – Screw the diaphragm back on

After screwing the SSD tight, it should now be sit parallel to the mainboard. You can now screw the bezel back onto the mainboard. If necessary On the bottom of the bezel a kind of sticker under which there is a heat-conducting material, similar to heat-conducting paste. This sticker you must be sure to remove the sticker before attaching the bezel.

M2 SSD tighten mainboard

The screwed M.2-SSD on the mainboard.

On the other hand did not remove the stickers on the actual NVME SSD are. So you can safely leave this on the SSD, if necessary is even the guarantee of the hard disk tied to this sticker. So we strongly recommend you to leave it on the SSD. Your NVME-SSD is now ready to use and you can start the PC or. proceed with the PC construction.

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