Lose weight fast: 13 tips& tricks for fast results

Lose weight fast: 13 tips& tricks for fast results

If you want to lose weight fast, it’s best to combine several techniques. We have little tricks that you can integrate wonderfully into your everyday life and present various diet methods. So you can weigh what suits you best and do not have to starve despite fast diet.

Tip: Find out your weight loss tendencies

DNA test for weight loss

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Lose weight fast with these 5 tips

There are numerous occasions when you want to get rid of a few kilos as quickly as possible. Be it for a birthday, a wedding or for an extra dose of self-confidence for flirting. Also before holidays, such as Christmas, many people panic. You know you’re in for an eating marathon, so you fast as a preventive measure so you can allow yourself something later on. For all those occasions when you suddenly realize that you would like to lose weight fast, we have put together some helpful tips for you. You don’t have to starve yourself, avoid a yo-yo effect and still lose weight fast. You can find further tips for even more sustainable weight loss in our info article Healthy Weight Loss.

/>When you lose weight quickly, your body loses mainly water. One kilogram of body fat contains about 7.000 calories that take time to burn off.

You can lose some weight on the spot – for example for an appearance. This is also visually noticeable, but is initially only an increased loss of water and in the long term harmful to health. A healthy and sustainable weight loss can only be achieved through a change in diet.

Kathrin Marchand | doctor – two-time Olympic participant – learn.net advisory board (more)

Low-calorie and varied: A to-eat list will tell you

Lose weight fast: 13 tips& tricks for fast results

Lose weight fast with a low carb diet

Monotonous crash diets are not only exhausting for the body, but also affect your psyche. Knowing that you are going to eat the same thing every day can be depressing and inhibit motivation. So pick out some foods that you usually like to eat or have perhaps neglected for no reason at all. The most important thing is that they should be low in calories. Make a list – the more varied the better. This way you can think about what you want to eat every day and you don’t have to struggle with a boring diet that only consists of one dish.

Another advantage is that you don’t have to be conscious of everything you’re giving up, but set your mind to eating certain things and always have them in mind. This will help you to think positively. If you want to lose weight quickly, you should definitely avoid cereal products and not eat too large quantities of pasta, rice, potatoes and co. consume. You can eat vegetables and salad in quantities to your heart’s content. Trying new foods is also really fun, so we’ve already collected some foods with relatively low calories for you to put on your to-eat list:

  • Vegetables:
    Spinach, arugula, red cabbage, savoy cabbage, zucchini, sugar beets, tomato, celery, asparagus, beet, chanterelles, mushrooms, radishes, peppers, carrots, leek, pumpkin, kohlrabi, cucumber, gherkin, kale, Chinese cabbage, chicory, broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant, artichoke
  • Fruit:
    apple, blackberries, clementine, strawberries, raspberries, currants, lime, nectarine, papaya, peach, cranberries, rhubarb, morello cherries, gooseberries, lemon
  • Dairy products:
    Buttermilk, fruit dwarf, half-fat milk, kefir, skim milk, natural yogurt, goat milk, whole milk
  • Fish:
    Anchovies, butterfish, croaker, dorado, trout, pike, lobster, scallops, cod, salmon, lobster, ling, octopus, pangasius, redfish, scampi, haddock, tench, plaice, turbot, squid, whitefish, pikeperch, grouper
  • Meat:
    Skinless duck, chicken and turkey breast, chicken and turkey, roast pork, cooked ham, pheasant, turkey, quail breast, Parma ham, roast beef, pork chops, pork loin, veal, beef minute steaks, beef goulash
  • Other:
    Spelt bran, millet porridge, rice, ribbon noodles, glass noodles, shirataki noodles (only 6 calories per 100 grams), whole wheat noodles

Lose weight fast with water, ginger and lemon

If you want to lose weight quickly and suddenly change your diet completely, you should always drink enough fluids. Otherwise you risk circulatory problems or a slowing down of the metabolism. If you include plenty of low or no calorie drinks in your diet plan, you will automatically lose weight faster. Concentration and brain power can also suffer from a radical diet if your body doesn’t get enough fluids.

If you are not used to drinking only water and lack the taste, you can also add ginger or lemon to it. The added bonus: Your metabolism is boosted even more, more calories are burned and you lose weight even faster. With ginger, capsaicin provides the drive of the circulation and digestion, the lemon has a lot of vitamin C, which lets your body burn fat faster. Of course, you can add both to your water and drink it both hot and cold. Peel a third to a whole ginger tuber, depending on your taste, slice it and pour hot water over it. It is practical to make a whole pot at once. Now simply cut a lemon in half and squeeze it. Again, of course, you can decide for yourself how much lemon you like.

Lose weight fast with lots of exercise

Lose weight fast with exercise

It doesn’t always have to be extreme exercise. Of course, sports and a controlled diet help to lose weight quickly, but many people find it difficult to completely change two aspects of their lives at once. That’s why it’s often enough to get plenty of exercise. Hunger pangs will automatically decrease as you exercise. You could do yoga or pilates, go for a walk, do your errands on foot or by bike, or even meditate. If you want to lose weight fast, you need a strong willpower and that’s where meditation can sometimes work wonders.

Lose weight fast with the soup diet

Lose weight fast: 13 tips& tricks for fast results

Lose weight quickly with soups

The soup diet is good for emergencies. Since you only consume liquid, your metabolism is at full speed and your belly becomes visibly flatter. Of course, you should be aware that it becomes more visible again when you eat something normal again. However, if you’re desperate to fit into a certain outfit in a week, the soup diet can help you lose weight fast. Make sure you don’t just eat clear soups and that there are enough nutrients, otherwise you risk circulatory problems. We have selected some ideas for soups, with which you will certainly lose a few kilos in a week.

  • Broccoli soup (broth, broccoli, garlic, olive oil, onions, salt and pepper)
  • Carrot-ginger soup (ginger, carrots, broth, a pinch of sugar, coconut milk)
  • Chicken soup (soup chicken, parsley, onions, bay leaves, carrots, salt and pepper)
  • Cabbage soup (spring onions, white cabbage, peppers, celery, broth, curry, chili, salt and pepper)
  • Tomato soup (tomatoes, onions, broth, a little feta, pine nuts)
  • Pumpkin soup (Hokkaido pumpkin, ginger, broth, garlic, chili, olive oil, pepper and salt)

For dieters there is also a crash diet that promises five kilos in six days. However, it consists only of a soup variant. To avoid monotony, the soup can easily be integrated into your diet as one of many soups. Here is a recipe for the amount of three days:

Soup recipe

First, cut 500 grams of carrots, 500 grams of potatoes and three red or yellow peppers into small cubes. The spring onions are cut into rings. Now boil two liters of vegetable broth with two bay leaves, a cinnamon stick and salt. Then you can add the carrots and potatoes. These should be approx. Simmer for twelve minutes. After seven minutes add the peppers. Now you can simply pluck the parsley from the stems and add it to the soup. With 500 grams of spinach, it should be added to the pot one minute before the end of cooking time. (One serving has only 140 calories.)

Lose weight quickly with chia seeds, flax seeds and basil seeds

Unlike chia seeds or flax seeds, basil seeds are still relatively unknown. But they contain just as much power. From the new superfood you will certainly hear more in the future. As with chia seeds, it is true that you should not feed exclusively on them. A portion of no more than 15-30 grams per day is quite enough. The so-called overnight oats are best prepared just before going to bed. Take a bowl and let the healthy seeds soak overnight in water, milk or yogurt. We have summarized all their benefits for you:

  • Due to their dietary fiber, they make you feel full quickly and for a long time.
  • They are good for digestion.
  • Due to many omega-3 fatty acids, they help you to increase your concentration.
  • They regulate the water balance of your body, so you get a more even complexion.
  • They strengthen your immune system by many contained vitamins.
  • Your cholesterol levels are lowered.

Lose weight fast with these 8 little tricks for everyday life

These little tricks can be incorporated into your daily routine as a side effect. They are a great addition to your diet and will definitely tell you one or two things you didn’t know yet.

Nothing to store at home

If you want to lose weight, it’s best to cook fresh and healthy anyway. So always buy only what you need for the day or plan at most for the next day. You’ll feel more in control and you might think twice about whether that chocolate bar is really worth another trip to the supermarket for. Because ravenous appetites can make a diet fail. The constant walking back and forth will further support your diet.

Switch to whole grain products

Lose weight fast: 13 tips& tricks for fast results

Switch to whole grain products

People who avoid wheat products and eat whole grains instead automatically burn more calories because the digestive tract has more to do. In addition, you stay full longer and do something good for your body through the valuable ingredients. Even though whole grain products contain many carbohydrates, they support your diet. Your enemies are: Sweets, white flour products, convenience foods and snack foods.

Bathe in salt

For quick weight loss results and tight skin, taking an Epsom salt bath is ideal. The special Epsom salt detoxifies and improves blood circulation. So it helps not only to lose weight, but also migraine or cramps. For a satisfactory result, you should bathe in this salt on three consecutive days and then take a cold shower each time.

Cook without fat

Especially when frying meat and fish, of course, you need oil or butter so that nothing burns. So that it does not destroy your diet plan, simply dab the meat or fish with a kitchen towel after frying it. If you have a coated pan, you can also fry easily without fat.

Do housework

It’s a great substitute for those who don’t do sports: just bring forward the spring cleaning and burn calories. If you clean windows for 20 minutes, you already consume 100 calories. Also when vacuuming and mopping one can already times correctly in sweat come. The result: clean home – clear conscience – good for the figure.

Refrain from alcohol

Lose weight fast: 13 tips& tricks for fast results

Lose weight fast – but without alcohol

The top rule of thumb if you want to lose weight fast: Alcohol is not allowed. It stops the fat burning, because the body only concentrates on breaking down the alcohol. As a rule, this is also the least problem for someone who really wants to lose weight fast. Often only one to two weeks are considered for it and one should be allowed to really endure without alcohol.

Lose weight fast on the belly with protein foods

When dieters say that you should not eat carbohydrates in the evening, they mean that you should not eat real meals right before going to bed. There is nothing wrong with eating a slice of wholemeal bread or a small portion of wholemeal pasta two or three hours beforehand. The main thing is that you do not eat chips or sweets shortly beforehand, as they raise the blood sugar level and are deposited as fat cells on the abdomen. The same applies to fruit, because it contains a lot of fructose.

Protein, on the other hand, can be eaten wonderfully in the evening. Going to bed hungry is probably one of the most difficult hurdles for many people. It can be overcome by eating a salad with chicken breast, fish or tofu, for example, or by making yourself an omelet or scrambled eggs. This satisfies the urge to eat a real meal and you can go to sleep with a clear conscience.

Eat regularly without snacks

You can only lose weight quickly if you let your blood sugar level rest for a while. Eat your fill at your regular meals and avoid uncontrolled snacking. If you are very hungry, it is best to eat only a natural yogurt with fruit, a few vegetable sticks with hummus or a handful of nuts. By regularly eating smaller meals than usual, you will avoid losing strength and your stomach will quickly get used to not being full to the top all the time. To curb your appetite, you can wonderfully reach for an apple. It contains pectins that burn both fat and sugar. In addition, its fiber provides a satiating feeling.

Tip: Find out your tendencies to lose weight

DNA test for weight loss

You have already been on many unsuccessful diets? With the knowledge of your DNA, you can finally find out how to lose weight lose weight effectively and sustainably can. A DNA test tells you

  • your metabolism type
  • your sport type
  • your diet type
  • your optimal diet plan

The renowned service provider Lykon offers a practical test kit, with you simply at home take a saliva sample and send it to a specialized diagnostic laboratory. With our coupon code gesundfit15 you get 15 percent discount to your order.

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