Locating a cell phone: how to find a lost smartphone again

Locate cell phone

You have lost your smartphone? Then there are a few ways to find out where the phone is right now. We show you which methods you can use to find your Locate cell phone can let.

The cell phone tracking works for example via Google and Apple (for Android and Android). iOS) provided services, via individual network operators or via selected apps. In many cases, however, you have to agree to the tracking in advance . In addition, some basic conditions must apply: If the battery is empty or the phone is off, for example, locating the phone is no longer possible. Therefore, immediately after the loss is announced hurry.

Locating a cell phone: This is how it works!

For the successful Cell phone location Some general tips apply.

Requirements for smartphone location

  • This way it only works if your smartphone is turned on and your Google account is active
  • the SIM card is inserted and active.
  • An Internet connection or GPS must also be active to enable the most accurate location possible.

It is best to make sure that the necessary options are active immediately after purchasing a new cell phone, because it is not possible to set up the tracking function after the cell phone has been lost.


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Locate, lock and unlock your Android phone

Search engine giant Google generally activates the "Find my device" option on Android smartphones, tablets or smartwatches. This means, that you can search your You can locate, lock or delete your phone, when the device is turned on, connected to the Internet, connected to your Google account, and location tracking is enabled.

You can log in under android.Log in to com/find and get the location of your phone there. If the location is currently not possible, you can see the last available location of your phone there. You can let the phone ring (this works even if the phone is on mute), lock or permanently delete all data from the smartphone.

Google app "Find my device

The Locating the phone also works via app. To do this, install the app "Find my device" on a smartphone or tablet. You can also use the functions mentioned above.

Share Google location via Maps

Optionally, you can share your location with selected people via Google Maps . The person or group will then see where you or your phone is currently located. Sharing is possible permanently or over a self-defined period of time.

Locate iPhone

Apple provides the function "Find my iPhone" for the iPhone. But the option is also applicable for Apple Watch, AirPod or Mac. It is important that you enable the option on your iPhone. In this case you can track the location of your iPhone via iCloud (icloud.com/#find) or. query via the "Find my iPhone" app (for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch).

A green dot indicates the location of the iPhone (or other Apple product). You can also find out when the position of the device was last recorded. In addition, it is possible to let the iPhone ring in order to find it again more easily.

If the device is offline (for example, switched off), the last location can be queried for up to 24 hours. The location will then be displayed in gray instead of green.

Apple also provides the "Lost" mode. This allows you to lock your smartphone with a code, send a message to the display, turn off payments with Apple Pay or delete all data on the device. You can make these entries even if the phone is turned off.

"Find my iPhone" not activated?

If you haven’t activated the "Find my iPhone" option in advance? In this case iPhone location is not possible. But you can change the Apple ID password to block unauthorized access to the iCloud or iTunes.


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