Learn spanish quickly with these 10 tips! Are you already dreaming in spanish?

Learn spanish quickly with these 10 tips! Are you already dreaming in spanish?

You want to learn Spanish fast? – It’s the dream of everyone who learns a new language: to dream in Spanish, French or English. It’s that moment when it suddenly "clicked". The moment when you can learn the language in practice, without a textbook or any kind of course. And with ease. In this article I give you my tips on how to learn Spanish fast.

Cramming grammar and vocabulary? – That was yesterday. That’s how it works today:

Listen, listen, listen

Listen. No matter where you are, listen to podcast in Spanish, Spanish music, Spanish TV, Spanish news, Youtube videos in Spanish and and and. A small child learns by listening to its own language non-stop. Soak up Spanish like your breath and filter out what you already understand. The point is to get a feel for the language, not to understand everything. With time you will inevitably understand more and more and more, that’s for sure. But: it has to be daily and it has to be part of your everyday life. It mustn’t be "Oh now I’m learning Spanish, so I’m going to listen to Spanish music for half an hour" – no! You have to hear it just like that, on the side, while driving or cooking a meal. Because you want to.

Learn the basics of the Spanish language

It’s depressing to flip through a Spanish dictionary and think to yourself that you’ll probably never – jamas – learn Spanish quickly. We often overwhelm ourselves right at the beginning with vocabulary lists that are too long, instead of working our way through one by one poco a poco. Because the truth is, in most languages, and Spanish is no exception, just 100 to 500 words form the foundation of a language. That’s all that is spoken in everyday conversations. So what more do you want? Of course, there will always be new words. You can then learn it too once you have the basics.

You want to learn the basics? Then get acquainted with Babble. You should get to know this app! Whether you’re a beginner or already speak some Spanish, Babble will help you get there faster. Learn Spanish at your own pace, from the comfort of your home or on the go. Easily with your cell phone, or on your computer.

Start with Babble today:

Learn only what is relevant to you

It’s been proven that we learn a language fastest when it’s important to us. For example, people in love learning each other’s language. It’s a piece of cake for them, but only because the first thing they learn is how to flirt and compliment each other in the other language. Someone preparing for their first trip to South America, the vocabulary list looks very different and that’s a good thing. Everyone learns what they really need and what motivates them.

Find a language accomplice

We can be much more motivated to learn Spanish if we have someone in our circle of friends who also wants to learn Spanish quickly. This is how I felt before I went to Peru for the first time. A friend of mine was also learning Spanish because she was planning to go to Bolivia. We often met to cook in the evening and learn vocabulary at the same time. It was totally fun, it challenged me even though it’s not about being better. However, we don’t always have someone with the same interests and that’s why there’s nothing better than the internet, social media and forums. It has never been easier to find like-minded people than it is today. So take this chance, find a Spanish accomplice with whom you can motivate each other.

learn Spanish fast

Learn Spanish so you can communicate well when you travel.

Quick Spanish? Leave your comfort zone!

When we learn a language, we also have to learn to leave our comfort zone. After all, language learning is about communication with other people. Especially in the beginning, we will make mistakes, we will misspeak, we will stutter, and we will get embarrassed. For the ego, this can be quite daunting. But always remember, you are not the first person to learn Spanish. Thousands of other people, including me, have done it before you and have put themselves in infinitely embarrassing situations. How often did my colleagues laugh at me because I was not able to pronounce the "r" correctly?. But so what? That was never meant in a bad way. On the contrary, my co-workers have even admired me for speaking German, English and Spanish. And so many people will admire you for your will to learn Spanish. So: get out there, talk to new people, ask for directions, order your food in a restaurant or flirt away ;)

Audio or visual: find out which learning type you are

Maybe you know this, you hear a word five, ten, twenty times and just can’t remember it? That’s probably because you’re not the auditory type. Instead, it is enough to see it once on the sheet of paper and the word sits already. Some people find it easier to remember things they have seen. Preferably in color, illustrated or animated. Other people are more the musical types, their brain connections are particularly sensitive to sounds and tones. They can remember the spoken word without problems, but have problems remembering visual scenes or written words. So, find out what your thing is. What is the fastest way to learn, listening or reading?? Maybe even a mix of both? When choosing a language course, make sure to use your favorite medium.

My book tip*: This will help you learn Spanish even faster

Learn with your six senses

The advanced version of auditory and visual are the other senses humans have like that. Besides hearing and seeing, that would be smelling, tasting, feeling and reacting to stimuli. Of course, it’s hard to learn a language exclusively by smell (at least I don’t know how) but a mix of all senses will put your Spanish learning process on the level of 100. Why? Because we realize that we are alive, we enjoy our senses and because it is so much fun, the new language stays in our memory much better. An activity that appeals to more than one sense, for example, is cooking. Cook in Spanish with friends who either speak Spanish or want to learn Spanish. Take a recipe in Spanish, listen to Spanish music and let the food melt on your tongue, with which you have tried to roll the "r" before. Put in everything you can!

Learn Spanish fast

Listen to Spanish music and cook Peruvian food

Write in Spanish every day

Online learning programs like Babble* are very tempting because we don’t have to put in a lot of effort. We sit down in front of the PC or use the smartphone and click through the exercises. In the process, a very important element of language learning is lost, namely writing. In the writing process our brain is highly concentrated, we pay much more attention to the correct spelling than when we "just" fill in gaps and move words back and forth online. Writing with pen and paper is a bit reminiscent of school days, but it’s really effective. There are several ways you can integrate writing into your learning process. For one thing, you can write everyday things easily in Spanish. The shopping list, for example, or a small message to friends and family. You should also create a Spanish notebook for yourself. Collect every day the vocabulary that seems most important to you. Also use loose paper to practice writing the new words several times. This is the fastest way to memorize new vocabulary.

Act like a little kid

Many people say that only children learn a new language quickly and that adults need years to learn and still have difficulties. I think that is 50% correct. Children learn a language quickly because they are not afraid of the consequences. Because they are not afraid to say the wrong thing. They don’t have expectations of themselves and they haven’t met their ego yet either. They are curious and the thirst for knowledge just bubbles out of them. Sometimes it’s gibberish but no matter, mom understands it already. Life is a big playground for them without worries and fears. It is easy to learn in such an environment full of foam. These are the best conditions but who says an adult can’t do it? As adults, we actually have something ahead of children, we think strategically and we can take advantage of this knowledge. So we know that to learn a language we just have to be unbiased like a kid. We know that we shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes and we know that the people who love us won’t laugh if we say the wrong thing. Even though it may sound strange but be naive, don’t think about other people or any consequences. Just babble on and you will make leaps and bounds!

Practice vocabulary before you go to sleep

It’s an old trick still from school days but for whatever reason, what we practice just before going to bed, we can remember better. And this works especially well with vocabulary. Set yourself a daily limit of new vocabulary, take half an hour and go through your Spanish vocabulary in order. The best way to learn vocabulary is with good old index cards.

Use handy apps and tool to learn Spanish: The best online ways for you to learn Spanish are listed on this page. You’ll find free sites, app suggestions, and ideas on how to learn Spanish fast.

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