Kurz wavers – the consequences for weber could be fatal

Government crisis in Austria: chancellor Sebastian Kurz

Ibiza video with FPo man Strache has far-reaching consequences. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is facing a vote of no confidence that could have further repercussions. A commentary.

Amid the political chaos that has descended on Vienna with the release of the Strache video, critics are now taking shots at Sebastian Kurz. But it often seems as if those who are now accusing the young chancellor of a "loss of control" are rather settling old scores because he formed a coalition with the FPo in the first place.

Austria: Has the Strache scandal perhaps even strengthened Kurz??

What else should Kurz have done now than to end the cooperation with the FPo step by step in tandem with President Alexander Van der Bellen – which is truly not a matter of course? The fact that he is willing to accept being the victim of a vote of no confidence on Monday is rather an honor for him. Only the 2019 National Council elections in Austria will show in the fall whether the chancellor will not even emerge stronger from the scandal.

One thing is clear: If Kurz were to fall on Monday, this Austrian affair would finally have a European dimension. Just one day later, European leaders will meet in Brussels to discuss the future personnel tableau after the EU elections.

Austria: Kurz’s fall would have bitter consequences for Manfred Weber

The Macrons and Salvinis think little of promoting the winning top candidate to Commission president. Bad cards for Manfred Weber.

Kurz, just the shooting star of the European conservatives, would be a weighty advocate for the CSU politician there. And possibly more reliable than the German chancellor. Therefore, on Monday, a Lower Bavarian from Brussels should also look anxiously to Vienna.

Austria affair around Strache: This happened and this threatens Kurz

In a video secretly recorded in 2017, then-FPo leader Heinz-Christian Strache offers influence and state contracts to an alleged niece of a Russian oligarch if she supports him in the election campaign. Meanwhile, Strache has resigned as vice chancellor and FPo leader.

After Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (oVP) proposed the resignation of Interior Minister Herbert Kickl (FPo), all FPo ministers resigned from their posts on Monday. The right-wing conservative government of oVP and FPo has thus broken up.

Kurz has since been criticized from all sides. On Monday after the European elections, Parliament will convene for a special session and is expected to vote on a motion of censure. SPo and FPo making common cause against Kurz is not considered unlikely.

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The Ibiza affair also kept Markus Lanz busy on ZDF. An Austrian journalist was surprised about a detail.

On Maybrit Illner’s talk show Thursday night, the guests again discuss a topical issue. This time it’s about the Ibiza affair.

Austria experiences a political earthquake before the European election – and no end in sight. Before the vote of no confidence Kurz has already resigned himself to his fate.

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