Korner’s “growing pains

Mind you, not at himself, but regarding a planned construction project in Eichendorffstrabe, with a view to the neighbors. Because the project is conspicuous by its massiveness, he said in the last meeting of the building committee.

At the corner of Karl-Broger-Strasse, a multi-family residential building with underground parking is to be built. Ten residential units are to be built in the stately object. Building is allowed in two floors plus roof.

“The development plan allows it”, Susanne Strater of the city’s planning department said. Also for the necessary playground sufficient surface is intended. Mayor German Hacker (SPD) explained that this size is also already given now. So far there is only one house, which is to be demolished.

Korner pointed out that the planned construction is now “completely different” will. Mayor Hacker was uncritical. There are also larger buildings in the surrounding area, such as a few hundred meters further on Karl-Broger-Strasse. The planned object is in the situation there thus no exception.

The building committee had, among other things, a building project of the Lebenshilfe before it. An aviary is still to be built in a supplementary building for an animal-assisted therapy in Einsteinstrabe. A decision was not necessary, since the plans fall under the permission release. A factory building on the Heinrichsmuhle site is to be converted so that an apartment can be created. The building committee had no objections, and Mayor German Hacker described the project as “undoubtedly right and good. He always reacts very positively to gap closures and redensification.

Behind the Aral gas station in Erlanger Strabe, a residential building is to be energetically renovated and converted. An office building with training rooms and a warehouse is being built on Max-Planck-Strasse in the new industrial park on Bamberger Strasse. It is a former municipal property, as the mayor informed, which had been bought by a Herzogenaurach company.

Among all the exemptions and approvals – there were a total of 22 construction projects – there was a single rejection. This concerned a pergola in Bertha-von-Suttner-Strasse. "Due to the missing neighbor signatures a deviating distance area cannot be advocated", it says in this connection in the reason. Konrad Korner (CSU/JU) wanted to know why so much importance was attached to missing signatures. So far, these have mostly only been an indication, but not a reason for exclusion. Susanne Strater from the planning department explained that the regulations for distance areas are stricter.

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