Johannes bohm enters the derby with momentum

Johannes Bohm enters the derby with momentum

the spvgg durrbrunn/unterleinleiter has scored eight points in the last five games. spvgg wants to take this momentum into the derby against pretzfeld. Johannes bohm answers questions.

Who addressed them?
Bohm: johannes pieger of the djk schlaifhausen alluded to me. We know each other from our time together at vocational school. on the field, johannes is a real fighter who gives everything for the team. He’s in it with all his heart and soul. So i hope he cures his injury quickly and returns to the turf soon.

What is your walking route?
my soccer career is almost extraordinary again. i’ve been playing for spvgg unterleinleiter since i was a young e-player. In youth, we always had great coaches and were always able to play at the top of the field. i’ve been playing for the first men’s team for seven years now. For some time now, we have had a top squad with many homegrown players and homegrown talent. With us fun and cohesion is capitalized and I like that very much. I had the opportunity to change clubs a few times, but I always decided to stay with my club. Here are my buddies and here I feel good. Above all, the promotion to the district class in 2010 has bound me to the club. It was a super event and a great success that I always remember with pleasure.

What do you expect from the weekend?
We play this weekend against pretzfeld. This is a real derby, where things have always been hot in the past. These have always been great duels. Both teams are currently in a relegation battle and urgently need to score points. This, of course, makes the derby even more exciting. I hope we can carry the momentum from the last few games and then win against pretzfeld. I know that a lot of players are injured there at the moment. Nevertheless, they still have two or three cold-blooded strikers on the offensive who we have to control. But they do have weak points in their defenses, which we must exploit.

To whom do they fit further?
I pass to andreas martin from TSV ebermannstadt. He’s a good buddy and work colleague of mine. Andi always has an easy joke ready and is a very ambitious guy. I think he’s an important regular at TSV right now, and he’s having a great season.

Steep pass rules

the playing field is formed by the counties of erlangen-hochstadt and forchheim. short passes, i.e. passes within one’s own club, and return passes to active players who have already been played are prohibited. The best passes are included in a ranking. The distance between two clubs that is bridged by the steep pass is a criterion here. If a player of another nationality is also played, ten extra kilometers are added to the distance. If a man plays a woman or vice versa, the kilometers are doubled, which are then transferred to a point system.

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