Inspiration: how to set a christmas table?

A perfect atmosphere during Christmas Eve can influence some little things in the form of a set, service or small decorations. At the table sits especially whole family, create a wonderful moment that everyone will think back to. Harmonize you the Christmas board with Christmas decorations in your interior. Inspire yourself with popular home styles.

Christmas table in industrial style

An industrial design is inspired with old factories and halls. industrial style rooms are open and bright. Solid wood colors are combined with gray and black shades In the form of metal and concrete elements supplemented. Suitable lighting is very important, among the most popular are large lights and lamps.

Christmas decorations in industrial style proceed from the ground of industrial style. On the Christmas table, the most important elements include metal elements in the form of the chandeliers and small ornaments. Decorate a wooden table with white, black and gray. This combination creates a perfect contrast. A large metal chandelier can be placed in the center of the table. White ceramic plates complement black and gray napkins and crystal glassware. For someone is industrial style too harsh. It can complemented with a runner in anthracite become.

Christmas table in rustic style

Rustic style comes from old times. There is a hearty atmosphere, which is a Feeling of home and warmth potentiates. Earthy tones, solid wood and precise craftsmanship represent symbols of rustic Kitchens and dining rooms.

Festive Christmas tables in the rustic style are also based on simplicity and moderation. In this case there is a rule that sometimes less is more. You decorate a massive table made of oak wood With a runner made of jute or fabric in a natural hue. Put on the lanterns, metal chandeliers and freshly picked branches of coniferous trees. You can replace classic porcelain plates with metal and wooden plates. Popular materials include teak or bamboo wood. Decorate the plates with a plain cotton napkin.

Christmas table in modern style

Modern style puts the emphasis on practicality and functionality. There are Large shaped envelopes, straight and shiny surfaces, new technologies and distant operation of the whole household. For a modern living is typical moderation, without other useless things. tiny decorations, books or souvenirs are approved. They make individuality of the room completely.

A festive set in modern style captures current trends. The shiny decorations in combination of a white dining set and a clear glass harmonize very well with each other. On the modern table have different decorations, an Advent wreath or a candlestick enough space. The Christmas table includes fresh flowers or branches of coniferous trees. Linear candlesticks fit the table perfectly and they provide a free space, other small items and each member of the feast.

moderni.jpg (46 kB)

The non aging red and white classic

A combination of white and red is very popular. Red color symbolizes power and love and white color Purity and innocence. Christmas in these colors are warming and cozy. We can feel in the peace and balance. Red and white Dining tables complement by green and golden elements. Place on the table fresh flowers, popular poinsettias or other red flowers.

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