Initiatic fairy tale and myth work® – fairy tale experience

Fairy tales are for children, you might think. Lots of good and bad. And quite cruel. This has nothing to do with me. Or maybe you do?

Fairy tales were originally passed down orally from generation to generation and describe age-old human problems and their solutions. They have persisted because they concern us and contain the wisdom and guidance that supports and helps us in our lives.

Initiatic fairy tale and myth work® - fairy tale experience

Imagine there is a greedy, seven-headed dragon in the fairy tale, who terrifies the population of an empire. The emperor tries everything in his power to control the dragon. But all his effort is in vain. It takes a new force to put an end to the situation.

Perhaps you know a similar situation: something in your life greedily devours what brings you joy, what you so much want to do. You feel exhausted, powerless in the face of the tasks you face every day. Or you are stressed out and don’t know where your head is anymore. They rush from one appointment to the next and come nowhere to rest. You would like to change something, but you do not know how. What is really close to your heart is far away.

In the fairy tale

Initiatic fairy tale and myth work® - fairy tale experience

There is a solution to this problem. A brave young man manages to kill the dragon, to face all other difficulties, and in the end to get the emperor’s daughter and half of the empire.

With the initiatic fairy tale and myth work you can accompany the hero on its way to the goal. As methods serve for this the experiencing in the role play, by gestures, painting, dance and forming. What you personally experience when listening to the fairy tale finds expression in this way. In the common conversation the relation to everyday life is established.

Initiatic fairy tale and myth work® - fairy tale experience

The goal of the initiatic fairy tale and myth work is it that the participants come by hearing and experiencing fairy tales or myths in their depth with that, which makes them really out. This is how man gets in touch with himself. Hidden sources of strength become visible, as do old, obstructive patterns that can be consciously released. In the end, love and happiness flow again.

Mode of action

The hero in the fairy tale experiences guidance on his way, so that his life turns to the good in the end. He solves unsolvable tasks, passes exams and gets help when he is in deep trouble. Through his trust and love, he gets what he was looking for – usually the king’s daughter, with whom he happily reigns in love and wisdom. By identifying with the hero, the listener experiences exactly this guidance and gets in touch with his inner wisdom. He learns to accept what is. This deep acceptance gives rise to calmness, composure and the confidence to go your own way – just like the hero in the fairy tale. The human being feels what has to be done for him and can consciously shape his life in love and inner wisdom.


My "Fairy Tale Experience" seminars are based on the IMMA – Initiatic Fairy Tale and Myth Work®, which was developed by Hildegard Wiedemann. I offer courses for adults on this subject.

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