In destiny 2, content recycling is the coolest thing about the game – even if you hate it

With Destiny 2, I’ve seen a game that was full of story content but without a solid plot evolve into a sci-fi adventure MMO with a compelling storyline. However, due to my late entry, there was a lot that was simply "lost". This is why content recycling is the coolest thing in Destiny 2 for me, even if you hate it.

To preface this: Destiny 2 is not a single player game. It is not finished at some point. It is constantly in development as a so-called live service game. This means that I, as a player, am aware of the fact that at some point the developer might remove old, unused content that I paid for.

It should at least be in the back of every player’s mind that you don’t really own and have a claim to anything in a live service game digitally.

Content is recycled or reworked to spice up the game again or make room for new content. One thing I personally absolutely agree with, because it doesn’t just offer me disadvantages as many players always assume it does. I think far too often when they talk about the game they automatically equate "more content" with "better".

destiny 2 shadowkeep titan citadel

Shadowkeep brought back the moon from Destiny 1 reinterpreted

Certainly I don’t want to make excuses for Bungie and the Content Vault here, but let’s face it: the only thing worthwhile is new, fresh content. All other stuff is simply outdated.

Back when Io, Mercury, Titan and Mars were swallowed up by the Content Vault anomaly in Destiny 2, I didn’t really shed a tear for any of the planets. Mars was a bit of an exception, but that was only because I used the escalation log often (maybe too often) for my quests. So it was pure convenience and looking back, thanks to the "altars of sorrow" on the moon, I never really missed it.

Destiny Mars

Mars returns with Witch Queen changed and thus recycled as the first planet

Destiny 2 is better now than it has ever been

Why would I ever want to return to old planets with old settings? I always want to rediscover the game. Letting Bungie drive me to new surprising places to explore and captivate me again. This is why I pay Bungie, so that I get new locations regularly and older content is additionally revived, i.e. recycled.

If that means I have to give up old content that I don’t play anymore anyway, then away with it. Because to put it plainly:

  • The old content is literally a waste of time and money
  • Maintaining a lot of old content is costly, and that’s despite the fact that it was hardly relevant anymore
  • The early Destiny was a complete mess with no clear line on the storyline
  • As each expansion continues to expand, you end up with an overwhelming mess that is impossible to manage properly.


Mercury has disappeared into the "content vault anomaly"

This is also why I’m glad this content is gone, because we now have a far better Destiny 2 than the Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 in year 1 to 3. The old maps were all outdated and boring compared to what Bungie has now done with the locations and will apparently do with Witch Queen in particular.

So as it stands right now, the content recycling that Bungie is talking about is a pretty damn cool thing. Because it’s dynamic.

Bungie does everything right with dynamic content recycling

Through the Content Vault, Bungie has a tool that, used properly, can realize an evolving Destiny universe that many Guardians, like me, have long wanted to see.

We already know we’re returning to Mars in February with the launch of Witch Queen. Anyway, I’m really happy to see the old location again.

The best part, though, is that it won’t be the location we know anymore. It has changed, and it has changed within the context of the current storyline. So you take something old and make something new, something better, out of it. In short: recycling at its best.

In destiny 2, content recycling is the coolest thing about the game - even if you hate it

What happened on Mars in the meantime?

Of course this took time. Not everyone had an immediate idea of what exactly Bungie meant by the term "content recycling" and how that would look then. Especially how long it will take for content to come out of the Vault again. Meanwhile, it is clear: the return of old Destiny 1 content is not all that is recycled and thus revised. Thus a good signal.

Now everyone can experience the best raids thanks to content recycling

Bungie has also announced the return of an old raid from Destiny 1 once again with Witch Queen. This is also something why I personally think content recycling and also the interim storage location for old content, the Content Vault, is great.

Sure I know the story and also the raids of Destiny 1 from videos and reports. But I always felt it was a shame that I never got to experience the best activities from Destiny 1 on PC for myself.

In the meantime, I look forward to having the opportunity to experience this content. Plus, I think it’s good that it runs parallel to the current content, so it’s not exclusively old content. Let’s say this is just a "goodie" within an expansion. It will even very likely, like the Glass Chamber raid already, be free to play for everyone if Bungie doesn’t change anything. If you’re a Destiny 1 veteran and don’t like it, you should be able to find enough ways to avoid it.

In the meantime, I’d like to state, removing content has optimized the game experience for me and added more value to the existing content in my opinion.


The Destiny story is as deep as the universe itself

NewLight players need more support

There is only one thing I don’t like and that is the current support for NewLight players. Longtime Destiny 2 players won’t have as much trouble with it. You know the story and its evolution to today.

For new players, Destiny 2’s past is a gap that is currently not closed yet. The loss of content makes it incredibly difficult, especially for newcomers, to see through and understand everything.

Personally, I’d love it if everyone who wanted to would have the opportunity to at least experience and also understand the basic story of Destiny in-game. There are things that happened that are quite important to the overall experience. Especially considering that Savathun, host in the new expansion, as well as Crow/Uldren Sov, have been part of the Destiny story for seven years already and thus relevant.

New players basically have three problems:

  • First, they know basically nothing from their introductory mission
  • Secondly, that anything you could tell them about Destiny 2 would be relevant
  • Thirdly, that they will never experience the stirring Destiny Story effect, because due to the lack of knowledge, many things are completely indifferent to them and mean nothing to them

Learn more about Destiny 2’s story here:

As a result, many new players don’t even realize that they don’t know the best stories of the game. I think what awaits new players in the cosmodrome just isn’t enough of an introduction in its current form. At least the most relevant parts of Destiny 2’s story should still be comprehensible to them after the fact. And I hope Bungie will find a better solution for this soon. My idea is a simple timeline in the game that summarizes for them all the events in the universe in short form.

What do you think about dynamic content recycling of content? Do you think it is good or bad and especially why do you think so? Would you buy a game that regularly adds and removes features over time, or would you rather buy a static game? Write me your opinion in the comments.

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Destiny 2

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I think the system is good too. I don’t miss the old planets at all. At most the two exomissions for outbreak and whisper could have stayed. In fact, in the case of the outbreak, it didn’t really make sense because the tower is still there.

Otherwise this is really a dynamic game, where content has to leave sometimes to make room for new content. Even if then times something cool like the menagerie is gone. Oryx will probably be back soon for that. So on the raid I’m already looking forward like a snow king, because he was mMn until today the best of all raids in Destiny 1 + 2& Apart from the fact that WQ will hopefully hit like a bomb. This is what D2 needs after two disappointing expansions: an addon that we will remember positively for many years to come.

Boy, oh boy. Such a comment section really needs a fact check, then 50% of the comments here would be gone.

Opinion everyone is allowed to have but please based on the correct information and not made up or perceived facts.

Fact checks also only reflect opinions. At least that’s what facebook testified in court about their "fact "checkers&

This is now again typical-condescending from you and just causes confrontation.

If you did a fact check here, this article wouldn’t have been written in the first place – a one-sided light doesn’t get anyone anywhere here. If you want to work with facts, then you have to consider both sides please.
I just have the feeling that you don’t allow much negative, even if it’s just personal feeling.

To address your question of Missed Opportunity:

Several weapons were offered several times – partly copied from D1, but very much also from D2. Add exos from D1. It doesn’t sound like much now, but you also have to remember that recycled content is also counted as "indirect-paid" content at the same time.
I’ve read here nice often the argument of free recycling, when players with a DLC or the Season due to missing content have expressed criticism that came as a response "that yes many things (z. B. Glass Chamber) for free is also content of the DLC`s". Statements like this continue to cause arguments and the misargument that free content is seen as free on the one hand, on the other hand it also serves as a replacement of players for the missing paid content (hard for me to put in writing, I hope you understand).

To stay with facts: It’s a fact that many players (including me) are unhappy with the reprocessing of the content. In addition, by the processing of the "old" the resources are missing, in order to offer MORE new things. As long as the focus remains on recycling, we will continue to see limited new stuff. I can’t tell you how to prove it with numbers, but if you look at the development, regarding (I repeat myself) the number of new PvP maps, strikes, gambit maps, then for me personally there is rather a negative development to be seen. Furthermore, please do not forget what was taken from us. Away from the planets – I have to agree with you, I don’t miss them. But concerning Strikes and Gambit/PvP-Maps I’m absolutely disappointed – I miss them very much-well.

Topic resource usage: Aren’t you tired of playing a new – actually identical PvE-activity every season, which is just slapped down lovelessly?? Something like this is simply not well received – you can also read it in the comments where people talk about "torturing".
It’s just easier to reprocess old stuff than to put a lot of love (I sound like a mouse) and energy into new stuff. Personally I can’t see these new activities anymore, it’s just not a motivating grind – lovelessly slapped together (mM).).

Long story short:
Sometimes facts are not necessary to criticize a game/bungie. Sometimes you should take a step towards the community, listen to them adequately and communicate more openly to gain trust (again).

You argue very well, but not sensitively towards the person.

If things are said like ‘You have to pay full price for recycled content’ then I want evidence for that as well. The same is true when you say that the fourth Ferrari will be bought. Where did you get the info? I am also aware that this is meant to be snide, but it contributes absolutely not a bit to the discussion, but discusses to me very strongly what kind of level you are oriented to. Also the statement that ‘Destiny was never in a worse state’ which was a counterstatement to the author’s statement I would have liked to justify somehow.

A lot, a lot has just the character of a stubborn child who just wants to hold against it, because someone else has fun with the game. Any content behind it? Missed Opportunity.

You can be dissatisfied with the game, but then please justify it and stay objective. That you recycle like the plague is something I’m very aware of by now. I also understand your reasons. I’m not a fan of it either, but I see it as a necessary evil, because the alternative means ‘less content’. And out of this attitude I then enjoy the benefits of it. Old weapons with new perks. To make it clear again, I would always prefer new content.

And please have a look at our comment behavior. I rarely write anything on my own initiative, because I just think ‘Cool’ and that’s it. Only when I really have something to say I write something. The absolute lion’s share of my comments consists of reacting to questions or when someone pumps something into the ether that is completely groundless again. I just don’t like it when people spread misinformation or make things up. Sure you can have assumptions, theses and opinions but then they are just that.

But if I now look at you, then you have a similar behavior, a similarly strong urge to show off, only with you it is for the repeated time about how modest you find recycling. I think everyone knows that by now. I admit that you are absolutely objective, but it seems to me that you are a broken record player.

You didn’t answer the question to Missed Opportunity correctly either. I was explicitly talking about the last 12-24 months. There was, except G Horn, not a single time money demanded for something that already existed.

Free content just does not really serve as a replacement for new, but rather to stretch the new and there is a difference. Let’s take a weapon. Bungie can either build a new weapon or recycle 5 old ones with new perks in the same time period. This is not based on any knowledge, but recycling eliminates a lot of steps. Of course resources for new content are omitted but the translation of the yield is not in life at 1:1. And making Destiny 2 "one unified Destiny" out of D1 and D2 is a statement from Bungie themselves. Joe Blackburn even? If we stand sometime once with the best contents from D1 and D2 in D2, then I would find that cool.

On your topic of resources and seasonal activities: I absolutely agree with you, I don’t want to repeat myself. I have already explained this well at Millern.

Facts are important when you claim something. I don’t demand that you have facts for your opinion, that would be bullshit. But if you say Destiny is bad because we repeatedly pay money for recycled content, then I just want to know which content is meant.

And of course you are allowed to say your opinion, we have freedom of speech, but this does not protect you from the fact that you get headwind with an unreflective opinion. I get this headwind and my statements, too.

You just didn’t understand my statement correctly. I pay full price for a DLC that brings back partly recycled content I already paid for before. Then I want a discount please! Brought up the other way: If the "free" content wasn’t included, the remaining content would be so thin that it would really be obvious to everyone how overpriced it is!

I’m getting a little tired of your aggressive, arrogant, self-important trolling here – and I’m not the only one. You seem to think you are the smartest of them all. The first characteristic of intelligence is, however, that it recognizes its limits, and one notices little of it with you.

No, that is not true. You didn’t pay for the cosmodrome in Beyond Light. You financed it but you didn’t pay for it but that’s another topic because there the huge pile of money from everversum is not taken into account. Point. The cosmodrome would have been open to you even if you had not paid a penny. Just like the strikes in it. The same is true for VoG. And also this is true for the recycled weapons.

And this was also known before and was communicated very openly. So your statement " If the "free" content wasn’t included, the remaining content would be so thin that really everyone would realize how overpriced it is!" has obviously not really taken.

Well, if you’re spreading misinformation, then it needs to be stopped.

The catch with content recycling is that you are asked to pay for little that is new. It clearly less work to rework existing material than to create it completely from scratch. Nevertheless the full price is demanded for it – and in the coming season one may pay even additionally, if one wants to play the dungeons. Bungie tries here to talk nicely that they want to make as much money as possible with as little effort as possible. Sure, that’s what every company wants, but that should have limits of decency. Merchant’s honor is what they used to call it in the old fashioned way.

Please don’t relate this to you now, but I think large portions of the Destiny playerbase will put up with anything from Bungie if they just keep getting served their addictive game – reheated twice or not. I’ve played Destiny 1 to death myself, and for me the current glass chamber is a tired rip-off of the feel of back then. The loot is not worth talking about, because Bungie is always practicing to mess up loot from Highest End activities with junk perks and to devalue the advantages of this loot (Adept mods) by letting them degrade other stats of the weapon. That’s with Trials and twilight weapons with the unspeakable Perks Bottomless Grief or. Celerity even worse. Here a perk slot of the laboriously earned weapons is thrown away from the start. I also don’t want to play either the Crota raid or the King’s Fall (as good as it was) ever again (I’ve played the latter ca. Completed 110 times in hard mode, that’s enough for the rest of my life). What is an experience for you is an imposition, if not an insult, for Destiny 1 players, because they experience exactly what you yourself don’t want: to be served old, outdated, 100 times played content again.

I have seen time and time again over the years that Bungie is not honest and regularly glosses over the crap they serve to players. This already started with the hacked Destiny 1 at its release. For years then there were promises to respond to player criticism and make it better, but what really happened was that just the opposite was done and the game got worse. Prime example is currently this really unspeakably stupid chatter, you would give the community what it wants, by masterpiece weapons and exo weapons with kat through the bank no longer dropping spheres of power, because some exo weapons have no kats. The players are sold there snotty after line and thread for stupid. In reality, Bungie’s point is to further limit the use of supers by removing Orbs of Power from the game for the most part. Since they don’t want to say this openly because a shit storm would be the inevitable result, they haven’t been shy about fabricating this unspeakable justification. The result is that corresponding activities become even harder and more tedious. What I’ve been wondering for years is what Bungie gets out of tying players to Destiny for even longer than they already are. Do they get paid for every minute someone plays Destiny?

By the way, the new armor model with the extra slot is another way to take away old armor from players, because now you have to switch to the new armors. I wonder if you have to continue with 10 power levels despite the extra slot (which would relativize the advantage a lot). Also the weapon crafting can be seen as a Sun setting through the back door.

I still continued to play this game for years because I liked it well enough despite all its flaws. There has been a lot of evolutionary improvement, so to speak. In between, Bungie also seemed to be going a better way. But here come through again the dishonesty that seems to be part of Bungie’s leadership genes. It fits with what has been revealed recently about the unsavory culture of this company.

To all the real improvements that have been incorporated into Destiny 2 in an evolutionary way, so to speak, I have to wonder if there isn’t a master plan behind it to keep players with Destiny after all with minimal effort and minimal increase in the quality of the game. There is always just enough to keep people going. Now there will be weapon crafting. I wonder if this was not planned for a long time and is now brought as a big innovation, so that (again) everyone says: "Now Destiny will be good". Knowing Bungie, there’s a downer in there again. And anyway, you know this from other games for decades. And now Bungie lets itself be celebrated for it. /facepalm

Destiny was never what Bungie originally promised and its players wished for, and it will never be again.

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