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Green arrow at traffic lights: Many drivers fall into expensive rule trap

01.02.2022 updated: 06:49

Drivers often behave wrongly at the green arrow at traffic lights. The violations can be really expensive according to the catalog of fines.

Green arrow at traffic lights: an expensive mistake almost all drivers make

However, there are also signs that have been on the road for a long time, but are still quite a rule trap. The green arrow at traffic lights- almost everyone makes a mistake here, reports echo24.en*.

The green arrow rule was introduced into the Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) at traffic lights in 1994. Originally from the GDR. There it was used from 1978. As the German Automobile Club (ADAC) writes, it is intended to „unnecessary waiting times at traffic signals can be avoided, thereby reducing fuel consumption".

Green arrow at the traffic light: Here motorists have to be careful

According to the StVO, there are some regulations for the green arrow that prevent drivers from using it. So no green arrows should be installed if the following is the case (all service news on RUHR24*).

If "there is insufficient visibility of crossing pedestrians, bicyclists, or motorists, oncoming traffic has its own signal to turn left (green lighted arrow signal), there are multiple marked lanes for right-turning traffic, the right-turning traffic must use or cross railroad tracks, heavy pedestrian and bicycle traffic is crossing, or the traffic signal is predominantly for school crossing protection."

And even if the place of use is very limited, the green arrow can be found at many traffic lights. The green arrow on a black background with a white border, which the city of Essen has even banned*, does however have its pitfalls. Drivers make one very crucial mistake over and over again after all.

Green arrow at the traffic light: The most important rules for car drivers

According to the German traffic regulations (StVO), the green arrow means that the traffic sign at a traffic light releases traffic in the direction in which the arrow is pointing. If the traffic light is red, you may then, for example, turn right with your vehicle, provided that no other road user could be endangered in the process.

But there are some rules that most drivers are not aware of. Most people always make basic mistakes. Cars must come to a complete stop, as at a stop sign. Only after that you are allowed to turn right.

If you don’t follow this rule and get caught, you can expect a fine of up to 70 euros. In addition possibly still another point comes in Flensburg.

According to a contribution of the portal Catalog of fines 2022 77 percent of drivers actually do not stop. In addition, when drivers see a green arrow at a traffic light, the following applies: It is not a must. If you prefer to wait for a green traffic light, you can of course remain standing.

Errors at the green arrow at the traffic light: These penalties are threatening

Drivers who misbehave at a traffic light with a green arrow face appropriate fines. Here is an overview of the possible penalties*:

  • 70 euros and one point: Failure to stop before turning right.
  • 100 euros and one point: vehicle traffic of the released traffic direction endangered.
  • 100 euros and one point: obstructing pedestrian traffic or bicycle traffic on the approved traffic lanes.
  • 150 euros and one point: endangering pedestrian traffic or bicycle traffic on the released traffic directions.
  • 15 Euro: Turning in a lane other than the one indicated by the green arrow.
  • 120 Euro and one point: If an accident occurs as a result of turning.
  • 180 euros and one point: accident involving pedestrian or bicycle traffic
  • *Information according to the catalogue of and rtl.en

But not only car drivers make decisive mistakes at the green arrow again and again. Since April 2020 there is the fancy green arrow for free travel at red traffic lights also for cyclists. And even the bikers are not allowed to turn until they stop first. *RUHR24 and *echo24.en is part of the editorial network of IPPEN.MEDIA

Rubric list image:© dpa/ Marc Tirl

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