How to shave

Here we have a few tricks and tips on how to get the best shave shave properly with a razor plane can, without cutting yourself. But first from the beginning: for many years I used a conventional system razor made of plastic from the drugstore: with a movable razor head and a multi-blade. It was comfortable and easy. When shaving, I felt confident using it and didn’t worry about cuts. But the system razors are made of plastic and have a rather short life span! It does not take long before the protective coating and the blades of the razor head are worn out and need to be replaced. At the latest with the Nachkaufen one notices that these system razors are also a rather costly affair and above all: produce a lot of plastic waste.

Reason enough to change over – and to a Safety razor or razor plane, as you can also say. Just as effective, simple and safe!

The advantages are: no plastic waste, saves money and spares the skin during shaving.

And why not resort to a method that has been around for more than a hundred years and has long proven its worth.

The only thing you have to overcome here is the fear that you might hurt yourself with the fixed razor plane.

But the fear is unfounded, if you just trust yourself and follow a few things when shaving.

How to shave

Shave legs with a razor plane – saves money and plastic waste

We get along in the meantime super with the razor and got used to the new, or rather "old shaving with razor" fast. And we get from shave to shave without any injuries at all. And if we are honest – even with the system razor we sometimes cut ourselves a little – but that was usually because we were inattentive for a moment … We have for you times the most important tips summarized, what it depends when shaving with the razor and above all: how not to cut yourself while shaving.

How to shave

How to shave properly with a straight razor:

1. It’s best to shave at the end of your shower or bath. Because then your skin is nice and soft and your pores are open.

2. Use a (shaving) soap or shaving gel. Then the razor glides a little smoother over your skin. Also, if you use soap, you can always see where you’ve already shaved and what areas you still need to get to.

3. Lay the razor at about a 30-degree angle to the areas to be shaved. Between razor blade and your skin should be about 30 degrees. Do best several, rather short shaving strokes over the skin surface. Once the leg from the very top to the very bottom with the razor along and ready – that’s only in advertising, but so it works with the razor no longer. But no need to hurry, just take your time. It does not take long, then you have the correct hand movement and attitude out and become automatically somewhat faster.

How to shave

4. With your free hand you should slightly stretch or straighten the skin in the area to be shaved, before you run your razor over them. To do this, simply pull the skin with your fingers a little against the direction of the shave to smooth your skin. So the shave is more thorough in the end and you reduce the risk of cutting yourself with the razor.

5. Do not press too hard – this is especially important! The razor is namely a lot heavier than the conventional system / disposable plastic razors. But after so many years, we are often still used to pressing a little harder on the skin when shaving with the razor. You should avoid this with the razor in any case. Let the razor just work for you – with its heavier weight, the pressure comes when shaving all by itself. The razor blade is sharp enough to catch your hair directly at the root. More pressure will not help! On the contrary – using more pressure with a straight razor will only increase the risk of hurting yourself.

Watch out for the usual suspect areas like the ankle, knee, armpits, or intimate areas. Just be extra careful here.

How to shave

Change blades easily – unscrew the handle, unscrew the razor head and replace the old blade with a new one, ready to go. Refill pack with 10 new blades is available in our store by the way.

6. Do not wait too long until the next shave. To achieve a good shaving result with the razor, your hair should be in the best case no more than 5-6 mm long.

7. Wash your razor well after use and store it dry. Loosen the shaving head a little by loosening the screw. Then rinse with water the hair and skin particles from the shaving head, until the blade is free again. Such a razor can accompany you for a lifetime, if you take good care of it. After washing it off, it’s best to dry it off a bit and keep it in a dry place. Ready for the next shave..

And if you ever have a little more time: Pamper your skin before shaving still with a peeling. This is how you remove dead skin cells and easily bring ingrown hairs to the surface. The peeling is a good preparation for a super smooth and effective shave with the razor.

And, already tried? Not yet? Then give yourselves simply times a jerk and test a razor plane! Saves the environment and your wallet..

Do you have any other tips for using the safety razor that we haven’t mentioned here yet?? Then just give it to me. We are always happy to receive your feedback and experiences.

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