How to recognize a real witch. Witches. How to recognize the witch? All about witches and witchcraft. How to find the witch in our time

Many witches live among us without knowing that they are witches. Many do not even realize their inner strength. Stories and events that take place with them, they do not connect with some magical abilities. Rejoice when the desired is obtained; Forget wishes when nothing happens. Over time, they are more and more often the idea that they are not enough for something in life, that their life is gray and fresh, I want something like that, which is already maturing in the soul, but it will not work out anything specific.

Closer to 33 years, as a kind of damper is opened. Events begin to reduce their move, addicts change, the scope of activity, work, a communication circle. Man as if he comes out standing water. Talents wake up, new skills appear, character changes. The soul asks for changes, something ambitious. Constantly attracts to go somewhere, learn something new and unusual. When the legs go where he is needed, the person stops and the learning process and the accumulation of new knowledge begins.

Generic witch skills

Magic is the art of management, people, nature, events. And if something unusual began to knock on your soul, look for an output, do not use, do not disappear, disperse. Perhaps leads you not only to future health, wealth, but also the implementation of your own life program. You do not know what to do in this life. Maybe you learn how to conjure and heal people from the diseases, non-private medicine or ask someone happy and in this life. The law of karma guides a person in life. And if it looks for the profession of magic, make it, like art, craft, way of life.

You are free to do what you want, but remember that you should not cultivate your karma, a karma, your relatives, your loved ones, so as not to complicate your life and burden the soul. Choose the right paths and directions in life. Let the high ideas become the engine of your intentions, even if they are magical.

Witchcraft is only a tool, the main thing is the intention and the controlled will. Do not ride on the level of evil, revenge and create negative situations. If you send the wind to the world, you will receive a storm of evil that can hit you at the most incessant moment.
Generic witches intuitively sought Witchcraft knowledge, they do not calm down until they find a way or a person who will teach them everything contained in the concept of witchcraft and healing. When congenital witch do not want to continue the witch in the family, they both start from the horns of abundance, frost and unhappiness. Fate becomes so hard that forces to look in any way for ways out of difficulties, even witch.

How to recognize a hidden or obvious evil witch?

They can externally. Remind me of the saying "God-Shelma-Metitis". This can be the mother marcs, oblique from the birth of the eye, something unpleasant, it seems to be in a pretty appearance. Sometimes the witch gives speech – fast and poorly distinguishable chatter about anything, when words come and become small. It is very annoying. In this case, the room stands out large amount of negative energy that feeds the witch. She just blossoms from it, and the environment begins to feel tired and sick.

Often external signs show that a person may have magical abilities. The deformities and external signs can appear during life when a person does something contrary to the laws of life.

I knew a woman who was engaged in criminal abortion. Beautiful outwardly she even hid his hands under long sleeves in summer. From the elbow to the fingers of the hands, the skin corroded the crust that no treatment, neither with drugs nor VANHAR as well is not suitable.

It is said that witches come to life to lime their damn conversations. If your relatives do not die, it is assumed that the witch did not fulfill her vital function.

witches are almost always victims of sexual harassment in all times. It attracts literally perverse literally, often these are close relatives, sometimes by nature forgiven by such a gift. It is believed to be sexual organs, which is a connection with some forces that are part of a person at the time of such contacts.

If there was a witch in the family, even just fine, most often someone is forced by the descendants, usually by generation, the ability to invalidate inadmissibility. A foreign entity that manages to handle and make witchcraft can enter a person. Often it can be a soul of a deceased person, very rarely – a real demon. Possessed by a demon, a person ceases to live in a normal life. He is constantly pursuing difficulties. Such people come to the "mental hospitals", in prison, drink or end the life of suicide.

Let’s turn to the stories that you can use to help analyze your actions, instructions give instructions to. Through other people’s stories you feel easier to guess who you are a hidden witch, a religious person or "politister", this is "the sea of the knee. And then after that to defend to start building and protection life, affairs and works.

Porch and negatives are often removed on wax. It is understood that it was the cause of incomprehensible complaints.

I will give an example. When I loved similar techniques, everything was interesting for me, I experimented, analyzed and searched my way in parapsychology. The man was experimental.

Every time the woven wax on the back had volumetric races of some cubes and pyramids, I have not seen that yet. Moreover, they did not decrease again, but increased, as if the damage went into them, which already exits from the depths of the body. This man had a big red made place on his face, which soon stopped to notice because of his light character.

I set up the goal to remove something with it poured so much volume and incomprehensible. I could not succeed. As soon as he brought his photo to my request. I was interested in creating information from the frozen picture so that his thoughts and emotions would not interfere with the work. I melt wax in a teaspoon and fill through my head into a glass with water. When the wax flips over it was very confused. An absolutely smooth circle with perfect sideboards on the edges and in the middle three letters of Vyssuy, similar to Arabic. I sketched all on one piece, the patient wrapped the wax in paper. We realized that it turned out some kind of pressure, which meant something.

Then she had no one to know what it was for the letters. Now I understand that this could be a kind of stigma, the seal of the Witmaakpo race. We were looking for an analog letter, but not found. The wax will soon break and thrown. My leafling was lost, I never found out it was for the letters. But still remember the impression of their vision. Beautiful, noble, perfectly painted, with convex edges on a round growth. I tried to pour from the same photo in the same way – nothing came out, only smooth waxy beaks, and that’s it. As if a few stamps have already been removed, and there was a cleaning from a negative program.

Unfortunately, this man was not a long liver. He died of severe adrenal glands. Who knows, I may have removed the pressure of belonging to something and prevented ow., to realize the continuation of witchcraft affairs? His children were active and successful for themselves, a little helped familiar to doing so, but for themselves to find what they really wanted, it could not. They did not produce offspring, the species remained without successors.

Sometimes a person feels something that is not explained. He is worn, does not find himself places, suffers, catches on strange thoughts and desires. Under his hands are household appliances burning, light bulbs explode, everything is electrified, break, from all people, as if there is a current beats. Strange, terrible, fantastic dreams are not allowed to sleep, health begins to collapse. Suddenly, one day a vision that remembered a bright sleep, a specialist tips or a relative impetus to read the literature of esoteric content. The time of the hobby begins with yoga, fortune investigation, magic, psychic. Some, even achieving certain results, do not suspect it that the birth magic power was awakened in them. Those who gave it, revealed themselves and began to use the power for his good, recovered, ceased to experience the attacks of night horrors and ruin themselves by harmful expensive devices.

Many people from nature are endowed with the ability to affect the lives of others, during their peaceful life, inconspicuously help or even harmful harm. They may not even notice their abilities until a day can not understand that it happens to them something that is worth paying attention, but now they use these abilities unconsciously.

Well, if a bright person is endowed with such abilities, his relatives are supported inconspicuously and unnoticed. But if this is an evil and vindictive person, yes, even knowing about his abilities, stick to anyone who stands on the way.

Many natural wizards know about their power and enjoy it for themselves. Sometimes manifest the possibilities of the unusual qualities, often witchcraft.
In the mass people do not suspect that there are no ancestors in them transmitted by the family. Often these abilities remain unexplored, only sometimes from incomprehensible dreams, strange random, which suddenly led a desire.

Inspar your relatives, whether they were among them, who were called "knowledgeable" have been called. Some unusual stories about them will remember, or that once a raging person hurt someone. If the last, then your not quite good life is exactly from damage to the species, the house or on a particular person. Even if this person is no longer, it is possible to improve the situation, remove the curse or damage, to continue to live without the shackles of magician, happier.

Already in childhood I had a paranormal ability. I could have a random person say about him what he was in shock. parents scolded me, did not let people tell what I see. The fact that I have generic abilities, I learned after thirty years. I have already dealt with subtle practices, heals, when mom once told me in her mind: "We must! From the Prababki has nevertheless achieved. " I understand what liability is on me. I try not even to think badly, so that something negative did not exist in my family, children.

Most often my unconscious communication happens on a thin level through dreams. I have a double life: One day is real, the second night – the proven one. My night life can not be considered only because I am fixed in bed at this time at this time. Only it is it and sets the tone of the life of the life.

Before going to bed I make a verbal stimulus: "I ask you, the Lord of heaven, perfume, angels and archangels, dead and alive, relatives and friends, come to the rescue and tell me how I continue to work, what should I do? In witchcraft I do not want to take out of ideological considerations, but I do not want to use more extraseric methods, no force is no longer tired, I am long again reigns. Tell me, because you all know, and you can put me to work, or some kind of activity that can help and help people, without prejudice to your own health. "

How to recognize a real witch. Witches. How to recognize the witch? All about witches and witchcraft. How to find the witch in our time

I fall asleep sweet and finds himself in a grandmother’s house, which was demolished more than forty years ago. I stand back to the old red tree buffet handmade. Before me, a table covered with a black cloth. On top of it a black stand with a big metal cup. Many black candles burning. On the table is a kind of hollow design of the wrong shape, covered with black cloth. Inside also burns a candle. I call the spirits in a loud voice (I do not remember who and how). The spirit is materialized in a person, gives me a kind of plant. I throw it into the cup and see that the green thick liquid, similar to a concentrated shampoo, begins to spill. Call another spirit. He brings me a metal jug with a long narrow neck, with a nose, with a thin handle. I am on the cup. Then again, the challenge, I bring in a dead bird. And the last challenge – Arab appears. I saw everything clearly, down to the smallest details.

In the room directly in the air manifested the rather material way wooden doorIt opened, and the Arab stepped up, naked on the belt. For the rope he led a huge camel. I was so surprised that I left my seat, and got on the camel. Red-haired wool on the back right leg was too stoned, and I saw a white skin between the hairs. The camel was calmly chewed and did not pay attention to anything. I looked with curiosity at the door from which Arab came out, there was a corridor with a yellow straw on the clay floor. In contrast to my dark chamber of there broke the bright sunlight. Suddenly I saw that in the design on my table, a strong flame that caught fire. I grabbed a piece of black cloth and quickly faded a fire. I went and grabbed the candles with the words: "Nothing, then I’m done." And this can not be done, it was necessary to finish the ritual. The door to another world melted, melted, melted and my dream.

When I woke up, I started to analyze. My great grandmother died in this room when I was five years old. I remembered that it is on the bed during the illness. With the great-grandmother I do not remember any communication at this time. I was not even allowed to approach her bed, to give her something, and if she asked something, she immediately called the elders.

Return to sleep. There I did a ritual that I never did in reality, but it gave a clear feeling that it was me. Maybe a great grandmother who could not die long took my hand and handed me something? It can have a high knowledge and cause perfume. Maybe it happened to me?

In this dream I clearly saw the door and the world that opened after it is quite material and ordinary. I remember that when the spirit gave me plants, he left the door to the left. The bird gave the ghost and came out of the door almost under the ceiling, and the Virrad came out to the right. All were not materialized from the air, but appeared through open door From your world. The magic spells are needed to make the passage between our and other parallel worlds, so that one who is invoked. Perhaps in his own world they are ordinary people, like us, a very normal life, invisible to our eye, and the call through the transition created by a certain set of sounds that create a certain vibration in space, and let them make the transition from one state to another, from one level of being to another.

In a dream I once passed through the door to the parallel world. She wrote that several times I was taken in a dream to another planet, in another world. Who knows, maybe they called me with a spell the same way, and my astral projection led someone’s request, the order to. Even, probably it happened.

Otherwise, where do I have this strange experience in dreams? It is clear that I obviously have a magical gift from the ancestors. I do not want to do things that I have not done so far. Invented the new kind. Works through subtle plans and support of the invisible world. All work aims to work with the spiritual land layer, with good, positive, stimulated charge, the sky, the subtle plans above the head. I spend training seminars and published books on this subject.

I have not only similar experiences, but also on my students, some people who came to the reception. They tell their stories, share developments and secrets.

O. My grandmother treated people herbs and silly. I did not know until my mother told me. Grandma was kind and refuse not for anyone. Diseases and damages reduced the stones that then threw into the pit in the garden. How many years have passed, the pits have not been for a long time, but neither the radiance does not grow in this place. I also learned that she turns out was sister. She also had the ability to only the opposite character. You, but the villagers’ request could damage the other, punish. She was afraid, and no one was friends with her. When it was older and made to die, she was terribly tormenting. Died a whole week. That will breed how it will fall, then it will come to life through time. I suffered qualified and asked for her to die.

I had to take it to the barn. Over their head they traveled holes in the shape of a cross, and then they trained in this place. After that the grandmother died.

I myself have no unclear abilities that I do not understand, and I can not give it to explain and explain it. Now I realized where it is from me. I will not say that they disturb me, but also frighten me. For example, I get up in the morning and already know what will be today. Or sometimes I feel the smell of the dead man of some people, and then these people die. I even hear such a smell from other fences, in this garden, then the dead are the dead. If the smell of the dead man is not heard by a person, and next to him I know what someone will die from their relatives. Then happens. I am always more drawn to read the literature of magical and esoteric content. I read, but I am afraid to use. You can never know about your ancestors. Nevertheless, the connection between them and you exists at the genetic level. The subconscious has the memory of all incarnations, both past and future. Contact it and you will learn many interesting things about yourself. Tips in a dream are valuable excutability, forced to be attentive to what was shown in a dream, avoid trouble and problems. O. Maybe not only see dreams, it has a well-developed intuition that works subconscious basis of the species, from which it draws the right decisions and power for themselves. One day began to explore his ability to a relatively future death, emerging cases, record and analyze them. From this I understood who it was, that it could die soon, and his body was prepared for it imperceptibly.

You also need to record records, record all incomprehensible and strange cases, record their prophetic thoughts and saleable predictions, to understand and develop the mechanism of knowledge. Only constant work can bring you to a certain result.

O. Once I was in the regression session (care in the past). I entered the hypnotic trance and looked at the past to communicate with those with whom I saw no point. I saw my great-grandfather who lived in a house in the forest. It had connected the fingers. I don’t know her, I haven’t even heard of her, apparently it’s been too long. When my son was born, the grandmother gave me in a dream the advice of the magical property, told me from herbs what son should be treated. Now I have to ask all my relatives who exactly from the family was such a grandmother. I told me very clearly, she had drugs, some chicken feathers. I saw and clearly knew that this is exactly the case. She told me: "Baby, you can not come anywhere from me." I was terribly terrible, I thought it was meant. Now I know for sure that she sends and helps knowledge of this time of this time.

A: Once she worked as a psychic in the health center, she was active with patients, did a massage with small children, sank the evil eye, he loved herbs. Only after he learned about his generic abilities, I realized that everything was not accidental. It began to develop such rare abilities in itself, and now it can see the future, gets tips in prophetic dreams, can predict the future situation.

B. my grandson in the first grade after visiting the psychic who came to clean the apartment, who suddenly opened psychic. After the grandson suddenly left: "She did not do anything. She just needs money with you, but everything does not. " We listen to him, not that it is for us that the says nonsense. The next time he said the same to us. And then he says: "I can open your eyes and you will see for yourself"." He opened the daughter of the eyes, and she began to see. He told her about the belly when he saw, saw the daughter suddenly and said that she had just like a bag. Told details.
At first I thought it was damaged. Pray: "Bring this damage to a dry tree . ". My daughter and I prayed and sent to a dry tree that was under the window. There damaged and sat down. The grandson looked at all this, and then he says: "The damage went to the tree, but that’s exactly what passed the uncle who was damaged to him. This is a person who is invisible only to us. There is aunt or uncle. " Then he became to see the younger one. I come out of work and he walks around the house. I just come and he is back from me, mom in his arms and crying. I say him: "What, someone sits on his grandmother? WHO?" He says: "Aunt." "What?" "Evil". Then we began to clean this tender. I have someone on my neck, even a huge rat. You shot I went out of you, something that clung to me again. Went to the church. There is good, and then something else is closed. Then I learned on the courses of your healers and used to cleanse with itself. I remembered how you burned the astral fire, and I myself became like that.

The grandson explained to us that every story of something means. The fairy tale about a duff with seven holes, you can pour into this pipe and your army will come. You can command them. You can not see it, but completely manage. The wand must make a circle around a person, cast it down on the head and see the spirit that was not seen at first. He will obey you. When surrounded by divine fire, he burns.

I took this method on arms and thus redeemed me. Mentally the magic wand surrounds the one I don’t like, because mentally it concerns him with a magic wand, so he listened. I realized that when you first surround the circle, the ghosts immediately fly away. And if you knock on my head, then you reach out. It is only evil spirits. It does not harm good spirits, they do not disappear. The perfumes were not only in human guise, but also in the form of dragons, cats and the like.

I prayed to Nicholas the rash and asked for help. One night dreams dreams. I go by train, went to the restaurant, then I went to my coupe, and there I stand Nikolai, my waters and looked at with such a question, they say you ask me? I sat on the bed and looked at her laundry, how it is refined. And it’s white, gray, white again, gray. A thought came to mind: "Why do you ask if not deleted? How can you use such help? "

When my daughter began to treat mother-in-law on her phantom from the photo, and then someone else called and began to treat, I kept my granddaughter at that time. She has not yet spoken. Suddenly she turned around, started to reach the door, look there and say, "Ku-Ku". I did not understand at first. I looked, no one. Daughters say: "Look please, who is standing there eingangstur" She looks out and says: "Oh, mother-in-law is standing. I forgot to send her a phantom home. "

Such colorful manifested abilities could only belong to the third generation, which became grandchildren. If you teach it and send it on the right path, the strong wizard will grow. If only they were taught to do good, and then with such skills you can much "firewood" have. By the way, his grandmother, trained in courses in parapsychology, never engaged in witchcraft. But her daughter with a son-in-law seems to make something magical, the attack people who prefers their extrasensory business, exactly that people are talented, and it is people who go to them. So there is someone to get rid of other children who are also characterized by generic skills. I was born with abilities. From the age of eight months I remember such a case: we killed a man, a car hit him. I remember what he was dressed like layman, I even remember the number of the car. I remember his chrome boots, in two rows of carnations, a sole, hail, legs. Scattered, in a brown jacket. I remember how the car was opened, and sang them on this car it crushed. At that time I sat down by my sister in my arms. Natives remember this case and say that I could remember it because it was very small. I remember all the details I cry with his mother in law, how she cried, in what \u200b\u200bRock she was in.

Mom said I did not scream in my childhood in my childhood, I understood everything myself, adults would only think I already knew everything and did, I read minds. Thought the pig is time to feed it, and I’m already going to cut the bunoan; We need to bring water, look for me, and I’m already going with a bucket of water. Sometimes I was asked about the future. Or must sister come, go to meet it, and I say: "No, it will not be." "Where is she?" "She was bad on the way." So it turned out: she went bad on the plane, screamed her. And I told it all to the parents. Mom was always surprised: "Where is it from you? Who have you gone? After all, six people and no one has nothing. "

According to the maternal line, my grandfather was a priest and the grandfather priest. That’s why I put on prayers. On the maternal line I walked like a prayer man for the species. But from whom I got my abilities, I still do not understand.

Next to me and the fire exploded. If my husband yells at me, and I do not answer him the same aggression, the fire of the meter is exploded by me. The flame does not arise anywhere in itself next to me. In front of me is suddenly an explosion, cotton, very strong, as if the bomb is exploded. All this see who is near. It happens, I work for the reception of patients; people sit in the corridor and indignant that I work late. Probably she negative energy It is enough some level, and I am angry at her and in my room is an explosion, cotton, a flame, everything leaves and disappears immediately. At this moment I wake up and return from somewhere. That is my fruits. Before the wedding, no one got me, but as he married, the husband began to get, everything was wrong. The mother-in-law began to cast spells on me. My husband never defended me and attacked myself. When I snap and cry, there is no explosion. If I do not respond to anything, tolerant, then there is an explosion.

I know L. A long time ago. She is not a simple healer, knows a lot, knows how. It works interesting: closes his eyes, looks psychically at the patient, scans him, looks into the past, disease, tells about it. It also makes itself mentally concerned that its energy, purifies and fills the energy of the prayers. People of it become better. Many do not understand their work, they are surprised that it just sits with eyes closed, it blows, it turns pale, then he drives his head back and forth, and it becomes easier for them. The skills in L. manifested in adulthood, but were properly developed and on good and help.
She never revealed the secret of the appearance of the fire, he does not bother her with it, just shows that it is time to calm down so that it was not liken. Maybe she is a hidden witch, but in a good sense – to lead from the word"." It is time and you find to whom you feel.

Actually make it quite difficult. This is before the wizard was bent and dressed in black clothes (well or at least described in various literary works), Now this happens extremely rarely. Witches, like everyone, dress beautifully. Unless you can choose a little duller colors. If everything was different, they could be easily recognized. And that does not happen.

Optional today is the presence of a long braid. Remember various television shows and movies. Almost everyone has a heroine hair or shoulders or something lower, as well as ordinary girls. As for the devil’s lamp (Well, or the biggest moles) it can not only hide, as mentioned above, but also disguise well. The benefit of cosmetics for it is abundant today.

But how to determine? Pay attention to the following: hoarse male voice or high pitch, persistent and rather heavy "devilish" Attractiveness (it necessarily "clings"), the presence of unusual accessories, the eyes – dark or sometimes different colors. It seems to look at you, it seems to penetrate the soul. Remember that all these signs should be in aggregate. It is impossible to accuse someone in witchcraft. To test your guess that this woman is a witch, you can invite her to visit and imperceptibly cross in the threshold two needles, as grandmothers were done previously. Although it can not be removed, it can not leave.

How do I recognize the witch on the behavior?

The enchantress always leads. It can talk to itself (so it seems outside, in fact it talks to an invisible interlocutor). Strange events often happen because of this: there are no other objects from nowhere. Before nowhere there was no 5 seconds ago! "), alone other voices are heard, although if you look at her room, it turns out that next to her except her is no one and nothing – and nothing video devices is not included. Also, if you are relative (relative), it can tell you about unusual things that could hardly happen to anyone else. But it is only inexperienced. More mature wizards never tell anyone. And another faithful sign – witches always come back from the church when they go there. Otherwise they can not. Only the back begins to burn, as if a hot iron occurs, wild pain arises.

Now you know how to distinguish a witch from an ordinary person. Take care of yourself and your loved ones from the intervention of the other world!

Would you like to know how to distinguish a real witch from an ordinary woman who doesn’t speak magic? It is not so simple, because now the image of the witch is not like the one who painted in ancient times. Today it is safe to say that only the external signs of witches unlikely to help absolutely guess who is standing in front of us.

But if you are observant, you can guess everything. What do you need to pay attention?

Outside signs of a witch

Remember that witch affiliation can’t be accurately determined by appearance, age, or clothing. Do not give the first impression to deceive yourself! The witch is not necessarily an old woman with a curvy nose and gray hair.

In the Middle Ages, the special book "Hammer Witch published in the Middle Ages to help the Inquisitor. In it, the authors tried to explain what the leaders look like, but it seems that they do not know the external signs of witches. Essentially, many women fell under their description. For example, too beautiful or too ugly; Those who had moles on the body, the mother set, scars, and those whose notes were not at all. In fact, however, congenital witches are born with a wide variety of external data and on face and body the witness nature is reflected only indirectly. We will tell something about it .

It is also not necessary for the witch to be dressed in gloomy black clothes. Although many young witches, begin to study black magic and dress in all black. However, it is rather ready to create an appropriate magical mood. It’s easy to explain – after all, it’s easier to do magic with the posture you want! But the desire to dress stronger can be attributed to habits and signs of witchcraft.

However, in the appearance of witches you can find many general signs, but this is only a very revealing person. Many witches seem to be unusually attractive. Although they can be overweight or simply ugly, from the point of view of modern standards of beauty, a face. But people will look at them and as not to notice any drawbacks. In addition, next to the witch will always be the most beautiful and successful men. This ability to produce on people a similar impression in many wizards innate, and someone develops under the influence of madagellients.

However, if a woman suddenly seems to you with a gray mouse and no explicit signs of witches are not visible, do not rush to relax! If necessary, a skilled witch can dampen its Witchcraft charm. For example, if it must be unnoticed or unnecessary views do not attract, because the situation in life is most different.

Also every witch has a very intelligent chain look. When she looks at you, it may seem to penetrate your soul and find out all your secrets. The witch is always fearlessly examined in the eyes of a person. Only during the magic work look it can change and become softer, as if it were somewhere far or right into the future looks.

Signs of behavior and character of a real joke

Every witch is always confident in herself, she knows herself well and his power. However, many only evolve with age and practice. After all, not everyone is born with abilities of magic, someone chooses consciously. The witch can not be submitted by a gossip, small dirtiness or talk lies. Of course, if that is not good. The witch has a very rich imagination and the unstable power of will – without this neither white nor black witchcraft is not possible.

Very often she likes to be alone, it is a single nature. But not because it is afraid of people or can not communicate with them, just alone come to their very different ideas and it works easier.

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and I am very similar to the witch! I have many signs that they say here is there .

it is written clearly and briefly! And I would like to know more, because we all do not shoot simple curiosity, even if it seems so.

Irina will try more in the following articles. & This article has shared with us a girl who has been in magic since childhood. It is quite successful and breathes after the results. She said that the signs of a real joke for the words are difficult, but she tried very hard.

Very interesting. I also take care of myself from the age of 14 and quite successful. The most important thing is not to stop what has been achieved and improve your skills. Practice, practice and practice again. Well, of course, not to tell anyone about it.

And I am sideways, although the witch .

tell me what it means if I can not fall asleep until the morning, something happens all the time. That will die, then the accident will fall. This is generally a terrible argument. I did not give it values until the interruption took place. I can offer some other facts only by email.

Of course you are the witch, Alf! Ha ha
If a woman is really a witch, even in the absence of external manifestations of the force, she only knows who she is. You feel it yourself.

Yes, the real witch always knows who she is. And if he does not know exactly, he still decides who to be.))) And don’t ask what their visions mean.

i want to understand who i am. I am a loner. People just annoy me. In a dream you often see the dead. Draws on the cards, books in occultism. It began in a distant childhood. I feel someone nearby . They say that the channel was opened from birth. What to do with it? The witch is a single, and I want a family.

their statements are more like fiction, and where are the facts?
Here my great grandmother was a witch, grandma got her gift because She was the oldest, the next going, but no one did with me since childhood like many, and I have not tried to learn myself magic, literally recently I asked my grandmothers from our grandmothers, and she said, that the gift went For me, only my parents wanted me to have been an ordinary child, PRRA grandmother died in 104 years, when I was already 4 years old, but I never communicated with her, and my grandmother was killed in 45, I was at In that time 5 to almost 6 years . Snails, I see as if the future have frequent visions when you guess on the cards – a simple comic fortune that says it all I once scared my relatives . All your descriptions witch-characteristic , accurate description of me, but I do not think that I am witch, and the. I doubt it.

Hmm . Here is luck who is witch, of course I gravitate to mysticism and magic, and I think some things, but it’s just an intuition. But that’s how you want to be a witch . \u003d 3.

Wow . I read this article . I am 12 years old and I shook myself, small watches love to dress in black, for the magical situation . it looks like me . I just started to study magic! And about loneliness, I also love to be alone, and my mother speaks of my opinion, but only that does not convert, I do not understand from the birth of where on the right hand (well, where the brush hands are Vienna) is a small scar. And the main thing that no one knows where he is. Well, my personal signs: I love gothic, all mystical and secret . I like the taste of blood . but I still have more susceptible to the fact that I am elf x3 \u003d 3 good from the movie "the Lord of The Rings "thank you for reading. I hope you understand me \u003d 3 mow!

I need help, I was kept witch

I have a question. When a person had a concussion, after that it seems to see something and happens that I see the shadow of a premonition. Does she have a witchcraft power?

how would you interpret the dream in which I dream as if I were a witch?

At 4 years old I and my mother went 40 days for my grandmother, but I did not go to the cemetery and I did not have a temperature of 40 and I saw an orange ball and a voice. We immediately went to town and everything went. After that I am attracted to cards, magic and occult. What does it mean.

Well, so far only 12, but the skills are manifested . When it was 7 years old I had a doll, at the time very expensive. And I dreamed that I broke the leg of this doll, the next day I thought that today it is better not to touch, but it did not stop me! I took this doll to simply comb, but also a catch: I rose the hand (dolls) for a jacket and broke her hand. Now I try to guess the tarot but today the cards would not answer. And about the appearance . Eyes green color Get blue when I look at the focus (says my grandmother). In general almost everything here looks like me!

The description of witnessing is about everything. Is that the last witches love solitude and they really have influence and can attract people. And so nothing is actually written on them. There is a way 3 signs at birth that a witch was born.

can you say these 3 signs? And they disappear with age or not?

And what are these signs?

I was told that only two of them are not remembered. At birth there are green eyes and a small tail, not real, but as a small continuation of the spine, with time it disappears.

A hard look, people can’t look into my eyes. I like to be alone with myself I love rain and thunderstorms. I see the prophetic dreams more often than once a month. With my delinquent there is always something happens after he is offended, although I do not sorsche. My great grandmother was a witch.

also, 12 and the name is so mysterious – Maya. I think I am a witch. For example, before, now I did not try, I could call the wind, guess 3 out of 4 shapes, if someone served for her, I often understand what my dog is thinking about. Dreams are really not true, but I see them almost every day. in my opinion one of my relatives is the most real witch, although she never told me about it. If you want to tell you about it – write [email protected] Well, I am a witch, what do you think?

and my friend said that I am a witch. I have all these signs.

my girlfriend suffers when I look into her eyes.

and I am a witch. I said so girlfriend. I have all these signs. But I also see ghosts in the photo. And my girlfriend is tormented by my girlfriend. I really love to be alone. I have already tried to do magic for a few years. I have done everything. My son of the oligarch loves me. I think I am a witch.

I don’t know, I have a gift or not. But since 2009 strange things have been happening to me and it all started with the "all-seeing eye", the story is long. Now I am really all feeling people. I will have strange dreams, and I also live in a permanent expectation of something. Maybe someone who can explain to me.

I am 11 years old and I seem to be a witch! There is a rod, a kettle, a knife! Nyayayanya.

I really need some advice! (tell me)

Recently I feel really people, I feel glad that she is or not, it’s good or not, if I lie, I know (I do not know how) I feel – just know everything . Cuts This mood is at all, I do not know how to explain – it can change every minute! In anger I am generally a terrible person, sometimes I am afraid that something is with anger to speak! I have already argued with anger – the relatives almost never leave, there are no friends, I almost sit at home without leaving the apartment, I do not want to communicate with people! (Although I really want, I easily find common language with people) But: I do not want it, I’m not interested . Yes)) my view, many people say that I have a very angry look! Although at this moment I have a great mood! & I have tarot cards, I think when there is a mood and desire! (These cards came to me by mistake, I did not buy them, and I did not think about it) when I tried to spend them, it seemed to me that my problems because of them because you can not guess! But they are still with me and even now. (This person I gave them, returned them and did not take it anymore)
My dreams, I do not remember them in most cases . If you dream, I remember the morning, then it will surely come true!
And I have ever dreamed a dream that I will probably never forget when . (that I met with a person, but there are no such people, this man was with a collar on the chain, he grabbed my neck, and says you in God, do you believe? And let me go . Then left this chain and started to eat only people, only eat .

You can still tell a very long time, what happens to me!
But words do not convey .

And yet I always have a feeling! (As if I am a stranger here)
I feel that I am somewhere, someone is waiting (but this does not apply to every person on this earth)

I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy, maybe he’s already saved! (It’s all very strange) and even more, you will not share on the road, you will not be familiar . Will say that I need to apply to a psychiatrist!

Thanks in advance … Irina

in my opinion I am also a witch. Because I always feel the presence of someone when there is no one. I always like to be alone. Sometimes I even starve a dreamy and they are always true.

oh, I am a witch

according to your description I am also a witch.
Because as soon as I talk to a stranger, I already know about his character, I know that this person is. And at the same time people often do not intentionally reveal my secrets.

and I generally have a brown eye and all the signs are there, I am 10, and I also sing a bit, I only have a teeth curves, my appearance I am all white, since you confess a piece of eyes with my brown , in the left eye from below, and we ourselves blue eyes, red lips, I am a witch.

I have a witch mother when I was not, then she saw the future and went into the astral. She asked the church to get rid of her. She was afraid of him. Well, for example, someone insulted her and this man happens with something bad. There are solid men around her all the time. Even married It is said that the witch will never be husband, it is true. I asked my mother once:
"Give me strength?", I asked.
-No! Don’t even think about it!
"But I want to get so much power!", I said.
-Dura, don’t you understand! From that moment I appeared prophetic dreams I felt the feelings of people. I sometimes feel the same pain as others. But I will never give up my power), but how to develop it, I do not know anyone here can help Login: [email protected]

In the maternity clinic there was a case when I started in my mother’s hands. That night my late Praprababushka came and left a sheet of paper with a medicine. Mom was then very afraid. But this medicine saved my life. In 5 years, when mom turned off the light, I saw spiders, fish, as if we were in the room and so called the SMB. And he steamed the apartment. After that found MOM on the ceiling, but the corners in the wallpaper needles.

I still knew . with me, the people near long ago could not be because I hurt them . they fall in love with my look. I hurt. Its! I am a witch .

I am 13, a year ago I began to see the symbols around me. My eyes change color from brown to green. I feel inside me. Confided that I have a smart and scary look, I do not know if the witch or witches were in style. I put on a lot of clothes. I love loneliness, my mood changes often, I go in black, but I am not goth, after communicating with me, friends and relatives become bad (headache). What is happening to me, please tell me. Thanks in advance.

You even know the real meaning of the witch. I’m tired of listening like a second passerby, call me a witch or a termination

they can never say you are a witch . understand people to be a witch so badly . and above all you can not do anything . Forget everything . I would rather be normal. .. I do not want them . I hope that everything will happen .

But I often call myself a "witch". I hurt of course! Well, they can, so to speak, their weighty for this reason weighty. For example:
I have red hair! And the eyes of another color! (That is, one eye of green color, and the second car with a small sector in the shape resembles a piece of cake, the same green color). And there were also cases. Well, people who hurt me badly, something happened to them And there were many such cases in my life!
Generally there is for it)

and the witch can invent spells on the way, and besides, what would they occur immediately?

I’m going to tell you one, as if the story . i set once a moron with a friend. There was no one in the house, we were locked everywhere the light to watch it was better. I have a cat and at that hour when we saw the movie she snorted terribly at someone, and wool became endless while looking in the mirror, well, I did not give values. The next night I was sitting on a laptop on the internet and the cat started snorting at someone again, I turned on the light and went to her and touch her and she had a wanting, the eyes were like he would a Dangerous predator . I turned off the light and continued to watch what will happen, then someone hurt her (!) And this is not fiction, she can not drop, it went like a foot and hit her. Later I thought it was all calmed down, I sit on the Internet, and at that time I was looking for work on No), the arrow starts the arrow driven by the mouse run across the screen and I can Not stop because the laptop is not so boring and it can not disturb in any way. I understood what it was I stopped touching the mouse and thought in my head what exactly like "the ghost" of me wants to run drastically the arrow, on the screen, and began to press the right side and be stopped on one of many occupations , I was just shocked . I felt only someone near me, but it was the male species. After a few days a few days later and no longer came, and the mouse was never more buggy. Of course I saw ghosts several times, here is one of them – it is a woman dressed in all white – this is my great-grandmother, I felt I had never seen her before. After all, she gave me a gift from childhood, after I dreamed about it . The most important thing in magic does not make people angry, even black magic, because it is like a boomerang . what are you doing . what are you? Do other, the more you will pay . Yes, the witch is doomed to loneliness, and those who will laugh in their lives to pay dearly. I’ve had one for a long time (after my favorite person died), tried to stop magic, she didn’t for a long time, but she returned anyway, just moves back to me. Especially hard, for example, when you walk down the street and look at a person and you feel that it happened in his life and how much he lived even if he died. In childhood I certainly drew the same sign, for some reason I thought he was defending me from evil, then he grew up and learned that this was a witch sign, and later I began to act my spells .

I also always love to be alone, my favorite black, well, also red, also red, also treats a loved one, no one can look into my eyes for a long time, from childhood, I loved and love magic, the whole mystical, dead man I am not afraid in the cemetery, sometimes when you get up before Easter, then I do not care about the energies, I love to talk on terrible topics, if not that someone (not from relatives), then also, How to feed energy, I do not know why, but then I am myself, I feel better. Strange, but then I am filled with even stronger positives . this is it scares me!
And yet you are always not indifferent to married men .
On the cards I can guess, intuition develops even with very strong age . I am Scorpio on the horoscope!

I do not know the witch or not, but I am terribly attracted to all mystical. I am 13 years old. Recently a very strange story happened to me. We went on a tour with a class, me and my friends sat in the back seats, and my friend told the story, well, I bragged
-I already drove the car, he said himself
-Well, well, well, I laughed at him
-Do not you think? I even wiggled, he said, he said
-Like that one that crashed a week ago? ", I asked, although I have not read anywhere in the news, I just knew everywhere
– Do you know that too? He asked
"Well, yes, I did, he kept talking about the car, but I did not hear him, it became really scary for me, I sometimes feel someone next to me. Before, when my friend and we were little, we played the witches, distributed powers. And I chose the element of wind (I really did not think about it), but then everything went, then it seemed to grow, but from recently I seem to see the streams of wind, I really like to look at them. I often dream of prophetic dreams. I also have a pretty strange eye color. In childhood they were Karim, now they are Kara-green, but the Kars in them is almost nothing, but they are almost green, when I feel bad, or I cry, they are emerald, help me what is with me

And I do not know who I am, but:
1) As a child he saw the shadow in 2, when the shadow became a wolf and ran away from the man .
Many things have seen that, for example like in the moon, the man threw a spear into the leopard.
2) Often I hear you almost fell asleep a few of the friends (friends, friends, teachers or just voices that heard) say something incomprehensible, although in fact I was alone.
3) often see prophetic dreams
4) Long ago he learned that it is not normal to feel the look ._. And I hate when I look in the back
5) I feel the closeness of water and can breathe a little under water

And forgot to say, I have wolf eyes. Light, light gray, straight white. When I was born, my eyes scattered from the light. And now I can not look longer than 10 seconds to look at the lamp, not even bright and closed eyes. When the flat was the green (corrosive and dark, such)
That’s it )

would you, people, go to church .

I correspond to all the signs. Nowadays a group of boys in Bulgaria climbed on me (I was then 6 years old) and asked to play, I said after a long time, said: "Yes . ", and she shouted: "Uraaaa !! She agreed to play with us . " The boys were Germans. I was not very beautiful (honest).

I can’t even look at the sun for a second (and from a second fall I fall . ) I hate when someone looks in the back, in the eye, while he looked slightly in the eye. There is a book of shadows.

Hello, I do not know the witch, or I do not know, but I do not know, but all the signs that are told here by me
1. Always dress in black, although I am not a goal
2. I am the Great Grandmother was a witch
3. Always feel someone’s presence damn, creepy
5. Lead who offended me, something bad happen to him
6. I have a hard look
7. I’ve been doing magic since childhood
8.The success see the prophetic dreams
And many more such things I can list myself 12 years old)

No, self-reporting witch, it will not brag .

Yes, that’s for sure! Witch bad! I held my husband when he loved him, 6 years ago, he began to hurt after that, not that was totally sick, but something stupid, and ahm it not. But I am responsible for him now!

Maria, we look. I also constantly feel the presence of the car. As if someone is looking. Sometimes try. I am also called Maria. I talked for a long time about this feeling of premature motherhood. She laughed. It seemed that this is my inner fear (fear of something). I believed. Then I started to see the appearance of a person. Always in the same place, as if it goes on the stairs (we have a house). I said it. Mom said I saw the movies. I would think, but my sister would say, "Come on, you’re going to pass the extrassesor test? I agreed. She hid a handkerchief, I could not find it first. Then I gave up, lay on the bed and here suddenly fever. The whole body tears. I took up. Has stood up. Removed the blanket and there was a handkerchief.

And my grandmother had a burnout. And I always wanted and for me they manifested these skills. Always interested in magic and everything related to it. But unfortunately . did not notice any extrasensory abilities. Maybe it just does not know how to open them in you? Tell me how it goes? According to the signs listed here collapses, but I repeat – unfortunately . No, good. I can somehow develop in itself?

I am very afraid of me . Probably you know what it turns out to be easy, you feel better, you even start to smile, and when you wear Black or find yourself next to the cemetery . As soon as I went very sad, I wanted to cry, I was disappointed in people, the tears came out, and suddenly it became very easy for me, I never had that, I never had that, I felt the wrong, smiled through the tears, then I saw that I was standing In the cemetery! I got a little creepy. At night, when dark, I had confidence, I mocked the younger sister because she was afraid of the darkness. I love only nature, I love to collect herbs. When I am in nature at night, my mood rises so I have never been in such a good mood did not have. I love gray days: when there is no sun, a little rain begins. God, I’m so scary, do not think I’m brewing, I feel really bad! Nobody believes me, nobody understands me, so I write what I feel . I try to wish people well but attract evil. I feel something or someone next to me . I do not know if it is not a sign of witches, but I almost do not sleep at night, I sleep a maximum of 3 hours. It’s every day. When I feel something stronger than me, I start to be afraid. Every minute after murznu, even if someone is hot. In the end I found these people I understand . Yes, I also have strange eyes: very black, deep, even the pupils are not visible, when the light falls on them, then somehow become kara-red. Since childhood I have the ability to attract people for themselves: Teachers (all, to one), students, etc. and students envy. In general I am afraid of people, when people are afraid I feel good from it.

Hello everyone, my name is Aina. Finally I found out who I actually found my dark sides. Once I went very sad, I almost cried, I wanted to be with people, it was so hard, hurt, I did not know where I was going, suddenly it became so easy for me! I felt overlooked! He stopped and looked around and saw that I was standing in the cemetery. There was a bit in itself. But still continue energy from there. Energy was just crazy. I knew from childhood that I carry heavy wear inside me. Since childhood I attract the people who attracts him! Teachers (everything is united), especially students. And the student just envied. That’s why I have no girlfriends since childhood, I love loneliness. Now I look in the mirror and I do not understand why people are drawn with me, because in appearance there are no features, I am not beautiful, good, not urodin. I have strange functions from thirteen functions: I woke up intuition, I know something but I do not understand how I know it. You know when I put on something black, the eyes appear too. As time went on, I found that I like the guys dressed in black. Strange. Since childhood I have insomnia: every day I sleep three hours, and this is a maximum! Well, maybe it’s not included in the signs of witches, but I’m always marzen, even if it’s hot or stuffy. Don’t think that I am woman or something like that, it’s hard when every day you feel that someone is difficult. I don’t care if you sit alone, but you feel someone’s presence. No one thinks that no one understands, I am very happy that I found the same people as me . I want to be nice, but pulls but evil, even very much .

)) It is well written!) What is not the point right . ))

Imagine, I began to appear perfume, souls, I do not know how to call them. I know that they are not bright, the main thing is from my hands next to them! No, not both hands, only one right. I used to be that both hands became very hot, but now on the contrary. When they got hot, I felt that I could treat people. They know when I do not help, when I can help, the pain they feel goes to me.

I am the witch, I have become her. And I call myself a witch, but in a joke. In the article is true, my view in the mirror is as described. I prefer to be a gray mouse, why is unnecessary attention.

I am so witch. I have pallor and bluish lips. I am also a joke called witch or Satan.

I am completely small. Total 13.
In the family tree were hypnotists. And magicians.
There was such a case when the dad buried (I was 4 years old), I was walking with my grandfather and did not say anything he left. After a while, I asked my grandfather:
– Why are they in the cemetery for so long?

You know, I want to meet someone like me . Well, for example, psychics of some or witches . i am wurry, if you are in your own words, that is understandable for you, explain something, then you do not look. It’s hard for me to understand, it’s hard to talk to me because I’m too boring. But still I have a "friend. Do you feel power over those you love? I am too cruel, yes? Yeah, it’s just because I don’t like them . admit almost every day, I am tired of this hour . some even bend a stick .

Good night, I am not 15 and not 20 for a long time. But as soon as I inherited a great firmness and with the age only rose, I did not make and did not even know what she had it, but when I had offended of girlfriends what I trusted, I realized that something was not true I, undesirable to happen with me, when he happened as a result of me, I remained alone, I even hurry to work with difficulties, and if I got it even, I would not be long And so it goes on for 15 years. I am 31 years old and happiness from the fact that I have no power, some misfortune, but I will not practice them and I do not go. And I do not notify you, live, love.

I wonder . I change the color of my eyes. When I am a wizard, they are light green . Be blessed! You all happen .

Hello, my name is Natasha, but friends call me a "witch", not because I am urba, on the contrary, I am even attractive, and all because my grandmother was a wizard and before his death handed me his gift, d. H. The gift of the female line through the generation of younger girls. She asked me a glass of water before his death and touched my hand. After a few days it died, burned in his house. Now I feel something incomprehensible. First, my life has changed: with well worse, d. H. I became angry and unkind and rough. But I try to put it in myself. Secondly, I feel that something is not good. But I can’t warn because I don’t know how to contact my gift. Still, people feel my eyes and are afraid to look into the eyes, they say that I have them so that Rengen throws through. What should I do now? Can you tell?

Stock After this article I can easily be called a witch.

I checked all the data and I am a witch))) I am very glad that I always knew that there is a magic, and I am by the way, as I read (not on this site) that when a woman at a young age becomes a witch From her often there are such signs: dizziness, darkening in the eyes and stunning (temporary), then this power comes into the witch))) It remains only to cast love spells, etc. to make)))) I advise you to read this page much useful soviets!!

Wow . I asked my mother about magic and she said that there were witches in our family)) But for more than 70 years there was no one from the witches))))

Hello together. I am 13. According to the description in the article, I am a witch. When I sing the wind starts when I heard somewhere, I read or even think about it, after a while I can hear the same phrase 100 on the day, I will see a movie, remembered not long ago, etc. I really want to communicate with a knowledgeable person and understand everything.

Hello, I believe in the witches. I am 11.Who . .. I have some signs: 1. I have gray eyes, and when I’m angry or bright blue or otherwise.2. The service time it seems that it is looking terrible about 3.Christmas package, when I fall asleep, when I fall asleep, this picture.

Good day! So I read here that many are trained in witchcraft. And I dare to ask any of you to help me learn or at least share my experience. Because in our time on the Internet there is a lot of false and useless information. Thanks in advance.

I am 12 years old. And I feel Cherle’s presence. And when I look at someone, it is special, especially when dark! So that it meant?

Please answer as soon as possible.

At any time there were people endowed with unusual abilities. Some were born with such abilities, and someone developed them consciously. Often these people do not advertise their magical abilities. A modern witch is not similar to a bitteless old woman who takes milk from cows and damages the cattle.

A witch can be your friendly neighbor or a handsome employee. These women see themselves hidden from others, but "works" with dark powers, she uses her knowledge in evil: Perhaps on the one who has not harmed (it happens, it arrives involuntarily from the spontaneous energy meng), list all this on may witch, there is no sense. In all this it supported dark forces.

There are signs for which the witch can be recognized. It is necessary to take a closer look at it, and many features stand out to attention. Although perhaps most of the beautiful half of humanity can be more courageous, can be bold at the sorcerers.

Witch can be found everywhere

How to recognize the witch? Nowadays you can find many opportunities on the Internet:

To recognize the witch, trust your intuition better. Often they are in crowded places to fit the energy of another, pump out the human vitality. Pay attention to the unknown asking strange questions (the preposition to talk to you), which connects, looking closely at your eyes, you can not touch you.

A real witch has a magic look – a chain, heavy, diligent through, directed deep into the human consciousness. The look is unpleasant, I want to get away from it.

The witch has a strong magnetism, which appears with the communication with a decrease in powers destroy. In particular it strong energy feel animals and people with a weak aura.

The appearance can be anyone, but at the same time it attracts attention, manit.

Escape, inadequacy, the witch, does not like it when it is suitable from behind, touch him. If you hear a rather harsh response in response to a fairly innocent gesture, consider what is easy to fall for.

The real witch has wonderful hair – thick and long. Only in them can be focused their magical power.

The witch often leads a lonely life, because she does not add strong connections. Many of the men are looking out for such a woman and are afraid to tie their fate with her (and it is loneliness, it is like a fee to dark forces).

The witch can speak or react with hints with clues that are incomprehensible to you. So she can find out if there are some hidden abilities in you.

The witch knows the price, she will not make anyone offend themselves, make together, and a rigid stopping of the word of this kind of distribution. At the same time, the perpetrator dispatches immediately, although the witch seems physically small and weak. A person unconsciously feels a strong, overwhelming energy, although it can not explain it.

Whatever the witch would do, the look on him is usually someone. She can fall into thoughtfulness, suddenly switch off from the conversation and leave without explaining the reasons.

During a conversation with a witch you often can’t get adequate answers to seemingly ordinary questions, but you can learn some secrets of the universe or hear what you can expect in the near future.

Without visible interlocutor, the witch can communicate with invisible (from the part as he was, he talks to himself).

In conversations, the witch can often refer to the opinion, for example, a long-lived grandmother.

The witch varies little with age, bypassing confusion and envy. The reason for the skillful management of his own energy, knowledge of the secrets of nature and the performance of the relevant rites.

The witch can carry both positive and negative charge. Witches with positive energy, it turns out, also exist. The prototype of such a woman, for example, the heroine of Russian fairy tales – Vasilisa to do. This sees the true essence of a person, can predict the future. Well know the laws of nature (no need to forget that we ourselves are part of nature and four elements, and with the antiquity of the belief in the spirit of nature and these elements retains the experience of generations because they are still present in our lives Because they are life.), it can heal (but they are taken from all diseases for healing, the disease can be carried and a karmic character).

This is very clean, mostly very religious women who do not refuse to help anyone (the fee is not appointed, and according to human abilities that he himself wants to go), talking to such a leader is a psychotherapeutic – calming effect .

How to protect yourself from an evil spirit?

Can be near you. Remember if you rumbled on you or with this, terrible fatigue? You became irritable for no apparent reason, as they say, started with the bottom of the turn? Psychics refer to this influence only evil spirits. People with extraordinary abilities can recognize people who have visited these entities, on a gray gloom, on the face. After some time the spots may disappear.

Common entities, by the way, are also "feed" negative emotions: When conflicts in families swear. Usually inhabit the homes of drug addicts, drunks. The effect of evil spirits per person can lead to this of various kinds. diseases, to harmful addictions (drunkenness, gluttony, lust, drug addiction, etc.).) .

People with extrasensory abilities are located in different corners of the world. Many of these personalities find it necessary to hide their abilities and to hide themselves. However, some women in our time are shy for the title witches and carefully hide the signs that can give them.

Outside sign of a witch

One of the main signs of the witch is special eyes. Even young, the leading look is usually stubborn, wise and practical, which often causes a feeling of discomfort. The witch is not afraid to look into the eyes, even on the contrary – seeks the opportunity to see the most intimate thoughts of the interlocutor.

The traditional color of the eye of the witch is green. Redheaded girl with green eyes in the Middle Ages convicted of performing witchcraft without trial – her appearance was considered the most important evidence. One of the signs of a hereditary witch – the eyes of different colors, mostly bright light.

Always witch are attractive and very confident in themselves. In addition, people can not always understand what exactly they attract and ran in this woman. However, in a real witch there is always a male characteristic, for example, a high growth, a rude voice or a lot of strength in the hands.

Specific notes – another sign of the witch. Most often they are the mother mee of an unusual form, transmitted from MOM to her daughter or from grandmother to granddaughter. The most important feature of witches is beautiful long hair. It maintained the power of leadership when it cuts short – the witch can lose force.

Signs of white and black witches

Real witches have strong magnetism. Such energy attracts people with weak wills, children and animals. However, if magnetism is a white witch, causes calm and pleasant sensations, then after with

How to recognize a real witch. Witches. How to recognize the witch? All about witches and witchcraft. How to find the witch in our time

black witch people feel despair, longing, anger or hatred.

The reasons for this phenomenon are that a witch woman does not become at wishes, such as a witch, but also because it comes from the nature of hereditary witches. If a woman who is of the birth of a witch chooses the path of good, uses the gift for the benefit of people, it will be white. A black witch uses its own for mercenary purposes, it is not afraid to harm a person, and easily wishes evil criminals.

And white, and a black witch feels bad in the church. When forced to enter the door of the temple, they behave insecurely or defiantly neglect the generally accepted rules. To hide the fear of the church, the witches can represent a strong piety.

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