How to get pregnant quickly – helpful tips for men

The decision is made. There is one thing missing for your happiness – a baby. Do not leave it to your wife alone to get pregnant. Tips on what you can do as a man can be found here. A desire to have children fulfills man like? – with sex. It does not work without him. Experts prefer the missionary position.

What can a man do to help a woman get pregnant faster?

What can man do so that the woman gets pregnant faster? Copyright: Natallia Boroda – bigstockphoto

If you lie on top, you will penetrate your partner’s vagina deepest. How to get your sperm especially close to the mouth of the uterus. No study proves this. But that doesn’t stop you from integrating this position into your love life. With a pillow under the pelvis, even more sperm will surround the entrance to the uterus.

The downside: you have to convince your wife to stay in this position for half an hour. If you are not a friend of the missionary position, there is still nothing in the way of your desire to have a child. Alternatively choose the sexual act from behind. Experts also say that it is helpful on the way to having a baby.

From the side or kneeling behind your wife, each sexual act brings you to her child – if organically everything o. k. is – closer. If your partner sits or lies on them, or if they both sit, you better not expect to conceive. Sperm rarely reach their destination in these positions due to gravity.

  • Tips for safe conception
  • Healthy diet for a fast pregnancy
  • With the potency sport to a baby
  • Smoking harms your health and your desire to have children
  • The enemy of fertility – stress
  • As you can see, there are some things you can do to "get pregnant".

Tips for safe conception

Healthy diet for a quick pregnancy

Brazilian scientists from Sao Paolo confirmed the assumption that poor nutrition as well as obesity caused by it reduces sperm concentration. In this case, your sperm will be as sluggish as you are, which will make it more difficult to have children.

Tip: How to test your sperm quality yourself: Sperm test for men

Get your sperm going with good eating habits.

  • several meals a day,
  • eat plenty of fruit and vegetables,
  • Grain products,
  • Fish,
  • Red meat in small moderation.

Citrus fruits, strawberries and currants provide a lot of vitamin C. antioxidants found in blueberries, ginger and tomatoes increase sperm concentration. whole grain and cereal products provide you with energy, fiber and vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid.

positively affects the quality of your sperm. A portion of fish once a week and nibbling walnuts increase the chances of fertilization by providing omega-3 fatty acids. We men usually like to eat a lot of meat. Too much red meat harms the success of your desire to have children. Steak from time to time increases your testosterone level and the zinc it contains makes your sperm happy.

With the sexual enhancer sport to a baby

Are sporting activities good or rather a hindrance to having a baby? Generally speaking, exercise has a good effect on the psyche and the state of health. Sport helps against overweight, improves the metabolism and thus the potency. Don’t overdo it, because stress will work against your desire to have a baby. If sport was a foreign word for you so far, ask your doctor and start slowly.

Smoking is bad for your health and your desire to have children

Did you know that the smoke of a cigarette over 4.000 substances, of which at least 43 are harmful? They include arsenic, hydrogen cyanide and tar. These ingredients remind more of destroying than creating life. Do not be put off by this? Realize that nicotine contained in cigarettes damages your sperm cells and decreases sperm count.

The enemy of fertility – stress

The emergence of the desire to start a family raises the demand to make this project a reality as soon as possible. The pressure that is put on you unconsciously from now on creates negative stress, which affects sperm quality. If you have then decided as a couple "to get pregnant quickly" avoid further stress factors such as conflicts in partnership or family as well as at work. If it is possible for you, do without overtime, which also causes stress. Counteract stress through relaxation exercises, psychotherapies and sports.

As you can see, there are some things you can do to "get pregnant".

The tips for this are clearly summarized here once again:

  • Diet
  • Whole grain products
  • cereal products
  • vegetables and fruits
  • Fish
  • Eat little red meat
  • No alcohol
  • as often as you like
  • Missionary position
  • from behind
  • do not overdo it
  • helps against obesity
  • increases metabolism
  • improves potency
  • Smoking is carcinogenic
  • contains arsenic, hydrocyanic acid, tar
  • nicotine damages sperm cells
  • Relaxation exercises
  • Sports
  • Psychotherapy

It is not always easy to get pregnant quickly . The tips are intended to remain such and do not represent a guarantee. If both partners are healthy, conception will usually happen soon.

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