How to build a dog staircase yourself – building instructions for free download

Dog stairs are necessary if your dog is still a young puppy and too small to get on the sofa or in the bed, for example.
Even old dogs are happy if you have joint problems and can no longer jump.
A dog staircase will not only help your dog to reach higher areas without much difficulty, but also protect your dog from pain caused by jumps.

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What material do I need to build a dog staircase?

There are a variety of options for the materials you can use for dog stairs

Hard foam board

Depending on your craft skills, it’s not that difficult to build a simple dog staircase.
If you are not so good at carpentry you can use hard foam boards which you only have to cut and glue together.
The plates are also quite cheap.
However, the hard foam boards should be at least 3 – 4 cm thick and odorless.

Rigid foam panels have the advantage of being easy to cut with a floor-laying knife (cutter knife).
The boards can then be glued with a special glue or double stick tape.

More demanding and somewhat handicraft talented dog owners can build a sturdy wooden stairs.
This requires more planning and material, but is also more robust and lasts longer.

The planning phase

The first step in creating your dog stairs is to design a plan.
This will help avoid mistakes in construction and material purchases.
If you have a plan, you can buy the right size of boards and justify the number of nails and screws you will need.
How to avoid buying surplus material and save money.

How high should the stairs be?

Measure the height from the floor to the desired point, for example, the height of your bed or sofa.

How wide should the dog stairs be?

It is important that the stairs are wide enough so that your dog can easily climb up or down without fear of falling off the stairs.
If you have more than one dog, the stairs should be as wide as possible so that both dogs can use the stairs side by side.

The right step height

The recommended height for stair treads ranges from 10 cm to 15 cm, depending on the size of your dog.
If you have a smaller dog, the correct step height should be even lower.
The best way is to adjust the step height to your dog.
the height of the steps should never exceed the total length of your dog’s legs.

The right step width

The width of the steps should be about 30 cm.

How many steps should my dog stairs have?

You get the number of steps by dividing the total height of the stairs by the desired height of the steps.

For example, if your bed is 50 cm high and the height of the steps should be 10 cm, then calculate the number of step like this.

Calculation example:

Height of the bed (50 cm) : by height of the steps (10 cm) = 5 steps

From which material should I build the stairs for my dog??

This depends, as mentioned above, on your craftsmanship skills.
If you want to take the easy way, you can try the hard foam boards.

If you have basic carpentry skills, you can also try a wooden staircase.
The is much more stable and durable than a staircase made of hard foam boards.

How to build a dog staircase

It does not matter from which material you build a dog staircase.
You can always use the building instructions.
When building with hard foam boards, you connect the individual parts with the help of special glue or double-sided adhesive tape instead of screws.

I am in the process of revising the page and the building instructions. More content and the new building instructions will follow soon.

Does it make sense to build a dog staircase yourself??

Dog stairs with dachshund

If you have fun in tinkering, it can make sense to build a dog staircase yourself.
If you want to save money by building a dog staircase, it makes less sense.
A dog staircase is already available for a few euros.
If you calculate the time and the cost of materials, it is better to buy a cheap dog staircase.

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