How our neighboring countries celebrate christmas

What do our neighbors like best at Christmas?? Movenpick Wines takes you on a culinary journey with matching wines.

France: a culinary firework display

Culinary delights play a fundamental role in France at any time of year – but especially at Christmas. That’s why, of course, oysters, foie gras and champagne can’t be missing from any festive Christmas table.

Typically, as an aperitif on Christmas Eve, sparkling champagne and canapes with foie gras or smoked salmon are served first. Then, with oysters, fish terrine, lobster or scallops, wonderful delicacies from the sea follow, to which a mineral Sauvignon Blanc or a creamy Chardonnay is ideally suited. The main course traditionally consists of a roast, be it a turkey stuffed with chestnuts or a capon (rooster with particularly tender meat) stuffed with plums. Depending on personal preference, fine Pinot Noirs from Burgundy are just as good as stronger wines from Bordeaux and southern France. In addition to the obligatory cheese platter and a glass of Sauternes, the Christmas tree cake – Bûche de Noel – is particularly important as a finale.

How our neighboring countries celebrate christmas

Germany: cookie plates, tinsel and coziness

Germans love Christmas. Numerous customs are inextricably linked with the Advent season. This includes not only baking cookies and the obligatory visit to the Christmas market, but above all family get-togethers and contemplative retreats – with pleasure also with an excellent glass of wine.

Plates of cookies, Christmas stollen and rich festive cuisine provide many culinary moments of pleasure. Typical holiday dishes are meat fondue or roast goose with potato dumplings and red cabbage. In Germany, too, a good glass of wine is becoming more and more common – long-kept cellar treasures are now being opened and enjoyed with loved ones. And the nice thing about it is that German white and red wines are now increasingly appearing on Christmas tables, too, because Riesling, Pinot Noir and co. Definitely possess holiday spirit.

How our neighboring countries celebrate christmas

How our neighboring countries celebrate christmas

How our neighboring countries celebrate christmas

Spain: Pavo, Cava, Turron and Churros – this is how la Noche Buena becomes a good evening

As with us, Christmas in Spain is the festival of family and celebrating together. Tapas and cava, the national delicacies of Spain, naturally also play a major role on the festive table.

Tapas, the small appetizers that the Spaniards know how to create in countless variations, are often served at the beginning of the Christmas meal. Air-dried, thinly sliced Serrano ham also accompanies the festive meal. The main course is determined by family tradition and, of course, regional diversity. For example, lamb (cordero) or turkey (pavo) is served on the table. In the coastal regions, fish and seafood are the main course of the Christmas menu. Of course, it’s not only the food that’s good to eat, but also the wine that goes with it. Traditionally, Spaniards swear by a wine from Rioja or Ribera del Duero for the feast.

The most typical Spanish Christmas and Advent specialty is turron, a sweet dessert made of almonds, honey, sugar and egg white. It is enjoyed either between courses or after the festive meal. If turron is the final dish, a bottle of cava is opened with it. Depending on the region, the sweet ending can also consist of candied fruit, marzipan, nuts, pastries such as polvorones or churros with chocolate sauce. Either way, the sparkling wine from traditional bottle fermentation must not be missed. After feast, sherry bottles hit the table.

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