“Hooray, we are having twins!”double baby happiness, double child joy, but twice as much work..

"Hooray, twins are born!" – Everything about double baby happiness: baby-plus-family.de provides comprehensive information about twins, twin pregnancy, twin birth, double child joy and twice as much work. Find out how twin parents experience everyday life with two babies…

For most couples, having a child is surely the greatest happiness in life and the crowning of their love. If it becomes then even equal two children, the joy is literally twice as large and the excitement of a sudden life as a foursome certainly enormous. But double baby happiness means of course also double work, which will show especially in the first months after birth. Many parents already feel overwhelmed with one child, are overtired and busy. How will that look with two little bundles of joy?? Baby plus family.de gives an insight into the subject Twin pregnancy, Twins and double the baby joy find out everything about your very own personal baby happiness in a double pack!

„Hooray, it becomes twins!“ – Everything in a double pack

Having twins is special in any case and makes many parents very happy. Although Twin babies While twins develop relatively equally (this is especially the case with identical twins), each individual step in a child’s development is very exciting and is observed with joy by the parents. Everything is experienced twice: the first smile, the first attempts at walking and the first words- Twin parents can be happy twice and experience many moments of happiness with their two children.

But also the work that parents have with twins, of course, doubles. While you can give a single child a bottle, bathe it gently and then put it contentedly in its crib, it’s not always so easy with twins. While one twin baby slumbers peacefully in his crib, the other may be hungry and crying. If a child is ill, there is a high probability that its sibling will also fall ill. If bundle of joy A is particularly in need of cuddling, bundle of joy B feels neglected and would also like to enjoy a cuddle. Conclusion: Parents of twins have to think twice and should share the work equitably. Double the care, double the love, double the cost- even if twins mean great happiness, it is certainly not easy at first to do justice to everything.

Twin pregnancy and twins: Good preparation and the arrival of everyday life for double baby happiness!

Twin pregnancy- If parents know that they are expecting twins, they should take precautions in good time. Twins utensils are now abundant on the market, but still not as common as ordinary accessories for the offspring. To facilitate the later everyday life, a twin breastfeeding pillow should be purchased so that the children can be put to the breast at the same time and thus also develop a similar eating and sleeping rhythm. A twin stroller also proves to be incredibly practical time and again- especially when mainly only one parent takes care of the children. With such a car you are very flexible and can easily master shopping and doctor’s visits. Twins have shared space in their mother’s womb for several months and are reluctant to be separated after birth. It is therefore advisable to accommodate the two offspring in one room. If one of the children is later a little screamer, the other a real sleepyhead, you can still separate the twins spatially from each other.

Twins do not need special care or special products. They are babies like any other and have exactly the same needs. Only and alone the number of many things must be just a little higher. A large pack of diapers for twins does not last a whole week, but only three days. If there is once baby food in the offer, the mother should strike also immediately twice. It is important that the household is prepared for two little bundles of joy. All dangers should have been removed from the way, because to put his watchful eyes on two adventurous toddlers at the same time, is quite difficult in the long run.

There are now many associations and groups for twin parents who meet regularly and share experiences. For parents-to-be with two children at the same time, this is certainly a great opportunity to pick up tips and tricks for dealing with twins.

Double the joy of children Double baby happiness: tips and tricks for dealing with twins!

With a twin pregnancy and the subsequent birth of twins, the needs are naturally doubled, but each child is still an independent child with personal interests and preferences. Parents should therefore try to invest enough time for each twin and also sometimes do something alone with one child while the other stays overnight with grandma.

Twins usually don’t make it as difficult for parents as one might think at the beginning. Faster than single children, they learn what it means to wait and also become much earlier more independent. Many mothers often have problems with doing justice to each child, feel bad if they give one child more attention than the other. They have no reason to do so, because children should not be treated the same just because they are twins. If one is sick, it needs more attention than the other. Eventually it evens out and the other bundle of joy gets more cuddles from daddy. One advantage of twins is the fact that they love to play with themselves, that is, play together, explore the environment and learn from each other. This allows parents to sit back and watch their two offspring in peace and quiet.

It is important to have friends and family who can support and advise you. Especially when the children are still very small, a helping hand is appropriate, who lovingly cares for one of the babies while the other is fed or bathed. Parents should note down the developmental steps and illnesses of each child separately, because it is easy to lose track and may not be able to give the pediatrician precise information right away. Even if they are twins, it does not mean that both children like the same thing. It is therefore very important to cater to individual needs of the bundle of joy, in terms of their respective food preferences as well as interests.

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