Healthy weight loss – calorie consumption while cycling

Healthy weight loss - calorie consumption while cycling

How high is the calorie consumption when cycling? If you want to get fit and lose weight at the same time, you can’t do without sport in addition to a healthy diet. Cycling is a good way to increase the To boost calorie consumption. Because on the bike not only the kilos fall, but it is also a lot of fun. How many calories you burn on the bike and why cycling is ideal for an healthy fitness you can read in our article.

Lose weight and get fit with cycling?

In contrast to many other sporting activities, cycling often happens on the side, for example on the way to work. That’s why cycling is a great way to Endurance sports for everyone, because it can be easily integrated into everyday life. Cycling boosts the Metabolism at. This in turn stimulates the body to burn excess fat. In this way, weight is permanently reduced in a way that is extremely easy on the joints.

Especially overweight people benefit from the fact that when cycling, the saddle absorbs a large part of the Body weight carries. This puts less strain on the entire body. Also has a positive effect on older people. And if you cycle regularly, you also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Cycling especially trains the leg and buttock muscles. Thus takes with the time their muscle mass to. Since muscles burn more energy than fat and thus the Basal metabolic rate If your heart rate increases, this in turn has a positive effect on your own calorie consumption. This helps everyone who wants to lose weight permanently. And please don’t be surprised if your weight initially goes up instead of down. This is because muscles weigh more than fat.

How high is the calorie consumption when cycling??

To get the exact Calorie consumption while cycling to calculate, it depends on different factors. This includes not only your own age and body weight, but also the speed you ride at. On average, a person burns per hour during normal cycling between 200 and 600 calories. People who cycle slower consume fewer calories than those who cycle faster.

An hour of cycling consumes about the following calories, depending on the speed:

  • speed up to 15 km/h: 200-300 kcal
  • up to 18 km/h: 300-400 kcal
  • cycling up to 22 km/h: 400-600 kcal
  • up to 28 km/h: 600-800 kcal
  • more than 28 km/h: 800-1000 kcal

The right heart rate for cycling

To lose weight on the bicycle To really burn fat and lose kilos, it is particularly important to have the right heart rate. The Fat burning works optimally at a frequency of about 110 to 140 beats per minute or at 60 to 70% of the maximum heart rate Heart rate.

The personal best Frequency spectrum can be calculated with the help of the following Formula quickly calculate: (maximum heart rate minus age) x 0.6 and 0.7, respectively

So, for example, a calculation for a woman at the age of 35 looks like this: (220 – 35) x 0.6 = 111 and (220 – 35) x 0.7 = 129.5

For simplicity, the maximum heart rate is always assumed to be 220. The optimal heart rate for fat burning In this example, the heart rate is between 111 and 129.5 beats per minute.

To To lose weight, by the way, it is not important to ride as many kilometers as possible in a short time. The opposite is true. If you sit on your bike as long and continuously as possible and pay attention to the correct heart rate, you will achieve the greatest effect in terms of calorie consumption. For example, the following is suitable Bike computer with heart rate monitor.

In addition to the right heart rate, there is often a second question. How often is Cycling necessary to really lose weight? Here again individual factors come into play. Basically, if you can do it, at least two to three times a week for one hour or to ride a bicycle for a longer period of time, can assume that the sporting activity will soon be noticeable on the scales.

The right diet to help you lose weight

Besides the calorie consumption also plays a healthy diet play a major role in effective weight loss. Because it is not much use if the calories burned off are subsequently doubled and tripled by unhealthy foods.

To lose weight healthily therefore presupposes its Nutrition gradually and above all to be changed permanently. The change also counteracts the well-known yo-yo effect. If you want to lose weight by cycling, you should altogether less calories to consume, drink a lot of water and as healthy fats as possible into the Food plan install.

Very sugary products such as chocolate or lemonade should only be put on your plate or in your glass as an exception and in small quantities. Instead prefer much fruits, vegetables, products with whole grains and in general high fiber foods to take. For the muscle building it is also important to ensure a sufficient supply of protein.

What is better for losing weight: Cycling or jogging?

When comparing the calorie consumption of different sports, cycling only ends up in the middle of the pack. This is especially true if the driving style is leisurely. Jogging burns 450 kcal per hour, swimming about 400 kcal and climbing about 380 kcal. One really High calorie consumption on the bike are achieved only at high speed and long distances. This is the case, for example, when you go on a tour with your bike road bike the case.

However, apart from the calories consumed, cycling offers many additional advantages over other activities. Among other things one of the gentlest sports at all. On the one hand, this makes it easier to start training. On the other hand, the risk of doing something wrong and getting injured is comparatively low when cycling. Quite besides it registers further positive side effects on the entire body and the Cardiovascular system.

An additional advantage is that tours with the bike fit well into the Everyday life can be integrated and the Cyclist stays permanently in the fresh air with this type of sport. In the sum considered the wheel driving stands with the calorie consumption then nevertheless in the comparison not at all so badly there.

So who lose weight healthily and would like to remain fit and in movement, makes with the decision for the bicycle driving for the reasons mentioned always a very good choice.

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