Harvest festival in the heart of the town

Harvest festival in the heart of the town

For many exhibitors, the rodelseer erndedankmarkt is a permanent fixture. But also for visitors from near and far. the event had been on hiatus for a year. Now it presented itself in a new, autumnal garb, without having lost anything of its attraction.

The market team, which includes hermann eickhoff, henry holl, rene gold, siegfried weise and timea seel, has taken its time with the new concept.

the market area is now a third smaller than before and is concentrated "in the heart of the village" around the elfleinshausla, the two churches, the rodelsee and crailsheim castle.

Many new exhibitors


"gifts of our earth – fruits of our labor" is the motto of the harvest thanksgiving market – and henry holl says that was also a priority in an interview with this newspaper. Many new exhibitors were there. The market has been upgraded by action areas. This time, for example, there will be a classic car exhibition for the first time. the cars and motorcycles in groblangheimer strabe then also had their audience, who would have loved to take a test drive right away.

"We also have intensive childcare," says holl happily. The little ones could dress up as knights or damsels and take part in knightly games, for example. the market team has made a careful selection of exhibitors and their products, holl emphasized. A little more than 80 exhibitors came with their multifaceted offerings. "that goes down well with the market visitors," knows holl.

The visitors had a varied tour of the exhibition grounds ahead of them. There were also offers in the areas of gardening with plants or vegetables, garden decoration, home accessories or art with metal, wood, stone, ceramics and glass.

The organizers would have attached importance to specialties from the region, for example chokeberry juice from groblangheim. If people are enthusiastic about a product, they don’t have to travel hundreds of kilometers to get it again. "we bring the marketers to the customers or vice versa," says holl, describing the goal.

Culture as part of the new concept

The rich offer was completed by the local gastronomy, direct marketers, winegrowers and associations, which provide with their offers for the catering of the visitors. For example, the winegrowers’ association was also represented at the market.

The new concept also includes cultural events. the total bamberger cabaret performed at the lowenhof on saturday.

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