Hamilton criticizes formula one race management: “money makes the world go round!”

Lewis Hamilton suffers with the fans who had to hold out in the pouring rain, and believes race officials went about their business on the backs of the fans

(Motorsport-Total.com) – The three drivers on the podium after the Belgian Grand Prix were not really happy. Although they were honored with winner’s trophies and points for their result, they could do nothing for it today, Sunday. Two laps behind the safety car were enough today to have a result in the books.

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) in the rain at Spa-Francorchamps

Lewis Hamilton is not happy with the decision of the race organizers Zoom

"I’m really sorry for the fans, although of course it’s nobody’s fault", Says Lewis Hamilton, who lost ground on world championship rival Max Verstappen with his third-place finish.

Because fans have already had to sit out all day in the pouring rain, only to get no racing action for more than three and a half hours. Again and again the start was postponed before the race was first suspended for a while and later cancelled completely.

Hamilton: fans should get money back

"The fans were incredible for holding out with us the whole time, waiting for the possible race", says the Briton. "Nevertheless, they still had energy and provided atmosphere. But they were robbed of the race. I really hope they get their money back today."

"They didn’t get to see what they were here for and what they paid for, unfortunately", he continues. And the fact that there is an official result also rules out a make-up date: "It’s a shame we can’t do the race tomorrow."

"A big respect to all the fans for staying there", says race winner Max Verstappen. "They were in the rain and cold all day long. They are the big winners today."

Whether the drenched and frozen fans see it that way remains to be seen, but Verstappen would have liked to offer them a race today. He thinks that if the race had been started regularly at 3 p.m., there would have been a good chance of success.

"Today was something else . "

The Dutchman, who had the best view of all at the front, was the only one who had said he wanted to drive. "The conditions were okay, but the visibility was just very bad. But after that it just stayed really wet and kept raining."

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Hamilton, on the other hand, says he couldn’t see five meters away. "The car in front of you just disappeared. On the straights it was very difficult to know where the flashing tail light was. You couldn’t even drive at full throttle because you didn’t know which part of the track you were driving on", says the Mercedes driver. "I love driving in the rain, but today was different."

"It’s a shame, because of course I wanted to drive. I think it could have been a great race if it hadn’t rained so much", says the world champion. Verstappen, on the other hand, could at least take comfort in the success: "It’s a win – but not the way you want to win, he says.

Hamilton: Displeasure with race management

The fact that they wanted to have a winner and a result by hook or by crook pisses Hamilton off: "Money makes the world go round, he says and is convinced: "The two laps, it was all about the money," he says. Now everyone gets their money."

Hamilton announces, however, that this topic will be discussed again, because the sport "made a bad decision today". Although race director Michael Masi emphasizes that the start was not about getting a result, but about taking advantage of a possible weather window, Hamilton does not believe that with a syllable.

"In the interim between the first termination and the second attempt, it has rained continuously. So there’s only one reason why they sent us out", he clarifies. "That’s why I only feel worse for the fans."

Only one really had reason to celebrate: George Russell was able to defend his second place through the rain and take his first podium. "It doesn’t matter", he says about the way. "But I feel sorry for the fans. Your support was fantastic. Too bad we couldn’t go. But it was a fantastic result for us and the team."

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