Hamburg: secret concert! They suddenly appear in restaurant and start singing

Hamburg: Secret concert! Known group suddenly appears in restaurant and starts singing

That was a very special surprise. Without being in Hamburg to announce, the Sohne Mannheims performed in the restaurant "Rive Fish& Faible" at the harbor in. A secret gig at lunchtime. They had been invited by tourism representatives of Obertauern. The cult band is a frequent guest in Austria’s snowiest winter sports resort. Also this year they will open the ski season there.

The sons, who usually perform with twelve members, performed a few songs live with a small line-up. On this occasion MOIN.DE to chat with them and learned that in Hamburg Their biggest fan base in all of Germany is. In addition, they revealed that they are also planning another big, official performance in the Hanseatic city. That’s why they are in talks with three renowned clubs to negotiate the conditions and sign the contracts.

Hamburg: Sons of Mannheim as guests

The Sohne Mannheims have been around since 1995. The band was founded by Xavier Naidoo, among others. But the Corona swinger hasn’t been there for three years now. But there is a particularly expressive newcomer among the singers who was the last to join the group: Karim Amun (36). Egyptian father, German mother.

"I’m a proud native of Heidelberg," says Karim. "Not all of Mannheim’s sons live in Mannheim, but also in Vienna and Berlin, among other places." He himself has only been singing for seven years, which is hard to believe, because he seems like an old hand on stage.

He used to be in the children’s church choir, did an apprenticeship as a carpenter, sold designer furniture and is actually a punk rock fan and passionate skater. Besides, he was once a bouncer in front of a club and even a Bundesliga rugby player.

Band wants to play in Hamburg soon

Besides he sang in a band and performed in an Irish pub. There he was discovered by Jason Wright, mastermind of "The Wright Thing", who happened to sit in the audience. The Brit is also on the road as a talent scout. He brought the natural talent into his band. First as a roadie, then as one of the frontmen.

These are the Sohne Mannheims:

  • The band was founded in Mannheim in 1995
  • Among the founding members are Ingo Landeck, Tobias Fouqet (†), Ulli Wittemann, Claus Eisenmann, Michael Herberger, Billy Davis and Xavier Naidoo
  • In the course of the years again and again musicians left, new ones came along. They appear in varying numbers
  • The band had their breakthrough in 2000 with their debut album "Zion". Their greatest hits: Und wenn ein Lied, Das hat die Welt noch nicht gesehen, Geh davon aus, Zuruck zu dir
  • They received awards like the "Echo", the "Comet" and the "Goldene Stimmgabel"
  • Xavier Naidoo dropped out in 2017. Since then, the band has gone its own independent way.

This is how things took their course. Karim only joined the Sohne Mannheims in February 2020. A real stroke of luck. While he used to sing in front of a handful of guests, today he performs with the cult band in arenas with 15.000 spectators on.

At the moment he is looking forward to the performance in Obertauern the most, because he is so sporty. "Although I like diving very much, for example in Egypt. But I’m also passionate about snowboarding," says Karim. However, he is afraid of the cold temperatures. At the last Obertauern Opera Air performance, the keyboarder and the guitarist’s fingers almost froze to death in sub-zero temperatures.

More news from Hamburg:

This is guaranteed not to happen to them at their club concert in Hamburg. When the hut is full, the thermometer likes to climb to 30 degrees room temperature. And it will be full as soon as the concert date is set and the tickets are available. After all, Hamburg is home to the fan base.

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