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Shared apartment with certain advantages

German comedy with ups and downs.


Good To Fuck Blu-ray Review Scene 4

Merlin can also do otherwise ..

"I have to cancel our wedding!" – that’s all Merlin’s friend and ex-future in spe has to say – and only by short message. Now the reporter is facing the shards of her life, she doesn’t even have an apartment anymore. Then her brother has the brilliant idea to put her in the men’s flat-share, which he himself has just left. Merlin’s ex-roommates and new flatmates don’t find this very edifying. Especially macho Jacob has only bad words for the woman, whom he found prudish and stuffy even as a child. And because she is also terribly annoying in her grief, he spontaneously hurls at her that she desperately needs a "comfort fuck". For revenge, she invites herself on a Ballermann men’s trip, which Jacob wants to hold for old times’ sake and on the occasion of Merlin’s brother’s wedding. No one could have predicted that this trip would change a lot ..

Good To Fuck Blu-ray Review Scene 2

Jacob likes to go all macho

When the usual suspects are not in front of and behind the camera, when a German comedy uses humor around the waistline, it can either go terribly wrong or you have to realize in the end that the variety is good and successful. In the case of Good to fuck there is an "either" as well as an "or". On the "either side" there are flat gags like the moment when Jacob gives his cell phone number to an acquaintance and includes a 90-60-90 or Merlin’s diarrhea sequence, which is not only embarrassing but also silly. On the "Oder" side, the gay Turkish roommate Nuri and his parents are the main source of laughter and charm. His facial expressions are sometimes really funny, and his father’s reaction to his pretended confession that Jacob is gay provides the first real hoot.. In addition, the melancholic and emotional situations are quite authentic and the scenes with the "real" actors are funny – especially Christian Tramitz takes himself ironically for a ride. It’s a pity that these successful moments are repeatedly replaced by infantile scenes that end in an embarrassing birth scene at the ballermann. Be that as it may, one can’t hold it against the likeable main actors for long that the screenplay of Good to Fuck just sometimes goes over the top. And there are also other compensations besides the charming protagonists. The cameos of Sonja Kirchberger, Oliver Kalkofe as a gynecologist without a clue and especially Markus Knufken as a WG aspirant are really fun to watch. And because higher standards are neither sought nor conveyed here, one can simply lean back and let oneself be sprinkled for 90 minutes.

Picture and sound quality

Good to Fuck Blu-ray Review Scene 3

Majorca as it lives and lives

Just as strong as natural colors determine the picture of Good to Birds and also let overlook the fact that the sharpness remains consistently mediocre – especially in semi-stills. The contrast range also does its part to create a harmonious whole. Dark sequences don’t get bogged down, the detail always remains good and bright elements don’t tend to overshine, as is often the case with German films.
Acoustically, the high-resolution soundtrack in dts-HD-High-Resolution is present, which is typsich for providers Highlight. Good for birds sounds about it clearly and without fault and reproach. Dialogue comes cleanly from the center and indoor and outdoor scenes sound authentic. However, the rearspeakers remain permanently rather underchallenged. Even in effect situations, there’s only delicate support from the rear speakers. The subwoofer becomes active in the sequences of the rather well-chosen film music and brings a little pressure into the home theater.

Bonus material

Good to Fuck Blu-ray Review Scene 5

Fun turns serious ..?

In the bonus material of Good to fuck there is a making-of that runs for a good 13 minutes and does not consist of the standard set pieces filmed for German TV. In addition, there are dredging tips from the film crew, six minutes of removed scenes and interviews with the five main actors and the director. In "Good to Fuck?" the involved ones give away, what they think of the film title and in "Who is Who?"the actors are allowed to introduce themselves.


If one leaves out the diarrhea scene and the Mallorca birth, is Good to fuck a thoroughly charming rom-com with a tendency to below-the-belt wit. Not every gag is right, but the target audience can still feel well entertained.
Timo Wolters


Picture quality: 70%
Sound quality (dt. version): 65%
Bonus material: 50%
Film: 55%

Provider: Highlight Communications
Country/Year: USA 2015
Director: Mira Thiel
Cast: Anja Knauer, Max von Thun, Max Giermann, Katharina Schlothauer, Alexander-Samy Challah, Ulrich Gebauer, Kai Wiesinger, Christian Tramitz, Oliver Kalkofe, Jochen Nickel, Sonja Kirchberger, Hasan Ali Mete, Markus Knufken
Sound formats: dts HD-Master 5.1: de, en
Aspect ratio: 2.35:1
Running time: 92
Codec: AVC
FSK: 12

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