Gntm 2022: embarrassing photo glitch – fans immediately find fault with first picture

Television : First picture of GNTM 2022 already a flop? Embarrassing mistake was immediately noticed

ProSieben started the advertising for GNTM 2022 with this motif

It’s an important moment for ProSieben every year when the station presents the first candidates for Germany’s next Topmodel. This time it was a rather bumpy start.

Robert Marlander

Just not all at once – that is an important rule before the start of the big model search. First they show the fans on Facebook and Instagram only a few of the new candidates. Then comes a second swing and a third. And so on, until all the faces of the new season GNTM are known.

This ensures that no one goes unnoticed. But for the pictures it also means that mistakes are quickly noticed. Because no detail is lost in the mass of dozens of new faces. ProSieben has made this experience this year immediately with the first large poster to GNTM 2022.

All natural at GNTM 2022?

Heidi Klum is in the foreground. Around them six new candidates are doing gymnastics. "Of course. Pure. Beautiful.", ProSieben writes about the poster motif, which shows pretty much everything but naturalness. This is also what catches the eye of some users on Facebook, even before the real, workmanlike mistake is noticed.

This year, too, the discussion first emerges whether the new candidates now deserve to try their luck at GNTM. Not all fans are enthusiastic on Facebook about the show’s increasingly changed concept. Now there is not only plus-size, which was already unthinkable in the past. No, now women over 60 can join in too. It is clear that such decisions divide opinions.

Gntm 2022: embarrassing photo glitch - fans immediately find fault with first picture

Of course. Pure. Beautiful. This is how star photographer Rankin stages Heidi and her candidates for the campaign of 17. Relay.

Posted by Germany’s Next Topmodel on Wednesday, January 12, 2022

A completely different observation goes thereby almost a little under. "Maybe the girls are pretty in person, but the picture is creepy," wrote one user. " The naturalness advertised here is not visible in the unflattering poses." And with this opinion she is also not alone.

With a GNTM model, one detail catches the eye

On Instagram, the observation then went one step further. "What is she doing on the far left of the picture with her right hand?", wonders a user there. And actually one sees with a model a strangely cramped hand, at which still in addition a finger seems to be missing. Another user has quickly ready an answer: "Probably a retouching error."

At ProSieben one has at least humor and reacts to ddie discovery. "Proves tact," is the answer of the station. But it actually rather proves what has already been noted elsewhere. Nothing at all can pass for "natural" here. How the shooting for the promo pictures went, you can probably see later at GNTM 2022. Even if the station is unlikely to show how the motif was concocted and edited.

It starts on Thursday, 3. February at 20.15 o’clock on ProSieben. At this broadcast time it goes on from then on each week with a new episode.

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